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Reference > The Cliffhanger Catalogue > 2005

Episode-by-episode cliffhangers from Neighbours' twenty-first season (episodes 4631-4875)

4631: Sindi fears for Stuart’s life as he lies trapped under the rubble with her.
4632: Did Gus set fire to Lassiters?
4633: Stingray tells Serena he may have found a soul mate Sharon!
4634: Lyn is disgusted when Susan reveals how she has helped her mother to die.
4635: Steph is arrested for the attempted murder of Charlie.


4636: Max tells Lyn, if found guilty, Steph could go to jail for years.
4637: Steph panics that she’ll never get pregnant.
4638: Sindi feels she is duty bound to tell Stuart she’ll always be there for him.
4639: Michael believes Steph’s non-jail sentence is really not allowing justice to be served.
4640: Lyn tries to reach out to Michael and asks him not to leave.

4641: Michael blames Valda for manipulating Charlie to change his will after it is revealed Steph is the main benefactor.
4642: Steph feels at peace after a vision of her grandfather.
4643: Boyd is terrified when his alibi to the police is found out to be a lie.
4644: The police remove Max’s laptop from the house after arriving with a search warrant as they investigate Boyd’s involvement in Gus’s death.
4645: Steph is found guilty of assisting Charlie to die.


4646: The police ask Boyd the question - Did he kill Gus?
4647: Paul offers money to help Izzy set up a bar in the rebuilt Lassiters and partner Max in the business.
4648: Paul rejected by ex-wife Christina, finds himself drawn to Liljana in a photo of her and David he has.
4649: Stuart becomes depressed as he faces the prospect of permanent blindness.
4650: Stingray agrees to take the first step to reconciliation with brother Dylan.

4651: Paul congratulates himself after David wins the local council elections.
4652: Stingray’s old fears of Dylan taking out his anger on him physically come to the surface.
4653: Steph tells Max he is denying her the opportunity to have children.
4654: Boyd tells Sky he is in control of his life and no one will tell him what to do.
4655: Paul makes it clear to Izzy he is interested in her as they share a sauna together.

4656: Paul asks Izzy to spend the night with him.
4657: Will Dylan’s anger turn to violence as he confronts dog-catcher Dean Finch?
4658: Stuart is attacked while out with Sindi and cannot defend himself.
4659: Summer discovers Boyd is making himself sick - He threatens her to stay silent about it!
4660: Boyd could face the sack from the gym after getting intimate with Sky in the sauna.

4661: Paul and Izzy kiss.
4662: Paul is gleeful as he watches Izzy’s confession about her pregnancy on the time capsule video.
4663: Boyd is caught by Sky making himself sick and challenges him if he has an eating disorder.
4664: Stuart is knocked over by a lorry and left for injured in the road.
4665: Sindi warns Stuart to wake up to himself or she’ll leave him.

4666: Carmella’s stalker sets a trap - Connor slips on the steps of No.30 and is knocked unconscious.
4667: Karl finds a man’s watch in his apartment. Izzy lies to hide that it is Paul’s by telling him it is a present for him.
4668: Will Boyd resort to taking steroids?
4669: Paul threatens Sky when he catches her video recording him.
4670: Connor is attacked by Frank, Carmella’s stalker.

4671: Is Connor’s life in danger as he lies trapped in the derelict building?
4672: Izzy walks in on Paul in bed with Lee Adams in a hotel room in Sydney.
4673: Janelle urges Lyn to pursue a romance with Andy.
4674: Boyd reacts with rage towards Gino as his drug taking has terrifying side effects.
4675: Susan and Karl - Will they resist temptation to sleep together?


4676: Karl tells Izzy their relationship is finished.
4677: Karl suffers a heart attack - will the ambulance find him in time?
4678: Carmella flees the country house with the shotgun. Is she going after Frank?
4679: Sindi considers going back to working as a lap club dancer?
4680: Lyn and Andy kiss.

4681: Liljana warns David his actions are making her want to walk away from their marriage.
4682: Paul warms towards Dylan further as Dylan proves his loyalty towards him again.
4683: Sindi agrees to work dancing again in a bid to raise money for Stuart’s operation.
4684: Stuart believes Sindi has resorted to prostitution to earn money for his operation.
4685: Boyd suffers side effects as he stops using the hormone drugs.

4686: Liljana tells a stunned David she wants a separation.
4687: Izzy takes the gloves that implicate Paul in Gus’s murder and the arson attack on Lassiters.
4688: Boyd hallucinates that he is with Sky at No.32 when in fact he is all alone.
4689: Will Scott and Dylan agree to move into No.26 with Janelle?
4690: Lyn is shocked to learn Andy has two children.


4691: Paul becomes nervous when Izzy claims she knows all his secrets.
4692: Paul takes advantage of Liljana and wants to be intimate with her.
4693: Summer becomes worried when Boyd believes their dead mother is talking to them.
4694: Boyd is committed to hospital with suspected schizophrenia.
4695: Carmella leaves - Toadie comforts Connor.

4696: Boyd’s mixed up mind results in him revealing to Sky that he has been with Serena.
4697: Sky sits by Boyd as he sleeps.
4698: Paul proposes to David they could turn a flooded Ramsay Street and surroundings to their advantage by building a water park retreat there.
4699: Sky agrees to run away with Boyd to get him away from the hospital.
4700: Gaby asks Harold to explain to her who Kerry is.

4701: The Hoyland family and friends prepare for Boyd’s operation to remove a brain tumour.
4702: Serena comforts Sky after Boyd’s operation leaves him in a controlled coma.
4703: Paul uses blackmail to secure the environmental report coming back in his favour.
4704: Liljana is confused when Paul rejects her advances, claiming they cannot betray David.
4705: Karl thanks Izzy for all the love and support she has shown him.

4706: Family and friends must face the fact that Boyd could never come out of his coma.
4707: David is told by the police that he is under investigation for fraud.
4708: Does Liljana have doubts about David’s innocence over stealing the money?
4709: Harold is horrified when Gaby kisses him.
4710: Stuart is not convinced by Toadie & Connor’s claims that Sindi has an evil side to her character.

4711: Liljana confesses to Paul that she is in love with him.
4712: Max tells Bobby he is not welcome in his home despite his help in Boyd’s recovery.
4713: Janae is drugged and in a vulnerable position with Chris Cousens.
4714: Will Max agree to Bobby’s suggestion that they try and mend their relationship?
4715: Paul pours chemicals into a local lake to pollute the area.

4716: Paul realises he has reached a new low by polluting the lake.
4717: Liljana reveals to David that she no longer loves him and wants to end their marriage.
4718: David makes a very public plea to Liljana to come back to him but she refuses.
4719: Dylan reveals to Boyd that he kissed Sky and that Boyd’s kiss with Serena is no longer a secret.
4720: Boyd asks Sky to promise she’ll never get together with Dylan - Can she resist her attraction?

4721: Stuart finds Liljana unconscious at the foot of a ladder in No.28 and Sindi staring at her motionless before he calls out to her.
4722: Paul and Liljana consummate their relationship on a yacht rented by Paul.
4723: Serena begs Liljana to come back home.
4724: Lyn catches Bobby about to leave as she visits him to act upon her attraction for him.
4725: Bree backs down from telling Janelle the truth to avoid hurting her mother’s feelings.

4726: Paul warns Dylan to keep away from snooping in Affirmacon business.
4727: Boyd panics when Bobby falls from his horse and knocked unconscious.
4728: What has Sindi remembered under hypnosis?
4729: Janae asks Karl for help.
4730: Janelle cries after Bree rejects her help.

4731: David uses emotional blackmail on Serena to hurt Liljana.
4732: Sindi proposes marriage to Stuart in the Scarlet Bar.
4733: Janae kisses Boyd.
4734: Susan lets her attraction towards Bobby turn to passion.
4735: Bobby convinces Lyn to still keep on seeing him.

4736: Sky captures Liljana and Paul kissing while filming on her camcorder.
4738: Will Sky agree to go out with Dylan?
4739: Max and Steph are excited when they are chosen to go on the short list to adopt.
4740: Lyn is devastated when she learns how Bobby has used her.

4741: Izzy sees for herself how badly her father has treated her, Lyn, Susan & Janelle.
4742: Steph tells Max she wants Kayla to move into No.32 with them.
4743: David vows to bring Paul down by exposing the environmental report as a fake.
4744: Fleeing Affirmacon heavies, Paul falls over the edge of a cliff - Is he okay?
4745: Paul badly hurt makes a splint for his broken leg in a bid to find help.

4746: Paul braves swimming across a lake despite his injuries but then begins to slip beneath the surface - Will he drown?
4747: Izzy faints when she sees Darcy has come out of his coma.
4748: Izzy believes Darcy poses no threat to her when he has no memory of their encounter on the stairwell.
4749: Stuart discovers that Sindi has been lying to her best friend Kelly and has created a fantasy life for herself.
4750: Paul learns that with all the Affirmacon directors having fled, he is the one the authorities will be expecting answers from.


4751: Will Paul agree to have part of his right leg amputated to save his life?
4752: Izzy learns from Darcy he’s got back all his memory and what happened when they last met.
4753: Will Boyd agree to stay for the delivery of Kayla’s baby?
4754: Kayla begins to bond with her baby, Ashley.
4755: Paul becomes hysterical as he realises his lower right leg has been amputated.

4756: Will Sky tell Harold that Dylan vandalised No.24 after seeing how gentle he is playing with Oscar?
4757: Izzy wants Paul to give him a contact she can use to ‘get rid’ of Darcy.
4758: Will Kayla change her mind about giving Ashley up for adoption?
4759: Janae is devastated when Boyd rejects her.
4760: Will Liljana move back into the family home?

4761: Karl is furious and protests in court after Darcy does not receive a custodial sentence.
4762: Darcy’s farewell letter to Susan reveals how Karl was not the father of Izzy’s baby.
4763: Boyd tells a stunned Max & Steph that Ashley is no longer up for adoption.
4764: Lyn consoles Steph over her loss at no longer being able to adopt Ashley.
4765: Will Paul’s self pity push David to exact revenge on his worst enemy?

4766: Summer tells Boyd his decision to be with Kayla and raise Ashley himself has destroyed their family.
4767: Janae tells Kayla that she is making Boyd feel as if he has to stick by her and Ashley.
4768: Will Susan tell Karl in front of Izzy the truth about Izzy’s baby’s father?
4769: Susan gives Izzy twenty four hours to tell Karl the truth or she’ll tell him about him not being the baby’s father.
4770: Paul offers Izzy an opportunity to keep Karl after he learns the truth about the baby.


4771: Susan cannot believe that Karl has taken Izzy back after he learns the truth about the baby not being his.
4772: Izzy is rejected by everyone and Susan sees her at her lowest ebb.
4773: Friends and family unite to watch the documentary ‘Neighbours’ at the Scarlet Bar.
4774: Boyd, Max & Steph learn that Kayla has run away leaving Ashley in their care.
4775: GoGo Riley threatens to stop Stingray pursuing a sexual harassment case against her.



4776: Kayla is torn between keeping Ashley and not revealing the truth to boyfriend Anthony.
4777: Karl asks Susan to go to Paris with him.
4778: Paul wants to ‘silence’ Izzy from revealing any secrets she has on him.
4779: Paul arrives home at No.22 to find the house has been vandalised.
4780: Toadie begs Stuart not to marry Sindi.

4781: Paul tells Liljana the hatred they now have for each other is because they are still in love with each other.
4782: Izzy’s car is found abandoned, keys in the ignition and blood stains on the seats.
4783: Karl explains to the police that they should be questioning Paul over Izzy’s disappearance.
4784: Dylan watches as Paul leaves Ramsay Street and fears it could be a while before he returns.
4785: Sky and Dylan are reconciled.


4786: Sindi pushes Toadie down some steps to protect herself from Stuart learning her secrets.
4787: Paul finds Izzy at the Scarlet Bird Retreat in a treatment room after recognising her appalling singing.
4788: Paul is blackmailed by Izzy’s lawyer as he has the gloves that Paul wore as he set Lassiters on fire.
4789: Serena and Connor resist temptation as they have to share a bed for the night.
4790: Alex Kinski asks Susan to go out to dinner with him.


4791: Izzy plots with Paul to steal the gloves from her lawyer.
4792: Paul and Izzy are trapped as they try to steal the gloves from her lawyer’s apartment.
4793: Karl confirms Steph is pregnant.
4794: Sindi rejects seeing Stuart again and wants their marriage to be annulled.
4795: Stuart cries as he watches Sindi taken away to receive treatment in a hospital in the state of NSW.


4796: Janae wants her fantasy that Karl is her father to be really true.
4797: Izzy is becoming addicted to sleeping pills and anti-depressants.
4798: Paul follows Izzy, worried about her irrational behaviour.
4799: Stuart’s brother Ned doesn’t seem to be able to get him to open up about Sindi - Is Stuart coping as well as he says?
4800: Stuart has no regard for his safety as he runs into a building full of toxic fumes to rescue Rachel & Zeke.

4801: Ned’s swim challenge causes Stuart to struggle to breathe while in the water. Will he give up?
4802: Janelle demands to know why Janae is so upset after seeing Karl!
4803: Susan has to tell Karl that Janae’s accusations against him means he can no longer work as a school counsellor as of immediate effect.
4804: Ned catches Izzy taking anti-depressant pills.
4805: Izzy knocks Paul to the ground leaving him unable to get up and stop her leaving the house to feed her addiction.

4806: Stuart arrests Izzy for buying drugs illegally as Ned watches on.
4807: Janae tells Stingray that she is determined to find their father to explain why he left them.
4808: Janae vows to Janelle that despite her objections she will find Kim Timmins.
4809: Karl tells Alex he has leukaemia but it is in a form that cannot be treated and he has got months to live.
4810: Paul and Izzy resume the physical side to their relationship.

4811: Izzy and Paul’s daughter Elle pretend to like each other.
4812: Izzy moves out of No.22 much to Paul’s annoyance and Elle’s glee.
4813: Susan is stunned when Alex tells her he wants them to break up.
4814: Stingray demands to know what Janelle means by ‘Kim’s dirty little secret’.
4815: Lyn demands that Janelle and her family move out of No.26.


4816: Elle makes Paul believe that Izzy is still dependant on the drugs.
4817: Connor explains to Carmella he needs to use her connections to raise money for Maddy.
4818: Carmella wants Connor to spend time with her as a condition of him getting his loan.
4819: Alex fears he is about to die.
4820: Boyd and Janae kiss.

4821: Karl threatens to tell Susan about Alex’s condition if he doesn’t.
4822: Alex explains he needs a few more days before telling Susan and his children about his illness.
4823: Elle doesn’t react with much concern when Izzy collapses in front of her and Paul.
4824: Elle has Paul firmly convinced that Izzy is still taking drugs.
4825: Dylan sees Roo has Stingray captive in his car and is told it is ‘payback time’.

4826: Dylan refuses to allow Stingray to consider going to the police about the robbery.
4827: Alex admits he asked Susan to marry him as he wanted a future mother for his children when he has died.
4828: Elle watches as Paul goes to drink the coffee laced with drugs.
4829: Connor arrives at No.24 claiming he’s been robbed of ‘Bounce’ shop takings.
4830: Ned is in disbelief when Stuart thinks he is gay.

4831: Serena walks out on Connor believing he has lied about the robbery and Carmella.
4832: Paul demands to know from Elle how a pill is in the food she prepared for Izzy.
4833: Paul, Izzy and Elle decide to call a truce and get on together.
4834: Alex explains to Susan he has good news - He has longer to live than first thought.
4835: Dylan fears that if Roo delivers the gun he used in the robbery to the police he is ‘finished’.

4836: There is a bomb on the plane and a picture of Paul & Izzy taped to the side of it.
4837: Dylan cries out Sky’s name as he tries to stay afloat, surrounded by the plane wreckage.
4838: Dylan and Connor conclude it is better for both of them to pretend to be dead.
4839: Boyd and Janae take time just to enjoy each other’s company and say nothing.
4840: As Susan and Alex celebrate their impending marriage, Karl is all alone in the Scarlet bar.



4841: Connor is less than impressed when Dylan considers their lives are now about survival.
4842: Karl taunts Paul that Izzy is still in love with him and he’ll need all the luck he can get living with her.
4843: Paul orders Izzy to leave No.22 when she explains she doesn’t love him yet.
4844: Harold refuses to accept that the body found could be David’s and hits out, striking Joe across the face.
4845: Harold vows to never stop searching until he finds out who killed his family.

4846: Sky and Stingray hide, ready to attack the intruder in Roo’s house.
4847: Dylan explains to Connor he is going back to Erinsborough to stop Scott taking the blame for the robbery and going to jail.
4848: Sky isn’t thrilled to see Dylan again - does she think of him as a coward?
4849: Izzy finds a note on her car windscreen saying ‘You were lucky’.
4850: Izzy has problems breathing as she and Paul fear they have been poisoned.

4851: Elle and Izzy demand Paul stay on in Ramsay Street or it’ll mean they are all more in danger.
4852: Dylan tells Stingray to lie in court so he doesn’t have to go to prison.
4853: Stingray and Dylan both receive custodial sentences.
4854: As Joe announces his engagement to Lyn, Harold thanks everyone for their support since the plane crash.
4855: Sky begs Joe to tell Lyn that he really has no true intention of marrying her.


4856: Harold reacts irrationally when he is clear to Toadie that Connor is not moving out of No.24.
4857: Stingray spends his first night in prison feeling scared and sad.
4858: Janelle and Bree are thrilled when they see their estranged parents kiss.
4859: Alex has some explaining to do to Susan - Who is Katya?
4860: Alex explains to Susan that he is worried that finding Katya could be a big mistake.


4861: Stingray and Dylan see Roo welcomed by the other inmates as he is brought back to prison.
4862: Roo vows to Dylan and Stingray that he is out for revenge as he knows the ‘grassed’ on him to the police.
4863: Harold calls Connor ‘David’ as they prepare an evening meal.
4864: Harold and Connor continue to be misguided together by their grief.
4865: Alex comes to terms with the fact that he cannot beat his illness.

4866: Dylan tells Sky he wants their relationship to finish now that he is in prison.
4867: Stuart agrees with Roo’s plan to hurt Stingray to prove he is an ally.
4868: Steph panics for the safety of her baby when the mystery box goes missing.
4869: Alex prepares to tell Rachel and Zeke about him dying.
4870: Rachel and Zeke plan to find their estranged sister Katya themselves.

4871: Katya is bitter towards Alex and refuses to apologise to him for anything.
4872: Roo puts Stuart to the test to prove he is genuine.
4873: Will Stuart get help in time to stop Roo hurting Dylan?
4874: Harold cannot accept Paul & Izzy’s state of happiness on Christmas Day.
4875: Harold strangles Paul until he falls to the floor unconscious.