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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4187
Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Ali Ali, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 03/03/03 BBC One: 04/04/03 UK Gold: 04/10/06

• Steph successfully asks out Alex, the new barman
• Lori and Taj decide to take Nina and Jack on a double date to get them to make up
• Stuart fawns over Ben, until Ben calls him “Dada”

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Jack and Nina are at their lockers, ignoring each other, while Lori tells Taj that they should surprise them with the picnic. They agree to meet at the lake after school when the bell rings for class. As Jack asks what Taj and Lori were talking about, Libby ushers them into the classroom, teasing them about living up to their project on teen stereotypes.

Lou's Place: Steph and Alex agree to meet up that night, before she goes back to work. Alex starts questioning Max on ideas for the next date while an uninterested Max teases him, before telling him to just do something original.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Jack leaves the room after Libby gives the class their homework, asking Lori what her text message meant. He says that he cannot meet her after school because he has homework, while she insists he be there. Taj, meanwhile, has managed to coax Nina into going.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Waiting area/Karl's office: Karl returns from taking Ben for a walk to find Libby and Susan waiting to collect him. Libby heads home with Ben, leaving Karl and Susan to talk about Stuart. Karl thinks they should look past it, when Susan tells him that Libby told her about having a “moment” with Stuart. She tells him that they should not get involved and be there for Libby whatever happens.

The Coffee Shop: Jack is waiting when Gladys O’Grady enters with roses to sell, suggesting he buy one for Nina, who is also there. They both firmly tell her that they are not together, and she points out the chemistry between them, when Taj enters and tells Nina to come with him. As they leave, Lori enters from the other door and tells Jack the same thing.

Carpenter's Mechanics: Steph and Stuart are at work, Steph demanding to know why he and Libby did not go through with the best boyfriend competition. Stuart asks if she has seen Libby lately, explaining that she has been freezing him out. Steph then suggests he stop getting so adjusted to her and Ben, especially whenever Flick comes home. As Stuart gets back to work, he suddenly hurts his arm, assuring Steph that it is fine.

Lassiter's Lake: Nina thanks Taj for the surprise picnic, when he points out that Lori and Jack have arrived. Neither Jack nor Nina is impressed, though Lori and Taj explain that they arranged the date since things have been stressful with them both doing the play. They all toast, though Jack and Nina both look away guiltily.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Karl's office: As Karl checks Stuart over, Stuart apologises for any weirdness in what Ben said, while Karl pretends not to notice. As Karl purposely moves onto the subject of Flick, Stuart assures him that he still keen to get married, and while Karl is relieved, Stuart has a shifty look.

Lou's Place: Alex is still talking about the date when Max reminds him that it cannot overlap with work, upsetting Alex’s plans for night skydiving. Gladys enters, hoping to sell Max a rose before Alex reluctantly takes one. Steph arrives, and he is forced to explain that he cannot make their date. Steph then easily sways a sullen Max into taking over for Alex.

Lassiter's Lake: Jack and Nina sit in silence and Taj and Lori play with a football. Jack then explains that they should get past the awkwardness, though she stays rigid.

Lou's Place: Max gets off the phone, explaining to Steph and Alex that Summer was at a sleepover when she fell sick, meaning that there is no one else to cover Alex’s shift. Alex and Steph are upset but understanding, and Max leaves Alex to lock up at the end of the night.

No 28 - Living room/Dining table: Karl, Susan and Libby are at dinner, enjoying a rant about Candace Barkham, when Stuart arrives to see Libby…Libby assures Stuart that he has done nothing wrong and that she has been relying on him too much. He asks if there is something else, moodily leaving when she says “It’s not you, it’s me.” As he does, he gives her a toy car of Ben’s that was in his pocket.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: The school is empty as Jack, Lori, Taj and Nina arrive for rehearsals early. Taj and Lori then leave and Nina is condescending to Jack, accusing him of using Lori to try and make her jealous. She says that she hates him, and knows that he hates her, as Jack slowly approaches her. With Lori watching from the hall, Jack says that he does not hate her and they lean in to kiss. Lori then interrupts, asking when they changed the dialogue. She says that they should check with Harold first, before giving Jack his wallet that he left in her bag. She leaves again, Jack and Nina left looking guilty.

Lou's Place: Steph is helping Alex close up when he pulls her into a waltz.

No 28 - Kitchen/Living room: Libby is making coffee for Karl, when he gets a pain as he moves in his seat. Susan blames his reckless exercising, when she asks to prove that he is fit enough. She then hits his stomach to test his muscles, and he keels over spluttering.

Lou's Place - Bar/office: Max returns to check things over and the place appears empty. He then hears laughter and checks the office to find Alex and Steph kissing in the dark, surprised to see him.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Stephanie Scully, Max Hoyland, Nina Tucker, Stuart Parker

Guest Cast: Jay Bunyan as Jack Scully, Michelle Ang as Lori Lee, Jaime Robbie Reyne as Taj Coppin, Marco Pio Venturini as Alex Argenzio, Adair Stagg as Gladys O’Grady

Trivia Notes
• Max suggests Alex take Steph to dinner and the cinema, which Alex refers to as “so mid-80s.” When Alex suggests tropical cocktails, Max says that it’s “a bit Austin Powers”
• Lori’s text message to Jack read “The Coffee Shop at 4"
• Ben refers to cars as ca-cas
• Candace Barkham wears shoulder pads

Summary by Brendan

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