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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4223
Written by John Davies, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 23/04/03 BBC One: 30/05/03 UK Gold: 30/10/06

• Toadie still wants to date Sindi, despite her mind games
• Darcy loses a poker game, putting himself in huge debt

No 30 - Hallway/Living Room: Toadie and Sindi return from dinner, laughing at Toadie’s story, when Sindi starts to get intimate. Toadie gets uncomfortable and suggests they call it a night, saying that he wants to take the relationship slowly to be safe. She says that it is very romantic and kisses him before leaving him at ease.

No 28 - Kitchen/Living Room: Susan is overloading on a care package for Libby to take to the country, including a whole ham. Susan suggests that Ben stay with her and Karl to give Libby space before agreeing that it is best he go with her as a family.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lyn is feeding Harvey, on the phone to Flick when Joe comes in for a drink. Lyn tells him that Flick won a competition for a return flight to Australia. Since she cannot get time off work, the ticket can be used in reverse and Flick has asked Joe to visit her. Joe is left in shock, glancing up as an aeroplane is heard flying overhead.

Darcy's House - Veranda: Dee returns home, taking in the mess left by the gamers. Darcy explains that he will clear it up, but is moody about the debt, which Dee picks up on.

The Coffee Shop: Next morning Toadie and Sindi are at breakfast, still taking it slow, while Harold puts up a notice in search of a new housemate. Lou notices that it does not specify any particular type of person and insults Harold for being too open-minded. Susan greets Toadie as she enters and Sindi earnestly introduces herself to Toadie’s “surrogate mother.” As Sindi kisses Toadie before leaving, Susan waits until she is gone before asking if Toadie is alright; he assures her that he is and hurriedly leaves.

Lou's Place: Darcy is on his mobile, asking how much his portfolio is worth. Joe and Lyn are examining the menu, Lyn laughing at the “exotic” names thought up by Valda. As they get on to talking about New York, Lyn gathers how confined and reluctant Joe is before realising that he is scared of flying…still on the phone, Darcy is disgusted to learn the portfolio’s “small” value of $ 8,000 and tells his contact to “do what you have to do” before angrily hanging up.

Libby's New House: In the countryside, Libby is moving her stuff in just when Steph pulls up on her bike. They excitedly greet each other and hurry inside to catch up.

Lou's Place - Outside: A bird flies past, pooping on Dee’s shoulder. She is disgusted as Toadie laughs and wipes it off with a tissue. He clearly wants to be civil, until Dee gets up and leaves.

The Coffee Shop: Harold still has no takers for his vacancy until Dusk Dundler, a rough-looking youth with a rucksack and guitar enters and appears interested. Prejudging him, Harold says that the room has already been taken and Lou pokes fun at Harold’s narrow-mindedness as Dusk leaves.

No 28 - Kitchen: Lyn is telling Susan about Joe’s phobia, when Susan mentions Karl going to visit his aunt in America and suggests they travel together. They both laugh at the idea and its possibilities.

Lou's Place: Darcy has told Dee about his debt, when she offers him a loan. Though she is shocked when she learns the true amount, he tells her that he will overcome it.

No 26 - Kitchen: Joe is immediately unwilling to travel with Karl, making excuses and getting paranoid about people learning of his phobia. Lyn says that Karl is coming to discuss it with him and he tells her to forget it.

The Coffee Shop: Lou and Harold look up as an attractive older woman enters and examines the ad. Lou strongly encourages Harold to go for it.

Lou's Place: Dee watches Darcy play darts, telling him that he needs to be more aware of the value of money instead of just showing off to his rich friends. She says that his debt could be a learning experience and when he mentions that it can be paid off the next day, she says he is a good person.

No 28 - Kitchen: Susan answers the door to Toadie, who apologises for his bad manners at The Coffee Shop and admits that he is troubled by things with Sindi. She encourages him not be pressured and be his own person, and Toadie admits that he pities Sindi for trying too hard. Susan says that her reunion with Karl after the amnesia may never have happened if she was only with him out of pity, and Toadie considers this.

Libby's New House: Libby and Steph are having lunch, Libby wanting to talk about what happened on the trip. Unwilling, Steph changes the subject until Libby forces the issue. She explains that Alex is visiting his friend and she needed the distance. Libby says that doing this already is hardly good for their companionship, asking if Steph has once stopped thinking about home and “him” since she left.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Stephanie Scully, Darcy Tyler, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Dee Bliss, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Marisa Warrington as Sindi Watts, Alex Cappelli as Dusk Dundler, Pat McCabe as Beryl Whiting

Trivia Notes
• Sindi and Toadie talk about Toadie putting polystyrene balls in the school air-conditioning system as a prank
• Libby mentions that her new teaching position is for three weeks
• Steph got Libby’s new address from Susan
• Lou refers to Lolly playing with messy Glitter Glue, and Harold living with Ruby
• Profits at Lou’s Place are up 25% since Valda took over
• Joe’s flight to New York lasts 24 hours
• When Lyn was pregnant with Michelle, Joe went to New South Wales for four months
• Susan refers to Toadie’s former girlfriend Karen Oldman
• Alex Cappelli played Barry Shears in 2002 and would return as Rueben Alecantero later in 2003 and Mike Pill in 2005
• Music in the episode includes Hard by Stella One Eleven

Summary by Brendan

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