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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4200
Written by John Upton, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 20/03/03 BBC One: 25/04/03 UK Gold: 13/10/06

• Harold scolds Lou for exploiting the senior citizens during their “daytrip"
• Stuart asks Libby why she is avoiding him

Carpenter's Mechanics - Outside: Stuart tells Libby that he wants to be there for her and Ben and asks if he did something wrong. She says it is nothing, so he assumes she is lying and huffily walks off. She starts to say how grateful she is and trails off, explaining that she is avoiding him because she is confused about her feelings. She says that she does not want it to interfere in their friendship, asking that they go back to being good friends. Stuart agrees though still looks unsettled.

Lou's Place: Lou is explaining to Harold that not enough men have signed on for the pub’s speed-dating night, hinting that he will need backup from friends. Harold eventually gives in to keep Lou quiet, though Lou needs one more man to bring up the numbers. He compliments Max and offers him coffee when Max arrives for work. Max looks at Harold for an answer, and Harold pats him on the back.

No 28 - Kitchen: For chores, Karl is telling Boyd and Summer to clear out the cupboards and fridge of expired products. He scolds Summer when she complains and leaves them to it. Summer starts snooping through drawers, finally stopping when Boyd tells her to help.

Lou's Place: Lou continues to heckle Max, who is not interested in older women. Lou tries to make him feel guilty when Max stubbornly refuses, eventually giving in when Lou continues to harp on. Steph and Alex enter, Steph picking up on what Max is up to. Max mentions that interesting women are hard to find and walks off.

No 28 - Kitchen: Summer returns from the “bathroom” and Boyd accuses her of snooping. She explains that she went into Libby’s room and found her diary about Drew. She says how sad it was and Boyd says that she should learn her lesson. Karl, Libby and Ben return, Karl explaining the punishment to Libby; Libby says that the kids are good at the best of times, leaving Summer guilty.

No 30 - Kitchen: Stuart is on the phone to Flick, explaining that it is best to end things as they are moving too fast. He apologises and wishes her well before hanging up.

The Coffee Shop: Max, Boyd and Summer are having dinner, joking about Max speed-dating when a woman enters with a basket of flowers to sell. Summer pleads with Max to let her buy one.

No 26 - Kitchen/Living room: Steph, Lyn, Joe and Alex are preparing for dinner when Steph mentions that she saw Connor at Moco, looking for work. Joe mutters that they are feeling for him, leaving the atmosphere tense. Lyn then answers the door to Stuart, who begrudgingly stays for dinner.

Lou's Place: The speed-dating is underway, Harold sitting with a woman and purposely acting boring which fails when she shows interest in the tuba. With Max, his date is extremely talkative and will not give him a chance. Lou and his date, Dorothy, are getting along until she gathers that he knows Harold. She explains that she and Harold were to get together through the dating agency, and Lou quickly explains that she will find someone better here, indicating himself. The timer goes off and - staying with Dorothy - Lou goes to refill her glass. Harold joins him to warn him about Dorothy, both he and Max hating the way things are going.

No 26 - Kitchen: As the conversation moves to Flick, Stuart tries to leave, explaining that his announcement can wait. Joe and Lyn are eager to hear, so Steph and Alex excuse themselves. The phone rings and Lyn hurries to answer it, leaving Stuart to sombrely tell Joe that he called Flick. He says that things have changed with him and he ended the engagement; Joe angrily asks him to leave. As Stuart goes, Lyn returns explaining to Joe that Flick just told her over the phone. She says that Flick was calm, stating that things were too different for them. She says that things are so unpredictable and Joe says that this is why he is hoping for a boy baby.

Lou's Place: Lou tells Max and Harold that they were both nominated as potentials. Waving at Dorothy, he decides to arrange a date, not listening when Harold again warns him off. Max enquires about Harold’s issues with her; Harold tells Max that he had a date with Dorothy and she brought a briefcase, whispering to Max what was in it. Max chuckles, telling him to let Lou see for himself, sniggering as he watches Lou and Dorothy.

No 28 - Driveway: Next morning, Summer leaves a rose on Libby’s windshield. As she watches, hidden, Libby leaves the house and finds the flowers with a card. Looking troubled, Libby reads the card: You are the most beautiful woman in the world! Thinking they are from Stuart, she returns to the house.

No 32 - Driveway: Max and Boyd are practising with the football when Summer returns, asking if Max is trying to impress any lady friends. He jokingly scolds them for interfering and leaves for work, telling them to behave. Summer tells Boyd that she read in Libby’s diary that Drew used to give her one white rose, so she thought it would be nice to remember him by.

Lou's Place: Alex and Steph are talking about Stuart and Flick when Max arrives. They talk about the speed-dating, and Steph listens as Max lies about arranging a date with “Meredith.” She leaves, purposely telling Max to have a nice time with “Melanie,” while Lou picks up on Max’s lie. Max asks about Dorothy, saying it should be an interesting evening, and leaves Lou looking suspicious.

No 30 - Hallway: Stuart answers the door to Libby, who says that she cannot take the rose. He claims that he did not do it, and she continues to say that they should stop trying to get so close to each other. She mentions his engagement and he tells her that he broke it off. He says that he has thought greatly about a future with her and Ben and asks if she ever felt it too.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Stephanie Scully, Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Stuart Parker

Guest Cast: Marco Pio Venturini as Alex Argenzio, Jenny Seedsman as Dorothy Stevens, Anne Morgan as Trish Brown, Lorraine Kindler as Martha Sturt, Bronwyn Pearce as Genevieve Lally

Trivia Notes
• The use-by date on a container at No. 28 is October 1989
• Stuart mentions that business at the garage is going well since the limousine deal with Lassiter’s
• Dorothy is also the manager of the local bank and appeared previously several times in that context

Summary by Brendan

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