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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4189
Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Ali Ali, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 05/03/03 BBC One: 08/04/03 UK Gold: 06/10/06

• Darcy finds a marriage certificate for Dee and Darren Turner
• Harold apologises for being overbearing to Ruby and she says that their living arrangement cannot work

Lou's Place: Toadie thanks Darcy for taking him on a boys’ night out just as Dee arrives back from Tasmania. She and Toadie head for home, and Lou offers to join Darcy in Toadie’s place. Darcy excuses himself to call Richard, his private investigator. Frustrated that nothing has been found on Darren Turner, he tells Richard to call him immediately when he gets something.

No 26 - Living room: Joe has his ear to Lyn’s stomach, asking the baby to kick for him, making her laugh. Michelle and Connor enter, catching them in the act. Connor leaves to help Joe clean the pantry, while Michelle and Lyn talk about Steph and Alex. Michelle says that Steph deserves something good like this.

No 30 - Living room: Bib and Bob watch Toadie and Dee lying on the sofa as Dee asks why Bib is still there and not with Sarah. He jokes about being uncertain that Bib should leave, before saying that he missed her. They kiss and agree not to have any more silly misunderstandings. They joke about keeping secrets before she states that she has none.

No 24 - Living room: Harold is alarmed when Ruby enters from her room with luggage packed and asks her to stay. He tells her that they can keep trying and suggests looking for more help. He wants to be supportive and coaxes her into staying.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Waiting room/Darcy's office: Next morning, Toadie joins Dee as she arrives for work, pleading with her to spend some more time together. Darcy enters and sits at his desk, telling them to get it over with. Looking peeved, Dee agrees to meet Toadie for lunch and he leaves. Darcy then gets a call and excuses himself to fetch “the results.” In his office he takes down Darren’s phone number and address.

No 24 - Driveway: Harold greets Rosie, who thinks that they are having brunch, and explains that he has to talk to her in private about Ruby. He wants to ask Rosie how he can best be supportive of Ruby, and she tells him to be firm and not let her down.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lyn and Michelle are looking at Taj’s set drawings for the play, deciding that they need to be better. They agree that it would be worth asking Joe for help, just as he enters with laundry. They show Joe the plans, pretending to be impressed to coax him into looking, and Joe belittles the designs. He starts to suggest alternatives before seeing through their plan and retreating. He leaves to finish the housework, while Lyn mutters to Michelle that she is not giving up.

No 24 - Kitchen: Harold tells Ruby to take Rosie’s advice and go to stay with her family. She insists that they would not be able to forgive her, and Harold tells her that the more they go on like this, the worse it will get for the pair of them; he is doing this because he cares. He dials the phone and gives it to her as Derek picks up. Ruby asks if she can visit for a while, tearfully saying that she needs his help.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Waiting room: Darcy is printing a fax with Darren’s details on it when he hears Dee and Toadie return. They talk about the upcoming charity ball and Toadie asks if Darcy is attending; he and Dee then agree to get a table with him. Toadie leaves and Darcy assures Dee that the fax is “personal” when she tries to see it.

No 24 - Kitchen: Ruby says to Derek that she will be leaving that afternoon and thanks Harold for his help. He starts to say something, when she says that she knows what it is but does not deserve to hear. She explains that she will be ready to come back once the addiction has gone and will then feel worthy of hearing him say it.

Ramsay Street: Harold is packing the car for Ruby, while she explains to Rosie and Lou that she wanted to go quietly. Left alone, Ruby thanks Rosie for her help and apologises for putting her in such a conflicting position. They agree that Harold deserves to be treated right, just as Harold returns with the last of the luggage. Rosie and Lou bid Ruby goodbye, and Lou praises Rosie for putting the past behind her as the car pulls away.

No 26 - Living room: Connor and Michelle return home with food for a barbeque, Lyn shushing them and explaining that she purposely left the set designs on the table for Joe. Hearing Michelle call out to Harvey, Joe immediately stops and Lyn says that she caught him. He makes excuses and starts barking out orders, leaving Lyn exasperated.

The Coffee Shop: Connor tells Michelle that he is looking forward to getting back to work when Joe returns as boss, before they head out. Harold arrives, explaining to Rosie and Lou that Ruby got away safely. Rosie tells Harold that she is standing in for a sick waitress, and both she and Lou tell Harold to take a rest. He thanks them both for their help, and Lou jokes that he now owes them both a coffee.

No 26 - Living room: Joe tells Connor that he can stay on as site manger for the next few weeks so that Joe can do paperwork at home and take care of housework. Lyn insists that she can do it herself, while Connor assures Joe that he is up for it. Both Lyn and Michelle are annoyed at Joe as he starts to go through tasks with Connor, ruining Connor and Michelle’s plans for the night.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Darcy's office: Darcy is making and comparing notes when Dee knocks and enters. She says goodnight and leaves for home, Darcy waiting until she has gone before dialling the phone. As Darren picks up, Darcy introduces himself as Chris White from the Erinsborough Tourism Board. He says that Darren has won part of a deal to stay in Lassiter’s Hotel and attend the charity ball. He tells Darren that tickets will be sent immediately and hangs up, smirking.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Michelle Scully, Connor O’Neill, Rosie Hoyland, Darcy Tyler, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Dee Bliss, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Maureen Edwards as Ruby Dwyer

Trivia Notes
• Dee says that Saturn is the second sexiest planet in the solar system. Toadie says Mercury
• Harold mentions meeting numerous addicts through the Salvation Army
• Joe previously worked with Gino on the set for Camelot
• Bib will be sent to Sarah in a week’s time

Summary by Brendan

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