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Episode Summaries > 2003 > Episode 4232
Written by Noel Maloney, Directed by Helen Gaynor, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 06/05/03 BBC One: 12/06/03 UK Gold: 06/11/06

• Taj and Jack start fighting when Jack tries to visit Lori
• Escaping his debts, Darcy surprises Dee by arriving in Tasmania

Nan's House - Garden: Darcy explains that he is there on a favour for a friend, just as Nan exits the house. She and Darcy get acquainted and Nan asks him to stay for a while. Dee is not entirely happy about the scenario.

No 28/No 26 - Kitchen: Susan and Lyn are talking on their phones to Karl and Joe, both men complaining about the other.

Nan's House - Garden: Darcy, Dee and Nan are eating, Darcy raving about the house and scenery. Dee grumpily stays in her seat as Nan leads him off on a tour.

No 28 - Doorway/Kitchen: Taj brings Susan a cake to make up for fighting in the house. Lori enters from the bathroom, announcing that she cut herself while shaving and she can feel it on her leg.

The Coffee Shop: Jack and Nina are having coffee, Nina being awkward about going out in public together. When Jack tries to get intimate, they are interrupted by Tahnee who calls Nina back to work.

No 28 - Dining Table: Lori is leaving a message for her doctor when Susan answers the door to Lyn. Lyn hurries inside, ecstatic about the news, and Taj offers to take Lori outside for fresh air. Lyn then asks Susan to lunch, hinting about a surprise for her.

Nan's House - Porch: It is now raining as Dee waits for Darcy and Nan to come home. Darcy’s phone which he left behind starts ringing and she answers, agreeing to pass on a message and looking concerned. Darcy and Nan return, continuing to get along, and Dee gives them each a towel. As Nan goes inside, Dee tells Darcy that James called about a cheque that failed to deposit. Darcy explains away the situation, looking grave as Dee joins Nan inside.

Lassiter's Restaurant: Lyn and Susan are ordering, Susan reporting that Lori is slowly coming along. She says that Jack is still clearly on her mind, and Lyn admits to being ashamed of his behaviour. She questions how he could have fallen for Nina so carelessly, just as Nina comes to take their orders. Afterwards, Susan cringes in embarrassment, watched by Tahnee at the next table.

No 28 - Living Room: Taj is checking for feeling in Lori’s leg, and he explains that Jack has been dropped from the soccer team after everyone learned what he did. Lori says that he was their best player, and it is silly to do this over one minor incident. Taj is curious why she is not happy about his suffering, though she thinks that nothing will come of it.

Lassiter's Restaurant: Returning from the bathroom, Susan stops Nina to apologise for what was said. She explains that there are no hard feelings and Nina looks relieved. Returning to the table, Susan asks what Lyn wants to say and Lyn darts around the issue before asking her to be the baby’s godmother.

No 26 - Living Room: Jack answers the door to Nina and brings her in, and she tells him about Susan and Lyn. She says that she was cheered up to know that they do not hate her, and that she wants to go public as a couple. Jack thinks that if they take things slow, people will gradually come to accept it, and Nina says that she now needs to clear the air with Lori.

No 28 - Living Room: Lori and Taj play games before she again mentions Jack getting dropped. She says that the team is nothing without him, and Taj is obsessing about hating him. He again wants to know how she is so concerned about him, and she says they need to move on. He leaves in a mood, and as Lori moves to get into her chair, she falls off the sofa onto the floor.

Ramsay Street: Jack and Nina are walking, just as Taj comes outside. There is awkwardness between them and Jack admits that he wants to leave the team voluntarily. When Nina asks about Lori, Taj says that both she and himself are doing fine. Jack leads Nina away and Taj moodily watches them before going back to the house.

No 28 - Living Room: Lori is standing with her feet on the floor, leaning on the chair when Taj re-enters. She excitedly tells him that she is completely fine.

Nan's House - Porch: Dee and Darcy are having tea, when Dee says that he should go now. He is just about to when Nan joins them, telling Darcy that the spare room has been made up for him. He declines and goes to fetch his things. Nan asks Dee what happened, encouraging her not to turn Darcy away as he seems decent. Darcy returns, thanking Nan before apologising to Dee for showing up unwanted. He admits that he could not wait for her to come home, and she looks guilty as he says goodbye and walks to the car. When she calls him back and asks him to stay, he is glad, though she is not entirely thrilled.

No 28 - Doorway/Porch: Lori answers the door to Nina, who starts to apologise before the phone rings. It is Lori’s doctor, and Nina waits until Lori coldly asks her for privacy. Nina leaves and stands outside, looking upset.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Jack Scully, Lori Lee, Darcy Tyler, Nina Tucker, Dee Bliss, Taj Coppin

Guest Cast: Anna Jennings-Edquist as Tahnee Coppin, Joy Westmore as Nancy Bliss

Trivia Notes
• Karl did not want to join Joe at a Yankees game, taking him to the Statue of Liberty as a compromise
• Taj and Lori are playing Connect 4 in one scene

Summary by Brendan

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