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Reference > The Cliffhanger Catalogue > 2007

Episode-by-episode cliffhangers from Neighbours' twenty-third season (episodes 5121-5365)

5121: While Toadie is being operated on, Steph opens her Christmas present from him. A gold necklace.
5122: While returning to Ramsay Street, Elle sees Max at a local supermarket car park.
5123: Janae wants Elle to vow they’ll never tell Boyd or Steph of Max apparently having a secret second family.
5124: Paul and Frazer prepare to compete for Rosie’s affections.
5125: Carmella walks in to see Will giving Selma Atkins money.


5126: Katya realises Allan is right when he tells her she has to give up trying to run away from the police.
5127: Rosie decides that Paul’s aim has only ever been to sleep with her and walks out on their specially arranged date leaving him humiliated.
5128: Pepper delights in teasing a spurned Paul about trying to win Rosie’s affections.
5129: Janae tells Max to return to Ramsay Street, even if it is just to say goodbye.
5130: Steph explains to Max that she is now in love with Toadie and their marriage is over.

5131: Toadie tells Steph he wants her and Charlie to be a permanent part of his life.
5132: It looks as if Steph wants to give her marriage to Max another chance for Charlie’s sake.
5133: Frazer tells Paul he’s walking away from the competition to win Rosie’s affections.
5134: Rosie is introduced to Frazer’s younger brother ‘Rick’.
5135: Paul bribes Det. Skinner to set Janelle up for a crime.


5136: Paul smugly watches as Janelle is arrested by Allan and his reaction is seen by her.
5137: Pepper demands to know if Frazer’s brother Johnny is Rosie’s ex-boyfriend.
5138: Toadie is jealous of Steph and Max becoming close again.
5139: Ned steals money from the till at the Scarlet bar.
5140: Carmella and Rosie learn that a letter from their father tells them he’s dying.


5141: Carmella tells Oliver she is determined to prove she is more than just a pretty face!
5142: Max admits in court he deliberately swerved his car to hit Cameron thinking it was Robert.
5143: Ned tells a delighted Paul he wants to be part of the poker game.
5144: Ned begs Paul to help him get out of $A25, 000 of debt - Paul gets an idea.
5145: Stingray and Sky kiss.


5146: Harold’s car is stolen while Kerry is in the back.
5147: Ned stages Dylan and Carmella being in bed together, both scantily dressed.
5148: Steph and Max agree to try again to save their marriage.
5149: Pepper demands to know from Lolly where she got the bruises on her shoulder from.
5150: Max and Steph appreciate how great their children turned out to be even if their marriage is coming to an end.

5151: Paul turns confidante as Rosie reveals how Frazer betrayed her.
5152: Elle makes Boyd realise his obvious attraction towards Glenn could end his marriage.
5153: Ned panics when Harold interrupts him burgling No.24.
5154: Lou tells Harold and Sky that Lolly ran away during the night.
5155: Sandy shows her true colours and threatens Lolly she see her sent to an institution to live.

5156: Pepper reveals to Rosie that she’s been sleeping with Paul behind her back.
5157: Pepper and Rosie kiss.
5158: Paul and Ned celebrate in different ways Paul’s arranged mugging.
5159: Boyd denies to Janae that Glenn’s claims they shared more than just a kiss are true.
5160: Janae is shocked when Boyd admits to her he may be in love with Glenn.

5161: A poolside fight between Lolly and Sandy ends with Sandy floating face down in the pool.
5162: Boyd has doubts that Janae is innocent of not tampering with the brakes on Glenn’s car.
5163: Boyd and Glenn agree to try to have a relationship but Boyd doesn’t want it to be made public.
5164: Dylan punches Paul to the ground after confronting him about he being a possible cause of Kerry’s leukaemia.
5165: Paul plots with Elle to cause trouble between Carmella and Oliver.

5166: Paul and Elle fear the car bomb may have really hurt Carmella and Oliver.
5167: Elle has Oliver chasing after Carmella fearing she is going to kill her Uncle Ray.
5168: Boyd tells Janae that he isn’t coming back to her and she is devastated.
5169: Sky and Stingray declare their love for each other in front of their families.
5170: Toadie begins to regret not acting on Steph’s admission that she loved him.

5171: While away in the Yarra valley, Elle finally gets Oliver to kiss her.
5172: Susan and Karl are unaware that the homeless pregnant woman on the bench in London is Izzy.
5173: Karl and Susan agree to remarry after he proposes to her in London.
5174: The death of Scott ‘Stingray’ Timmins.
5175: Stingray’s video diary to Kerry leaves one final tribute to him.




5176: Dylan saves Paul from falling over the cliff edge but leaves him to think about the fact he has brought Dylan to the point of almost killing him.
5177: Frazer rushes to rescue the girl from the path of the oncoming horses but is hit himself and knocked to the ground badly injured.
5178: Karl hides the fact that he has set up a surprise wedding ceremony for him and Susan for the following day.
5179: Susan watches as the ambulance drives off with Izzy and Karl’s baby in it.
5180: Dylan leaves Erinsborough after Stingray’s memorial service.



5181: Susan reveals to Karl that Izzy’s daughter Holly is his daughter too.
5182: Frazer refuses to allow Rosie to care for him after he returns home from hospital.
5183: Pepper explains to Rosie that she is being hounded by an old boyfriend.
5184: Harold prays that Lou’s thoughts that Sky will come to terms with Stingray’s death one day will come true.
5185: Sky is comforted by Terence’s claims that Scott’s spirit has made friends with another spirit named Madge.

5186: Pepper receives a menacing gift and a note that could mean her life is in danger.
5187: Frazer is stunned when Rosie admits she loves him.
5188: Alan Napier tries to tell Oliver a family secret as he suffers a heart attack.
5189: Tom Scully reveals to Susan that he is the new Principal at Erinsborough High School.
5190: Boyd refuses to let Janae leave the Scarlet bar office and she becomes truly scared.

5191: Mary Casey sits alone at home in a room decorated as a nursery listening to old voice messages of Pepper.
5192: Charlotte and Terence kiss.
5193: Tom tells Susan if she cannot accept him working at the school then she needs to resign.
5194: Mary watches as Pepper eats the drugged cake.
5195: Sky prepares to scatter Stingray’s ashes.

5196: Elle reveals to Paul publicly that she has control of his business empire and he is left with nothing.
5197: Mary scares Pepper as Mary reflects on how the loss of the baby has affected every day of her life since.
5198: Rosie and Frazer want to be together even if it means they could never have a physical relationship.
5199: Will Charlotte sign Paul off as being unsound of mind for $A100, 000?
5200: Charlotte tells Terence that she thinks Paul could only have days to live.

5201: Harold gives up his role in the salvation army so he can continue to see Terence.
5202: Rosie reassures Frazer that she is with him and accepts that he could be always be in the wheelchair.
5203: Mary tells Pepper and son Kevin that she intends to keep them locked up together until they fall in love again.
5204: Karl is furious that Terence has told Zeke & Rachel that Alex has told him from beyond the grave that Susan should never have remarried Karl.
5205: Susan feels betrayed by Karl’s admissions in his video diary to Izzy about her and decides to spend time away, staying with Lyn.

5206: Mary and Pepper become trapped inside the burning bedroom.
5207: Karl makes a fool of himself in front of Tom after confronting him and expecting to see Susan with him.
5208: Rosie has doubts about Frazer’s fidelity when Charlotte sets him up.
5209: Sky leaves Terence lying unconscious on the floor of The General Store.
5210: Sky cannot believe it when Harold & Lou and she find Terence has died.

5211: Sky runs away to avoid the police and a threat of going to prison.
5212: In prison, inmate Krystal threatens Sky’s life.
5213: Frazer turns down Rosie’s marriage proposal.
5214: Paul stands in the lounge of No.22 after he has seen Fox trash the house - Elle returns home.
5215: Sky’s new cellmate is Mary Casey.

5216: Mary schemes in prison and wants to talk to top-dog Krystal.
5217: Mary watches as Sky spends time with Kerry, determined to get closer to the child herself.
5218: Oliver and Elle kiss - will an approaching Carmella see them?
5219: Elle is shocked when Oliver admits he may be falling in love with her.
5220: Paul collapses in agony by his car in his attempt to get away from Fox.

5221: Elle walks in to find Paul ‘wrestling’ with the imaginary Fox.
5222: Paul prepares for his operation when he sees Fox again who tells him he’ll not survive it.
5223: Sky panics for Kerry’s safety when the prison riot alarm sounds.
5224: Boyd demands answers from Charlotte when she has no knowledge of Paul’s true medical condition.
5225: As Boyd leaves with Charlotte, the neighbours discover the level of her deception.

5226: After the car crash, Charlotte claims Boyd has admitted he killed someone and she was in fear of her life.
5227: Sky is set free from prison but Boyd decides he cannot be part of the celebrations.
5228: Elle is stunned when Paul comes out of his coma but doesn’t recognise her.
5229: Lucia Cammeniti tells daughter Rosie marrying Frazer is a big mistake.
5230: Michaela boasts to Janae she’ll beat her in the boxing match.

5231: Ned panics when he can’t see any sign of Janae in the river.
5232: Elle tries to convince Ned to not act on his attraction towards Janae.
5233: Ringo tries to make Carmella realise she cannot continue taking the medication.
5234: Pepper makes Rosie consider the fact that she is only with Frazer because of his accident.
5235: Rosie faces the fact that Frazer leaving her to sort out his problems could be for some time to come.

5236: Frazer discovers the grave of a brother he never knew.
5237: How will Ned explain his connection to Mickey?
5238: Ned tells Janae he fears Kirsten will never return for Mickey.
5239: Gail agrees to reveal to Paul about who he was prior to the operation.
5240: Paul is unaware of Elle hearing him tell Gail he neither likes nor trusts his daughter.


5241: Ringo reacts badly to Carmella stepping away from him and drives off.
5242: Paul tells Gail he loves her and they kiss.
5243: Ned is shocked when Kirsten wants to leave Mickey with him.
5244: Frazer tells his mother that it is clear she never loved him.
5245: Boyd sees Sky and Caleb kissing and he isn’t happy.

5246: Alan Napier tells Oliver that his parents aren’t really his - how is Paul connected to all this?
5247: Mickey lies face down in the swimming pool at No.30 after being electrocuted - will Frazer be able to save him?
5248: Janae becomes emotional as Ned and Mickey bond as father and son.
5249: Bree is stunned when her birth father Greg Baxter arrives to see Anne.
5250: Oliver burns the DNA test results rather than learn if Alan Napier is his grandfather.

5251: Oliver is warned by Rebecca Napier’s brother that seeking her whereabouts will only lead to trouble.
5252: Carmella changes her mind and drives away from meeting up with Ringo. He continues to wait for her to arrive.
5253: Janae is touched when a painting by Mickey includes her in and he asks her to stay on in Erinsborough.
5254: Janae tells Janelle she wants to stay on in Erinsborough.
5255: Friends and neighbours say farewell to Janelle, Allan & Bree as they leave for Cairns.


5256: Rebecca makes it clear to Oliver she’ll see him but only on her terms.
5257: Oliver warns Elle he’ll choose Rebecca over her if she pushes him to make a choice.
5258: Zeke vows to expose Tom’s carer Ian Phillips as a liar and a thief.
5259: Rosie demands to know if Carmella is in a relationship with Ringo.
5260: Carmella and Ringo share a kiss in Lassiters pool after the pre-wedding day party.

5261: Mickey’s actions cause the mini bus carrying the wedding guests to crash.
5262: Frazer weeps by Ringo’s bedside as Ringo is put into an induced coma.
5263: Paul is stunned to learn that Elle and Oliver may be committing incest.
5264: Rebecca is oblivious to the way Declan ‘earns’ his pocket money.
5265: Declan panics to get Mickey out of the house he has conned the boy into robbing for him.


5266: Oliver tells Rebecca he vows he’ll never be in touch with her again.
5267: Toadie is charged with dangerous driving and being over the alcohol limit.
5268: Frazer is not going to reconsider his decision that Carmella should move out.
5269: Pepper proposes to Adam in a bid to allow him to stay on in Australia and so they can be together.
5270: Everyone is stunned when Ringo confesses he loves Carmella but she rejects him.


5271: Carmella is stunned to learn that she is pregnant.
5272: Carmella knows she has to tell Oliver that he is going to be a father.
5273: Oliver wants to celebrate his family coming together unaware that Elle has tracked down his father.
5274: Elle meets Richard Aaronow, introducing herself as Elle Roberts.
5275: Rebecca and Elle are followed in the car by Richard.

5276: Oliver catches Rebecca lying to the police that Richard is in her house and trashed it.
5277: Rebecca finds a friend willing to believe in her in Paul.
5278: Elle is unaware of the dramas unfolding for Oliver and how she’ll be affected.
5279: Karl is caught snooping through medical files by PA Julia.
5280: Believing Toadie has been smoking cannabis, Rosie accepts Tim’s offer of a law partnership without Toadie.

5281: Oliver and Rebecca vow to both make the effort to build a relationship.
5282: Declan cannot escape Richard, finding his father waiting by the water’s edge.
5283: Rebecca is furious when Richard tells her he’s staying in Erinsborough.
5284: Karl learns that Julia has betrayed him and the police arrive to arrest them.
5285: Kirsten conspires to take Mickey away without telling anyone.

5286: Ned feels bad when he throws Kirsten out No.26 and vows he’ll seek sole custody of Mickey.
5287: Mickey feels duty bound to go to Adelaide with his mother. Ned suspects he doesn’t really want to go.
5288: Janae assures Ned she’ll stand by him if he has to fight for custody of Mickey.
5289: A confrontation with Richard has Paul seeing a flashback to him setting fire to Lassiters.
5290: Feeling threatened, Rebecca warns Richard off, ready to hit him if necessary.

5291: Declan wants to see if he can donate his kidney to his father. Dr. Vinton makes a comment that he must really love his father.
5292: Carmella is less than pleased with Oliver’s decision to donate a kidney to Richard.
5293: Rebecca is confident enough to wait before she calls the police about Richard.
5294: Toadie tells Ned and Janae that her actions could have ruined their chances of securing Mickey’s custody.
5295: Ned and Janae watch on as Mickey runs on to be with his mother.

5296: Afraid of losing her son, Kirsten decides to go on the run with Mickey.
5297: An accident caused by Bridget, leaves Declan unconscious after indoor rock climbing.
5298: Kirsten leaves Mickey with Ned and Janae before taking her trip alone.
5299: Paul comforts Elle after she fears he’ll go to jail for killing Gus Cleary.
5300: Paul is upset when Rebecca decides not to see him and rather walk away.

5301: Paul reveals to Gus Cleary’s sister Laura that he believes he killed her brother.
5302: Rebecca declines Paul’s offer for them to socialise together.
5303: Rebecca wants to rekindle her romance with Paul again.
5304: Susan shocks Rachel and Zeke with news the exam paper thief could be expelled if caught.
5305: Susan struggles to reach for her phone when she suffers loss of feeling in her body.

5306: Bridget and Declan are trapped in a dead end when trying to escape Justin.
5307: Will Declan accept Justin’s challenge to another drag race?
5308: Ringo admits to Susan he stole the exam paper and not Rachel.
5309: Rachel and Ringo kiss.
5310: Hiding in a hotel room, Elle panics when she is about to be discovered.


5311: Susan is unaware that she has hit Bridget after falling asleep while driving.
5312: Mickey reveals to Ned and Janae he saw Declan’s car hit Bridget.
5313: Susan discovers and reveals to Karl it was her who was driving Declan’s car and she hit Bridget.
5314: Susan is taken by the police for questioning - both she and Karl are scared for what lies ahead.
5315: Susan returns home to a difficult reception from her neighbours.

5316: The Parker’s panic as Bridget’s condition worsens and she has a seizure.
5317: Rachel is hit by an object when it is thrown through a window at No.28 and knocked to the floor.
5318: Rachel calls out for help when Bridget responds to her touch and voice while in a coma.
5319: Declan lays hurt, cold and in danger while stranded in the country.
5320: Declan is upset when Bridget refuses to see him and he overhears her.

5321: Declan’s anger cannot be controlled as he attacks Oliver.
5322: Unsupervised in No.30’s pool, Bridget struggles to stay afloat in the water.
5323: Resentment overspills onto the marathon track when Riley and Oliver start fighting.
5324: Karl desperately tries to get Miranda to speak to Susan to help change her mind to plead not guilty.
5325: Miranda makes it clear to Susan that she has not forgiven her even if Bridget has.

5326: Will Susan change her guilty plea to not guilty for the sake of Rachel & Zeke?
5327: Declan seems intent on hitchhiking his way out of Erinsborough.
5328: Carmella realises she has feelings for Marco.
5329: Carmella defends Oliver to Marco - does she still have feelings for Oliver?
5330: Carmella asks Marco to call an ambulance after suffering stomach pains.


5331: Carmella is not happy when Oliver makes her sound as if she is spoiled goods in front of Marco.
5332: Will Oliver be honest to Carmella about his feelings he has for her?
5333: Toadie reluctantly agrees to represent Susan again in court.
5334: Mickey becomes trapped inside an old wooden chest.
5335: Rosie reveals to Frazer in front of Ringo about Ringo taking appetite suppressants.


5336: Toadie calls Steph for help when he suffers a panic attack at work.
5337: Toadie seeks ways to avoid having to go to court to represent Susan.
5338: Susan is relieved as Toadie prepares to speak in court but can he defend her properly?
5339: Karl’s admission in court that he knew Susan was suffering from fatigue stuns the Parker family.
5340: As Susan and Karl go to get her medical test results, Zeke frets if she’ll be okay.

5341: Zeke warns Miranda off from trying to see Susan.
5342: Libby doesn’t want Steph to push her into speaking about her problems.
5343: Bridget tells Declan she has decided she never wants to see him again.
5344: Elle and Riley are in danger as they try to protect some horses.
5345: Rachel receives a picture on her phone of what seems to be Ringo kissing Jessica.

5346: Susan suffers burns to her hands after not losing the feeling in her hands again.
5347: Susan loses her sight on a shopping trip out with Libby. Susan calls out to her daughter for help.
5348: Karl comforts Susan as she cannot cope with undertaking more medical tests.
5349: Janae fears that Kirsten is taking Mickey again.
5350: Declan is upset to see Bridget and josh in a compromising position.

5351: Susan wants to be alone as she battles to come to terms with the diagnosis that she has MS.
5352: Darren’s surprise visit to see Libby ends badly as Darren becomes angry and it almost leads to him and Karl getting into a fight.
5353: The neighbours host a BBQ party to celebrate Susan’s homecoming but she just wants to get into her home.
5354: Zeke decides to sneak out of the house to attend the dance party Jessica has told him about.
5355: Rachel and Angus realise the truth - she is a student and he is her teacher.


5356: Angus makes it clear to Rachel he cannot think of anything other than she is a student of his.
5357: Janae is unhappy as Kirsten joins the Parker’s to a reunion at Oakey.
5358: Ned pushes Kirsten away from him after she tries to kiss him.
5359: Janae is not convinced when Ned assures her that he has no attraction towards Kirsten.
5360: Rebecca gives thanks to her neighbours & friends for welcoming her & Declan to the street as the residents celebrate turning on the Christmas street lights.

5361: Libby feels comforted by bringing Ben to Erinsborough when he tells her he is happy to live anywhere as long as they are together.
5362: Libby tells Darren she cannot return back to Shepparton with him.
5363: Rachel warns Angus that Jessica may have seen them together in the car earlier.
5364: The Eclipse dance party ends in disaster as the warehouse begins to collapse.
5365: Susan can only watch on as the warehouse collapses further with Karl, Libby & Zeke still trapped inside.