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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4197
Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 17/03/03 BBC One: 22/04/03 UK Gold: 11/10/06

• Connor tells Michelle at the last minute that he is getting a flight to London and going back to Ireland
• Toadie wants to know why Dee never told him about Darren if it supposedly meant nothing
• Joe tells Connor not to go to London, but to face up to his actions and be a man

Airport - Departure gate: Connor finally gives in and hands Joe his tickets when Michelle approaches, looking at Connor tearfully.

No 26 - Living room: As the group returns home, Lyn greets Michelle earnestly though Michelle clearly does not want to talk and excuses herself. Connor is then left to face Joe and Lyn, Joe explaining that Immigration will be coming to the house to see him. Connor is taken aback by this as Joe leaves to walk Harvey and Lyn does not wish to talk to him.

No 30 - Living room: When Toadie finishes telling a story, Susan gets the idea of inviting him to speak to her students about his legal career. Hoping that doing so will encourage the students to succeed, she finally gets him to agree. She then asks about Dee, and Toadie admits that they are in trouble. Susan encourages him to stick at it and he half-smiles, unconvinced.

Lou's Place - Office: Lou is on the phone attempting to get out of collecting something as a favour to someone, finally giving in. Rosie enters, asking for help on driving a minibus for the senior citizens’ fieldtrip. Seeing it as a way around his predicament, Lou offers to drive and she agrees. Joe enters them both for a favour about Connor.

No 26 - Garden: Connor joins Michelle in the tree house, where she is still upset. He says that he did not want to run anymore but he still loves her. He asks her to be there when Immigration arrive, and when she stays silent he gives up, leaving behind the necklace he gave to her.

The Coffee Shop: Darcy greets Toadie, who explains that he is meeting Darren to hear his story. Darcy appears shifty, making Toadie more edgy as he implies that Dee was to blame in her and Darcy’s love triangle with Tess.

Supply Warehouse: Rosie find Lou in the middle of clearing DVD players into the minibus, using the senior citizens to help him. She scolds him and he remains untroubled as he starts offering everyone one DVD player for $200 as a reward.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Waiting room: Dee greets Darcy as he returns from lunch, purposely saying that he just saw Toadie and Darren so she runs out to investigate.

The Coffee Shop: Dee finds Darren gone, asking Toadie why he did not tell her about the arrangement. She again tries to explain, giving up when he will not listen and walks out. Susan joins Dee, telling her that things will work out.

No 26 - Kitchen: Joe, Michelle and Lyn are gathered to listen as the Immigration representative learns that Connor was illiterate at the time of agreeing to the contract. Connor retains that he did not know the full restrictions on employment. Joe then steps in, having gathered some honest character references for Connor from around the neighbourhood. Connor, Michelle and Lyn all remain tense.

Road: The minibus has been stopped by police, Lou explaining the situation outside as Rosie and the parishioners wait. Rosie reassures them that nothing is wrong, watching as Lou appears to finish dealing. Rejoining them, Lou explains that his creative selling worked, driving away with the DVD boxes in clear site of anyone driving behind.

No 26 - Kitchen: Bruce explains his certainties that the breach was unintentional, and Joe and Lyn are relived while Michelle smiles at Connor. After Bruce leaves, Connor starts to thank Joe when Joe explains that the mess could have been sorted out quicker, and he was doing this to look out for Michelle not Connor. He then scolds Michelle, before telling Connor that he broke the family’s trust and wants him to move out.

No 30 - Kitchen: Toadie brings out Dee’s box of old keepsakes, setting it on the table and staring down at it.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Waiting room: Dee finishes with a patient while Darcy, finishing paperwork, compliments her for staying so late. She explains that she is eager to see Toadie and sort things out, especially after what Susan said. Darcy asks if it is worth the trouble given how Toadie is acting and she assures him it is.

No 30 - Kitchen: Toadie cannot bring himself to invade Dee’s privacy, eventually forcing himself to do so and finding a diary.

No 26 - Kitchen/Living room: Joe and Lyn ignore Michelle’s claims that it is not Connor’s fault. She asks if Connor can at least stay for the night and Joe erupts before calming himself and explaining that Connor cannot be trusted anymore. He tells Michelle that she needs to grow up, leaving Michelle and Lyn unsettled before Connor enters with luggage. He thanks them all before apologising and heading off. Michelle tearfully looks back at Joe and Lyn before stopping Connor. She explains that she is angry but still cares and they hug. Connor says that he will let Michelle know where he is staying and she closes the door and cries to herself.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Michelle Scully, Connor O’Neill, Rosie Hoyland, Darcy Tyler, Lou Carpenter, Dee Bliss, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Mark Pegler as Bruce Hanson, Graham Thwaites as Policeman

Trivia Notes
• Connor’s appointment with Immigration is at 2:30
• Susan dubs Toadie’s speech “Lawbreaker to Lawyer” in reference to his knack for troublemaking as a student, and mentions the 1997 incident when he put polystyrene balls in the air-conditioning system
• Rosie has to drive the Bishop’s senior citizens around the bars and stores in the area for sightseeing
• Connor bought his ticket to Ireland in the Internet café at the airport, supposedly getting tickets to New Zealand
• Darcy orders pumpkin soup at the The Coffee Shop
• Connor cannot work for Joe any longer until he gets permanent residency

Summary by Brendan

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