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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4209
Written by Chris Milne, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 02/04/03 BBC One: 09/05/03 UK Gold: 19/10/06

• Harold is hurt to learn that Mission: Erinsborough received a bad review
• Arguing with Stuart, Toadie assures him that things with Dee are over

The Coffee Shop: Harold serves Karl and Susan, explaining about his letter of complaint in response to Jasper’s criticism. He calls Jasper a snob, Karl and Susan politely agreeing, and storms off.

Lou's Place: Libby and Steph have finished dinner when Alex joins them, Steph telling him about Lori. Alex shows them a catalogue of portable appliances to take on the trip, until Max tells him to get back to work. When Libby senses that Steph is not entirely thrilled about going away, she assures her to take the opportunity while it is there.

The Coffee Shop: Rosie listens to Harold on the phone with Jasper, who is complaining about Harold’s letter. As an empty threat, Harold says that they should discuss it in person and is clearly shaken when Jasper agrees.

Lou's Place: Max joins Steph as Libby goes to the bar, offering to do any odd jobs while she is gone and consoling her that things will be OK with Lori. Watched by Libby, he talks about a friend, Murray, on the rigs who had a similar injury but later recovered. Steph is noticeably uplifted as he goes back to work.

No 30 - Living Room/Hallway: Toadie is leaving a message for Sindi to meet him at the bar. Stuart notices how suspicious he seems and Toadie rushes to beat him to the door when someone knocks. Sindi is there with takeaway and champagne, inviting herself in and getting settled…Stuart questions Toadie on where this is going and Toadie admits that he is taking things as they come. Stuart takes his leave as Sindi returns from the kitchen and Toadie opens the champagne.

Lou's Place: As Alex talks to Steph, Max again orders him back to work. Stuart joins Steph and she assures him that she is fine about Flick and the engagement. Libby returns from the bathroom and things are slightly awkward between her and Stuart before he explains that Toadie has female company. Libby is particularly irritated that he has moved on from Dee so quickly, while Stuart says that women like Dee getting “shacked up with Darcy” are at fault.

No 30 - Living Room/Hallway: Toadie is blatantly unresponsive as Sindi talks endlessly before trying to get intimate. She leans in to kiss and he pulls away, making it uncomfortable, so she starts to leave and he apologises. At the door, she tells him that he is a nice person and hopes that someone will make him see that for himself one day. She kisses him on the cheek and he stops her from leaving, looking into her eyes and kissing her.

Lou's Place: As Steph, Libby and Stuart help clear up, Steph explains to Alex that she cannot go out with him after work. He then invites Stuart and Libby instead and Stuart interjects that the social scene is probably too immature for Libby, leaving her hurt. Both she and Steph then accept a lift home from Max and the awkwardness remains.

No 28 - Dining Table: Next morning, the Kennedy’s are having breakfast when Karl answers the door to Harold. They assure him that they will be at The Coffee Shop that morning to support his debate with Jasper and suggest he take them through some arguments first. As he does so, they praise him until he says that he should be prepared for the negatives as well. Lying, they all claim that there was nothing strikingly bad with the play, until Karl politely says that it may have been too long. Susan then stops him from saying any more and when Harold leaves they both agree that he will be eaten alive.

Ramsay Street: Outside No. 26, Steph is telling Harold and Rosie about Lori, and Rosie picks up on the fact that Max gave Steph some words of comfort. Leaving for work, Steph greets Libby and the pair of them stop to watch Toadie and Sindi hurrying out of No. 30, having spent the night. Both girls look dismayed as Sindi leaves and Toadie calls to them that he is just having fun.

The Coffee Shop: Karl and Susan arrive, again assuring an apprehensive Harold that he will be fine. Rosie praises him for standing up to Jasper but asks if it is worth all the stress. He then says that he just wants an honest opinion, asking for hers. Rosie is then forced to briefly touch on some of the play’s faults, praising Harold’s aims all the same. He thanks her and answers the phone to learn that Jasper cannot make their appointment, immediately more cheery as he hangs up.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: As class ends, Libby hurries in, accidentally calling Susan “Mum” in front of the students. She then excitedly says that there is a chance of her becoming a full-time replacement for a teacher who is being transferred. Susan explains that she cannot go to lunch with Libby, but excitedly gives her a hug since no one is around.

Lou's Place - Outside: Max gives Murray’s contact details to Steph in case it will help Lori to talk to him. Alex and Libby then join them, Libby asking Steph to join her and Max hinting that Alex should get back to work. Sitting at a table, Libby mentions Max not letting Alex join them - Steph says that she did not invite Alex to do so and only half-heartedly agrees when Libby says that Steph will have him all to herself soon.

The Coffee Shop: Harold and Rosie joke about the silly parts of the play, Rosie stopping him from giving in to Jasper’s “superiority” like a lapdog.

Lou's Place - Outside: Libby asks if Steph is OK when she seems subdued, and Steph confesses that things with Alex are not okay. Libby asks if it is his company that she is bothered about, and Steph and Max share a look as he passes. Libby says that Steph needs to be with someone who is right for her, whether it is Alex or someone she already knows…

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Stephanie Scully, Rosie Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Harold Bishop, Toadfish Rebecchi, Stuart Parker

Guest Cast: Marco Pio Venturini as Alex Argenzio, Marisa Warrington as Sindi Watts

Trivia Notes
• No 30 first uses a night-time establishing shot and later, in the same scene, a daytime one
• Harold borrowed Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory from the Kennedys

Summary by Brendan

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