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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4225
Written by Helen MacWhirter, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 25/04/03 BBC One: 03/06/03 UK Gold: 31/10/06

• A sachet of what appears to be drugs is found in the stuffed kangaroos delivered to the pub
• Lyn gathers that Joe is scared of flying
• Connor tells Lou that an errant man, presumably the drug lord, is asking for Lou at the bar

Lou's Place: Max, Lou, Harold, Connor and Valda come to the bar where the man, Dermott, is waiting. He demands that they return the shipments to him before he calls the police and Harold berates his “kind” for their activity. Dermott angrily states that he did not ask to be bald, leaving them all confused.

No 28 - Kitchen/Living Room: Joe thanks Karl for helping him get over his phobia, meaning that they can head to New York without any hassle. He jokes with Susan before leaving to pack and she praises Karl on his accomplishment. He is subdued before muttering about the many “hazards” of flying that Joe made him realise. Susan tries to calm him before getting up to make tea, Karl looking up worriedly as a plane is heard flying overhead.

Lou's Place: Dermott is emotional as he opens up to the others about his baldness, telling how the periwinkle solution had to be shipped in secretly as possession is illegal in Australia. He then mentions the formation of BUMS - the Bald Unhappy Men’s Society - in order to sway the government’s legislation as a group. Hearing this, Lou is happy to house the delivery while Valda begins rambling about what would happen if her dogs lost their fur. She turns around to find that the men have all left.

No 26 - Kitchen/Living Room: Lyn is overjoyed when Joe brings out a suitcase and explains that Karl’s therapy worked. Valda returns just as Lyn is getting harried about finding his passport.

No 28 - Kitchen/Living Room: Susan is clearing up after dinner when she finds a leaflet in the bin advertising the football club’s “Pleasant Sunday Morning” get-together. Karl is embarrassed and Susan encourages him to be part of the team.

No 26 - Kitchen/Living Room: Joe and Lyn talk about him leaving, Joe fearful that he is leaving Lyn in the lurch to go and have a nice time abroad. He gathers that Valda has something planned for while he is gone, and she reveals that she has arranged for Andreas to join them in Erinsborough. Joe looks amused as Lyn lies that she cannot wait.

No 32 - Living Room: Boyd answers the door to Heather, who is annoyed that Max called the parents of the boy hosting the formal after-party. Since he did not have his parents’ permission, the party is cancelled, embarrassing Heather as her boyfriend’s dad is responsible. To make it up to her, Boyd improvises and says that Max is allowing him to have the party there at No. 32. Heather is immediately cheered up and goes to spread the word, leaving Boyd to face up to the risk he is taking.

Lou's Place: Next day, Lou tells Connor to leave a remaining box of kangaroos behind the bar for Dermott to collect. Max says that going to such lengths to avoid baldness is embarrassing, while Connor comments on both Max and Karl taking it as it comes. Max laughs along, but is clearly self-conscious and takes a kangaroo from the box.

No 28 - Driveway: Joe and Susan chat before Susan mentions that Karl is at the get-together. Joe is amazed that she is fine with him going, and Susan stops when he mentions the scantily-clad women.

The Coffee Shop: Jacinta confronts Summer about having Boyd deliver the newspapers to Jacinta’s street in order for Summer to avoid seeing her. Max enters and greets Karl before “hypothetically” asking if he knows anything about the periwinkle solution.

No 32 - Living Room: Summer returns home and tells Boyd and Heather about Jacinta cornering her. Heather then explains that Jacinta goes to her school, calling her a freak. She gathers that Summer is scared of Jacinta and says that she is history.

Lassiter's Restaurant: Numerous small tables are laid out, members of the football team seated at them to play board games. Karl greets Susan as she enters, asking why she is there and gathers that she is checking up on him after hearing Joe’s lies. He leads Susan to his table to introduce her around.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lyn is helping Joe pack when Valda returns and silently starts to pour vegetable oil into a glass, thinking it is alcohol. When Lyn asks she explains, distraught, that the stamps she was intending to cash in for Andreas’s ticket are all unusable. When Lyn says that Valda should still have money for the rest of the stamp book, Valda mutters that there is none left…Lyn says that the stamps were worth thousands and asks how all the money could be gone. Valda lists of all her extravagant purchases while Lyn cheers her up by saying that she could sell some of them, and that she and Andreas still have each other. Joe jokes that Valda could sell her poodles, upsetting her all over again.

The Coffee Shop: Boyd continues to lie to Heather about the after-party, while Jacinta enters and again corners Summer. Summer asks if everyone at school really thinks of Jacinta as a freak when Heather and Boyd rejoin them. Heather says that if Jacinta hassles Summer any more, she will begin spreading rumours about her having ring-rams again. Jacinta calls them all losers and storms out in defeat.

Lou's Place: Karl greets Lou as he enters and tries to sneak behind the bar to see the periwinkle solution. Nearly catching him in the act, Max greets him and hands him a kangaroo that he procured, checking Karl’s bald spot as he walks off.

No 32 - Living Room: Boyd is hassling Summer to let him and Heather watch a film alone when Max returns. He looks at Boyd expectantly and Boyd introduces him to Heather. Max gets his hint about leaving them in peace and prepares to do so when Heather thanks him for letting them host the after-party; he then catches on when Boyd “reminds” him.

No 26 - Kitchen/Living Room: Lyn is scolding Joe for his inappropriate behaviour when Valda, on the phone to Andreas, begins wailing and pleading to him. Joe and Lyn come to the door as Andreas hangs up on her; she explains that he just ended things, crying to herself as she realises that he was only interested in her money.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully, Lyn Scully, Connor O’Neill, Max Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Megan Harrington as Heather Green, Eliza Cotter as Jacinta Martin, Bruno Stepnell as Dermott Wilson

Trivia Notes
• Karl’s motion of looking up at the sound of a plane flying overhead mimics what Joe did two episodes ago
• Valda suggests Joe take a Jackie Collins novel with him on the plane
• Music in the episode includes Hard by Stella One Eleven

Summary by Brendan

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