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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4212
Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 07/04/03 BBC One: 14/05/03 UK Gold: 23/10/06

• Jack attacks Taj when he learns that Taj was chasing Lori and “made” her fall
• Toadie and Sindi spend the night together
• Lori tells Nina that they need to talk about Jack

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Lori's room: Lori says that Jack has been especially antsy since the accident, like he is hiding something, and asks Nina if he has said anything to her; Nina says no. Lori asks her to look out for him before admitting that she was starting to get paranoid about the pair of them. Nina gets unsettled and wants to leave when Lori asks her to eat her truffles with her so she will feel less greedy.

The Coffee Shop: Darcy is on the phone to James Atkinson, reporting to Dee that he has been invited to a big poker game that night. He invites her along and she makes excuses before leaving.

Lassiter's Complex: Sindi greets Darcy and he gets cautious about her bumping into Dee. She mentions Toadie and he warns her to stay away from him too, to which she refuses.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Hallway/Lori's room: Nina leaves Lori’s room and Jack asks what they spoke about. She says that Lori is worried about him before leaving in guilt. Jack rejoins Lori and they chat before she talks about wanting to go home.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Libby joins Susan before going to her interview, rambling about how nervous she is. Susan comforts and encourages her before sending her off.

Lassiter's Complex: Toadie is walking, talking on his mobile when he drops the stack of documents he is carrying. Sindi greets him as he gets down to pick them up and they agree to meet for dinner before she walks him to his car.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Susan is pacing when Libby returns, confessing that the interview went horribly. Susan assures her that she has what it takes and says that Candace will not get away with persecuting Libby as Susan’s family.

Lou's Place: That evening, Toadie and Sindi are waiting to order and she starts flirting with him. Dee arrives, coldly greeting the pair of them and turning down Sindi’s invitation to join them.

No 26 - Living Room: Jack answers the door to Nina, who asks him to give a walkman and cassette to Lori as she cannot bring herself to do it. She says that she cannot be around either of them anymore and bids him goodbye, both of them hurt.

Lou's Place: Sindi is talking endlessly to an unenthused Toadie, watched resentfully by Libby, Dee and Susan. She starts flirting again and they laugh loudly together, making Dee uncomfortable. Toadie greets Darcy as he enters, wearing a tuxedo, and Darcy explains that he cannot join them. Dee joins Darcy, asking if the invitation to the poker game still stands.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Lori's room: Lori is fawning over Jack’s gifts from home and he makes excuses for Nina not bringing the walkman herself. Lori finds a photo of the pair of them with Nina and Taj, getting nostalgic before talking about how strange Taj has been acting. She asks Jack, as Taj’s best friend, to talk to him about it.

Lou's Place: Sindi and Toadie finish their wine before leaving for No. 30. Both Libby and Susan agree about Toadie’s reckless tendencies when Taj enters and goes to the bar. Libby joins him and he is distant before showing his fake ID. He tells her that she cannot talk to him as a teacher because he is quitting school…Libby understands what Taj is feeling since the accident and tells him not to go off making such rash decisions in this state. He nods and she invites him to talk to her tomorrow at school. He then gives her the fake ID to dispose of.

James' house - Hallway/Gaming room: Darcy and Dee arrive, Dee fussing over her “plain” outfit as they are greeted by servants. They join the gamers at the poker table and Dee realises what high stakes they are playing for, advising Darcy against it as he joins them.

No 30 - Living Room/Hallway: Bob is hassling Sindi to play when Toadie returns with coffees and shoos him away. Sindi invites him to join her on the sofa and they awkwardly make small talk before he explains about Dee, admitting that he is finding it hard to move on. She gets the message and he apologises as she leaves, frustrated. He moodily returns to the living room and rings Dee, immediately hanging up.

James' house - Gaming room: The poker game is underway, with Darcy winning a second time. He sips champagne and grins at Dee, satisfied.

Erinsborough High - Hallway: Next morning, Jack and Nina greet each other awkwardly and she moves off before he can say anything else. Susan is advising Libby on sorting out her qualms over the interview when Taj, at school for the day, greets them. At their lockers, Jack offers himself to be a stand-in for the soccer match and Taj agrees, their friendship seemingly back on track.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Jack Scully, Lori Lee, Darcy Tyler, Nina Tucker, Dee Bliss, Toadfish Rebecchi, Taj Coppin

Guest Cast: Marisa Warrington as Sindi Watts

Trivia Notes
• Nina does not like chocolate
• Darcy wins the poker match with two tens and three queens
• The school football team’s striker, Jason Simpson, is out with an injury

Summary by Brendan

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