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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4221
Written by Philippa Burne, Directed by Jeffrey Walker, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 21/04/03 BBC One: 28/05/03 UK Gold: 27/10/06

• Jack tells Michelle that he cheated on Lori and now Nina wants him to end it

No 24 - Pool: Jack wheels Lori to the poolside and sets her on the edge. She assures him that she wants to do this and he carries her into the water before letting her float alone. She manages it for a while and he assures her that he is there for her.

The Coffee Shop: Nina is reading alone when Connor enters and tries to cheer her up by asking her to join him at the car shop on a favour for Lou. She, however, is worried that Michelle will get the wrong idea. Harold joins them and is about to fetch his scrapbook of the play when Connor saves Nina by mentioning Lou’s favour. Nina gratefully leaves with him and Harold watches them go.

Lou's Place: Karl is gathered with his football team-mates to celebrate the win before rejoining Susan. She goes back to the bar just as Candace enters, joining Karl and praising his goalkeeping. They chat before Karl invites her to dinner, saying that her petty bickering with Susan needs to stop. Candace finally gives in and leaves when Susan rejoins Karl, Susan left shocked when he causally mentions their dinner plans.

No 24 - Pool: As Jack pulls Lori to him, he mentions how much they have been through together and she thanks him for sticking by her. He says that he will always be there and hugs her.

No 28 - Driveway: Karl and Susan arrive home, Susan complaining about Candace. Karl insists that she give it a chance and she relents before saying that he owes her one.

The Coffee Shop: Connor and Nina return, Nina now cheered up. Harold mentions how upbeat they both are as they order and find a table. Nina thanks Connor for being a good friend and he says that she can come to him anytime, taking her hand. As Michelle enters, this is the first thing she sees before she automatically leaves, hurt.

No 26 - Living Room/Kitchen: That night, Jack and Lori are on the sofa together when Lori says that she would like to return to school. He is pleased and they kiss just as Michelle returns. Lori explains her decision and says that they should have a girls’ night out with Nina to celebrate; Michelle lies that Nina is occupied with something. Jack helps Lori into her chair and she leaves to get ready to go out. Jack assures Michelle that Lori’s recovery is more important than he and Nina and that he is there for Lori now.

No 28 - Dining Table/Kitchen: Susan gathers the dishes after dinner while Karl joins her to get Candace a drink. He asks Susan to be civil, looking unimpressed at her attempts.

The Coffee Shop: Connor and Nina have finished eating while Connor talks about missing Michelle and the Scully house. He gathers that Nina is familiar with this and encourages her to wait for Taj to come around, not knowing about Jack. Harold arrives with the scrapbook and Nina, unable to escape now, is forced to look through the photos, including the one of her and Jack’s kiss.

No 28 - Living Room/Dining Table: The tension remains between Susan and Candace when Candace heads to leave. She thanks Karl for his hospitality before saying that she and Susan should confront their issues now. Neither can agree with the other, particularly given Candace’s strictness, and Candace says that until Susan shows some respect, nothing will change…next morning, Karl receives a letter from his Aunt Enid in New Jersey, asking Karl to come for a visit. Susan answers the door to Jack, who asks about Lori coming back to school, and Susan says that it should be fine. When Jack leaves, Karl says that she is right in telling him to go to America, so he will.

Erinsborough High - Grounds/Corridor: Jack arrives at school with Michelle and Taj, wheeling Lori - wearing casual clothes for comfort - in her chair. Michelle stops when she sees Nina getting out of Connor’s van having gotten a lift, thinking the worst. This gets Taj unsettled while Lori claims that they are just friends. Lori greets Nina earnestly while none of the others are enthused about seeing her. Lori asks Jack to help Nina with her things and he finally gives in. They walk together, Nina trying and failing to make conversation. Inside, they rejoin the others at the lockers before Jack and Taj go to class, Jack telling Lori that he will meet her later. Candace then overhears Susan “threaten” Lori with detention for lateness and remarks on her not favouring students with special circumstances; their rift appears to be on the mend.

The Coffee Shop: Karl finishes paying Harold, making excuses not to come in later and see the scrapbook. Leaving, he nearly knocks into Connor, who explains that he badly needs some new car parts. Karl mentions his old friend in Sydney who could help, before they get on to talking about the next big event for the football team. Connor is alarmed when Karl mentions the men running around in skirts and listens, amused, as Karl whispers to him.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Michelle, Lori and Nina are leaving class, Lori talking about a book report. Michelle says that Nina need not come to the house with the library book if Michelle can get it to Lori easier, just as the boys arrive. Taj leaves for football and Lori bids Michelle and Nina farewell as Jack takes her home. When Nina suggests to Michelle that they go to the canteen, Michelle pointedly turns her down.

The Coffee Shop: Connor rejoins Karl at their table, saying that there are plenty of better ways to bond with the team. Karl is unwilling to participate while Connor asks if Susan knows. Susan overhears as she joins them, while Harold brings Connor a muffin and asks if he is interrupting. Karl smiles uncomfortably.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Nina firmly asks Michelle to talk when Michelle makes excuses not to, saying that it is important. Michelle tells Nina to drop the act - Jack told her about them and now Nina is going after Connor too. She demands to know how Nina could betray Lori as her best friend in doing that.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Michelle Scully, Jack Scully, Lori Lee, Connor O’Neill, Harold Bishop, Nina Tucker, Taj Coppin

Guest Cast: Kate Whitbread as Candace Barkham

Trivia Notes
• Karl invites Candace to dinner at 7 o’clock
• Lou needs a set of hubcaps for a 1962 Renault 3
• Jack and Taj have a Maths test the next day

Summary by Brendan

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