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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4218
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Julie Bates, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 15/04/03 BBC One: 22/05/03 UK Gold: 26/10/06

• Sindi ignores Darcy’s request to stay away from Toadie
• Dee interrupts Toadie and Sindi’s phone conversation, telling Toadie that they need to talk

The Coffee Shop/Lassiter's Complex: Dee tells Toadie that she understands he has moved on, and that he should stop showing it off. He gets embarrassed so she asks to take it outside. In the complex, Dee says that she thought they meant something to each other. Darcy watches, unseen, as Toadie says that she disproved this by hiding her own marriage from him. He then brings up her living with Darcy and apparently going on endless nights out to move on, telling her to look at her own misdeeds before judging him. She walks off, hurt.

River: Steph and Alex are canoeing when Alex asks if she would choose her “other man” over being here. They joke and splash each other.

The Coffee Shop: Darcy enters and orders at the counter, mentioning Dee and Toadie’s fight to Harold, who also saw them. He hintingly tries to find out what was specifically said about him but is forced to give up when Harold does not want to gossip.

River/Riverbank: Steph and Alex come to some rapids and she excitedly paddles ahead, but they take a wrong turn and the canoe capsizes. Alex resurfaces and calls out for Steph, laughing until her lifejacket floats past. He gets scared and she resurfaces, splashing and calling what sounds like Max’s name. Alex supports her and they bring the canoe to shore, collapsing before joking how “professional” they are.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: In detention, Taj grumpily does not care when Nina hears a noise, possibly a trapped bird, from the inner wall. She fetches her chair to help it herself.

No 30 - Hallway/Living Room: Toadie answers the door to Darcy, who brought beer to cheer him up. Darcy says that he understands fighting, explaining away the accusations that Dee made about him and telling Toadie to come to him with problems in future. Sindi arrives and there is tension when she and Darcy get their stories mixed up about knowing each other before Darcy awkwardly leaves.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Taj helps Nina to set the sparrow free, and they have a moment as he helps her down from the chair. Mrs. Barkham enters and, thinking that they were kissing, orders them to sit down and doubles the detention.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Reception/Office: Darcy brings Dee a box of chocolates and a card, wanting to make up for his false accusations about her. He lies to her like he did with Toadie, making himself look like a concerned friend, and she thanks him before asking him not to help her next time.

Tent: That night, Steph and Alex talk about the accident and what was going through their heads in the heat of the moment. She clearly lies that she was thinking of nothing in particular and looks away.

No 30 - Living Room: Sindi is rambling to Toadie, who only half listens. When she questions him, he says that it is a clear indication that they should talk…Sindi says that she is okay with Toadie’s distant feelings, though he says that their different outlooks on the relationship could be the problem. She, however, thinks that he is just tired and emotional about Dee and tells him to sleep on it.

Lou's Place: Darcy and Dee are at dinner when he gets a call.

No 30 - Outside: Sindi says that she needs to speak with Darcy urgently. He pretends to Dee that Sindi is his mother and Sindi tells him to meet her or she will tell Toadie everything.

Tent - Outside: Steph is sitting at the campfire when Alex leaves to get firewood. She starts to write a postcard to Summer and, failing at casually asking about Max, throws it in the fire.

The Coffee Shop: Harold serves Nina, not realising that she does not know about Lori’s semi-recovery, and fills her in. Taj enters and purposely sits elsewhere, so Nina joins him, wanting to make up for detention. Things are still slightly awkward before she tells him about Lori. He is quickly cheered up and Nina says that Lori would appreciate a visit from him, especially since things are getting better between Taj and herself. She says that she did him a favour in dumping him but he does not think so.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Reception: The place is in darkness as Sindi enters before Darcy switches on his desk lamp, surprising her. She explains that Toadie thinks that they have nothing in common and Darcy understands, especially given that Toadie’s previous girlfriend was Dee. Sindi refuses to give up, wanting Darcy to tell her everything about Dee in order to replicate her ways and win Toadie back, threatening to tell Dee everything if he refuses.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Stephanie Scully, Darcy Tyler, Harold Bishop, Nina Tucker, Dee Bliss, Toadfish Rebecchi, Taj Coppin

Guest Cast: Marisa Warrington as Sindi Watts, Marco Pio Venturini as Alex Argenzio, Kate Whitbread as Candace Barkham

Trivia Notes
• The other students who got detention with Taj and Nina were put on yard duty
• Darcy refers to his and Toadie’s experience of swimming with sharks
• Music heard in the episode includes Back to Me by Stella One Eleven
• Alex mentions his brothers in the episode
• This episode features Marco Pio Venturini’s final appearance as Alex

Summary by Brendan

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