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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4195
Written by Piet Collins, Directed by Julie Bates, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 13/03/03 BBC One: 16/04/03 UK Gold: 10/10/06

• Max tells Lou that food critic Leonard Foster wants to write a review on Lou’s Place the following day
• Steph gets a call from Michelle and tries to find out where she and Connor are, saying that she is coming to collect them

No 26 - Living room: Steph and Alex enter, Steph telling Michelle that Joe and Lyn are worried sick and asks where they are.

Phone box: In the country, Connor is pacing as Michelle tells Steph that they have just passed Castleton, but she cannot tell Joe and Lyn. Joe overhears Steph scolding Michelle and asks for the phone, but she tells him to be calm while she talks. Speaking aloud for Joe, she recites where they are when Michelle says that they are not coming home and asks Steph to bring her and Connor their passports. Steph is clearly conflicted before reluctantly agreeing, and Michelle gives Connor the thumbs up before asking Steph to take directions.

No 26 - Living room: Joe demands that he go instead of Steph, who explains that she will only take the passports to bargain with. Steph explains that the harder he tries to control Michelle the more she will try to escape, and that she does not want to lose Connor. Joe explains that he himself is under investigation too and he could lose everything - including Michelle, adds Steph. She tells him to trust her and he sighs in defeat.

No 30 - Backyard: Stuart is attempting to write a letter to Flick, apparently wanting to break up with her.

No 32 - Backyard: Boyd and Summer spy on Stuart over the fence, while Summer orders a reluctant Boyd to prank-call him while no one else is home. Boyd dials the phone, and when Stuart answers, he says threateningly “I know your dirty little secret.” Stuart is left unnerved as Boyd and Summer hang up, laughing.

Lou's Place: Lou finishes setting a table before checking that Harold and Rosie bought all the ingredients for Leonard’s meal, promising to repay and scolding Max for being pessimistic. Harold, meanwhile, feels that it is dishonest to pass off his recipe as the pub’s cuisine. Max joins Stuart, who is still troubled about the prank call and tells him about it. He jokingly asks Max if he has anything to hide like a secret love. Obviously thinking of Steph, Max denies it before quickly leaving.

Pit stop: Connor and Michelle are waiting when Steph and Alex arrive on Steph’s bike. Alex excuses himself to let them talk, while Steph coldly greets the others before asking about the passports. Michelle explains that they can be married without permission in New Zealand so they will be flying there immediately, and Steph scoffs at the idea.

No 32 - Backyard: Max returns home when he hears Boyd and Summer laughing. Tracking them down he catches them in the act, and Boyd tries to say that this is the first call they have made, before Max explains about Stuart. Max scolds both of them and they promise to do better. Max is disbelieving, asking for a list of everyone they called.

Lou's Place: Lou is consoling Joe on not getting to collect Michelle himself, before suggesting that someone on the building site reported Connor to Immigration. Joe is certain that this is not true as Lou greets Rosie and Harold with some smart corrections to the menu. Leonard enters and Lou welcomes and seats him before ordering Harold and Rosie back to the Coffee Shop to prepare the orders.

No 30 - Hallway: Stuart answers the door to Max, Boyd and Summer and welcomes them in. Boyd confesses to making the call and Stuart looks momentarily relieved before agreeing with Max that the kids can do any chores around the house when needed.

Pit stop: Michelle assures Steph that she did not mean to hurt anyone, but marrying Connor is the only solution. Both girls are shocked when Connor agrees with Steph, saying that he does not want to betray the family by tearing them apart. Michelle turns away in disgust and bumps into Alex as he returns with coffee, spilling it over him. While they are distracted, Connor mutters to Steph that if she gives him the passports, he will have Michelle home safely. He tells her that she can trust him, as he loves Michelle and would never take her away. Steph sighs, then takes the passports from her pocket and gives them to Michelle, saying that she cannot understand but hopes that Michelle knows what she is doing. As she leads Alex away, Connor and Michelle hug.

Lou's Place: Leonard summons Lou, ordering pigeon from the menu. As this was not part of the plan, Lou is momentarily stunned before he leaves to tell the “chef.”

The Coffee Shop - Kitchen: Rosie compliments Harold as he finishes perfecting the original meal when Lou enters and tells them what happened. Harold scolds him for stupidly adding pigeon to the menu while Lou tries to think of how to catch and cook one. Rosie then recalls Lanzini’s as having pigeon on their menu, suggesting they order takeaway to be delivered to the pub. Although Lou is delighted with the idea, Harold is strongly against it though is swayed by Rosie. On his way out, Lou tells Harold to make some changes of his own by eating his own meat dish.

No 30 - Living room: As Boyd vacuums, Stuart lies on the sofa and tells him that he missed a spot before asking him to check on Summer. Stuart smiles to himself as Summer enters and he praises their hard work, reminding them that Max told them to stay until the end of the day. He tells Boyd to refill his drink and Summer to clean the whole kitchen and not just the dishes. When she complains that her arm hurts Stuart tells her to brush with the opposite one and orders them back to work.

Lou's Place: Max and Lou are watching Leonard write the review after his meal. He cals Lou over to praise him and suggests a photograph be taken for his tourist guide. Lou thanks him while the others admit that he pulled it off smoothly. Lou is convinced his speed-dating service will be the next big thing after this, unfazed by others’ warnings about future customers requesting pigeon. Lou heads to clear up the table when he finds a business card belonging to Hank Ellis - the scammers whom Leonard was working for, and he gives in to defeat.

Countryside: Michelle is waiting as Connor returns from booking flights by phone for the next day. Michelle is thrilled and hugs him, while Connor looks sad.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Joe Scully, Stephanie Scully, Michelle Scully, Connor O’Neill, Rosie Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Stuart Parker

Guest Cast: Marco Pio Venturini as Alex Argenzio, Jim Howes as Leonard Foster

Trivia Notes
• Lou will be making Harold’s recipe of lamb with caramelised onion and blue cheese tart for Leonard
• Stuart mentions the chores at No. 30 including the dirty dishes and bathroom, and Bob’s dirtying the backyard after eating a new brand of dog food
• Steph mentions the availability of appealing through Immigration in order to avoid deportation
• Hank’s card reads “Never mess with the best, thanks for all the pigeon - Leonard”

Summary by Brendan

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