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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5140
Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 02/02/07 BBC One: 11/04/07

Episode Title: The Scarlet Bar Pimpernel

• Elle tells Paul that she and Dylan are in love and independence from him will only bring out the best in her – but he threatens to tell Dylan about her destructive campaign against Max
• Will’s brother introduces himself to Carmella wanting to explain what’s going on – she says that Will doesn't have a brother
• Ned spots the open till in Scarlet Bar and helps himself to the cash

Scarlet Bar: Max walks out of the office and spots Frazer coming out of the kitchen, telling him that it’s staff only back there – he tells him that the Chef was giving him a tip on a sure bet and explains that he’s covering Will’s shifts so he is staff. Max says that he meant kitchen staff, but Frazer explains that he could do with a winner as money is a bit short. Just then, Katya arrives to meet Ned, who explains he was going to fetch her. She asks where they’re going – he says the casino as he’s feeling lucky.

No 30 - Hallway: Carmella opens the door to Oliver who is bearing an orchid for her. She’s very happy to see him and apologises for her lack of subtlety as Rosetta walks in wearing just a towel, demanding to know why there is no hot water before spotting Oliver and running off quickly. He tells Carmella that he’s going to go, but will be around for a while if she wants to meet up again. As he leaves, an eavesdropping Rosetta tells Carmella to say no to another meet as there is no reason for him to be there now that Will has gone. As they walking into the kitchen, Carmella explains that Oliver feels bad about what happened, but Rosie says that it doesn’t mean he has to hang around, before asking why he is. Carmella says for her, but Rosie warns her about trying to recreate what she had with Will with his brother; however her sister wonders if he’s the guy she was meant to be with all along and it was just fate introducing them. Just then, there is a knock at the door - Carmella goes to answer, despite Rosie’s protests as she quickly hides behind the fridge door. As Toadie enters, he is quickly directed to the kitchen by a gleeful Carmella. He explains that he’s there to talk shop & pick up Bob, asking if she wants to go and get dressed or if he should strip down and jump in the fridge as well. As Rosie goes off to get dressed, Carmella fetches Bob from the backyard.

The General Store: Elle checks that the coast is clear as she and Dylan enter with Kerry – she says that he has nothing to worry about, Kerry is fed and wrapped up so Harold has nothing to criticise him for. He asks if she wants a coffee as Paul arrives and asks how she’s enjoying living with the Timmins’ before flashing his new cufflinks he bought from their favourite jewellers for his birthday. As he leaves for the theatre, Dylan returns with a birthday cake that Elle forgot to cancel. Dylan says that he’s still her dad, she agrees, but makes a minor adjustment – sticking her fist into the cake.

No 30 - Lounge: Rosie is filling Toadie in on the happenings at the law office – he thanks her for covering for him before handing her a file full of minor cases such as fence disputes. She says that her case load is quite full already, with Max’s manslaughter case, but Toadie says that he is taking over all of the major cases again as they need someone more experienced at the wheel. As Carmella enters with Bob, she says that isn’t fair as her sister can handle important cases - look at Katya - before being told to go and fix the hot water system by Rosie. Toadie says that she’s right about Katya, but refuses to back down over Max’s case, pulling rank over her.

Scarlet Bar - Office: An excited Boyd runs in with Janae and tells Max that he totally blitzed the exam. As Janae hugs him, Max says that he hasn’t had the results back yet, but Boyd says he just knows he did well as everything else is working out, it makes sense. Max says that he and Steph still have a long way to go, but Boyd says that they’re back together – the hard part is over. Boyd says that everything is uphill from there, before debating with Janae if uphill means it’s a struggle or not.

In the bar, Carmella is on the phone to the plumber and tells Frazer that he can come tonight, but wants payment in cash and asks Frazer for the money. As he takes it from his wallet, Boyd watches from the office, before Max notices that the till doesn’t add up and goes to find Frazer. As he leaves, Janae says that Boyd has been smiling at his dad all night, as if he can’t believe that it’s him, but Boyd tells her it’s him alright - who else could be so one-sided about Collingwood? – before explaining that he missed their footie conversations the most.

When they walk out to the bar, Max is asking Frazer if he remembers keying in the wrong figure or anything as the till is out by $500. He apologises, saying he can’t explain it and asks if he can go as he has a plumber coming – Max says it’s ok for him to go, he’ll sort it out. As he and Carmella leave, Boyd tells Max that he it might be a coincidence, but he just say Frazer give Carmella a wad of cash, at least a few hundred dollars worth. Janae says that Frazer’s not a thief, and Boyd says he’s probably wrong, but Max tells them that Frazer had just told him that he was flat-broke, so where did the cash come from?

Later on, Max has been in the office checking the takings again, but it’s still out, but Janae still doesn’t believe that it was Frazer who took it, neither does Elle – but Boyd says that being popular with the patrons and a friendly neighbour doesn’t mean that they really know him. Elle asks if he’s jealous – telling him to take her word that Frazer wouldn’t steal anything from anyone – but Boyd refuses to take the word of a Robinson, before being told to back off by Dylan. As Max intervenes, Elle tells him that they’re leaving, before again protesting Frazer’s innocence. Max tells her that it’s his bar and his problem.

No 28 - Front porch: Rosie strides up and knocks on the door, quickly followed by Carmella. Rosie tells her that he’s not getting away with it, but Carmella says that Toadie’s been through a tough time, fighting will just make things worse for both of them, but Rosie tells her to get her own life in order before giving advice. As she knocks again, Toadie calls out that he heard her the first time before opening the door. She tells him that she wants to finish their talk and says that she thinks it’s inappropriate that he represent Max due to his feelings for Steph. Toadie tells her that she’s on thin ice, besides she’s only a clerk, she wouldn’t be allowed. Rosie says she could do it with the court’s permission, but Toadie tells her to get back in her box. Rosie asks if he is afraid that Tim will find out that she’s doing better than him, but Toadie says one word from him and she’ll be looking for a new clerkship – he’s known Tim Collins for a long time. Rosie says that she knows Steph hurt him badly, but he’s a good guy and shouldn’t let it change him, but Toadie tells her that’s enough and not to talk to him about his private life again.

No 30 - Front porch: Max is at the door, questioning Frazer about the missing $500. Carmella explains it was for the plumbing, but Frazer says it’s none of Max’s business – he says that it is if he stole it from him, but says that he’ll leave it for now, but it isn’t over. As Max leaves, Frazer & Carmella walk into the lounge – she asks why he didn’t defend himself, but he says that it’s about trust; Max should take his word for it. As Rosie arrives home, Carmella asks Frazer why guys are so stubborn, they should just be honest – Will did the same. Frazer says it’s a matter of principle. As he leaves, Rosie walks into the lounge and asks what Will wasn’t being honest about.

No 26 - Kitchen: Dylan asks Elle about what happened with Will, so she tells him that he left. Dylan says that she was probably the last person to see him and asks if he was hitting on her, or vice versa. As they go into the lounge, Elle winds him up, asking if he’d seen his cute brother, before saying that she found out something he wants kept secret, that’s all.

No 30 - Hallway: As they walk to the lounge, Rosie questions Carmella – saying it’s obviously something big, but she says that she can’t talk about it.

No 26 - Living room: Elle says that it’s nothing awful, so Dylan asks why she won’t tell him – she says that she promised.

No 30 - Living room: Carmella tells Rosie that she can’t bully her, they’re not in court and she refuses to answer on the grounds that it’s none of her business.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Katya & Ned are checking out – as Ned pays, with a tip, Paul arrives. They explain that they had a good night at the casino – Ned doubled his investment, before giving Paul a tip too. Paul passes it back, saying he’s rather work for his money. Ned says getting the sack from Lassiter’s was a great career move for him and asks how the world is treating Paul – he heard that Rosie knocked him back and that Elle walked out – it must be pretty lonely – he also heard that he lost control of the hotel. As Ned leaves, Paul tells the staff not to let him step foot in there again. As Rosie arrives, Paul says that she’s early for their meeting, but she says it might be best if they cancel as he might find it difficult that she’s with Frazer and perhaps she should withdraw from the training programme altogether. Paul asks Rosie not to quit, he was looking forward to the meeting – talking to someone he can trust – she agrees not to.

Scarlet Bar: Katya & Ned are eating breakfast – he makes an excuse about getting a serviette and heads towards the till as Frazer & Max walk out the office – Frazer asks when his next shift is, but Max says it depends on when he finds out what happened to his money. Frazer says that if he’s not rostered on from tomorrow, he’ll quit as he can’t work for a man who doesn’t trust him. Back at his table, Ned looks on – Katya asks if he’s ok.

Elsewhere in the bar, Toadie asks Janae if she’s ready for her court case. She says she is, but isn’t looking forward to facing Rex. Toadie says she won’t be alone, she agrees as his other victims will be there to back her up, but Toadie explains that he meant he’ll be at her side, but there is safety in numbers – they laugh. Toadie asks if they’re ready to go – Boyd asks if they can finish their coffees first – he doesn’t, saying he might join them, but Boyd says that two’s company. Janae scolds him for his attitude – he got his happy ending with his family, Toadie got nothing.

At the bar, Max apologises for Boyd and thanks Toadie for doing Janae’s case for free. Toadie says that she’s been good to him lately and explains that Rosie’s got him up to speed on his case, but they should make an appointment to discuss it. Max tells him to name his time – Toadie says that he’ll be fighting hard for him and not to doubt it.

Lassiter's Hotel - Conference Room: Rosie has found an escape clause in one of Paul’s contracts that could be good for the business. He tells her that she’s hot, as she starts to tell him to back off, he explains he meant in the business sense and that he’s not trying to come on to her – she saw the real him in their final date and chose Frazer – he just wants to be good friends – he needs her friendship and Lassiter’s needs her legal talent. Rosie says she’s glad someone appreciates her and explains about Toadie, so Paul offers her a full time legal position at Lassiter’s. She says she’s not qualified and it’s happening too quickly – she needs time to think. Paul asks if she means about the job or their friendship – she says the job, she accepts the friendship before presenting him with a cupcake complete with a candle – wishing him a happy birthday. As he takes it the wrong way, she says it’s a peace offering, nothing more, nothing less. He thanks her again, reiterating ‘friends’.

Scarlet Bar: Max serves Ned & Katya their coffees before clearing their table and heading back to the bar. As Max goes into the office and Katya goes to the bathroom to freshen up, Ned sneaks over to the till and puts the $500 back at the side of it, unbeknownst to him that Katya is watching.

The General Store: Rosie enters with Paul, declining his job offer, telling him that if he needs a new legal advisor he should advertise. He says that she’s miserable with Toadie, but she says that she’s their article clerk and it’s not in her nature to run away. Paul says she’s a fighter, a pitbull and you can’t advertise for those sort of qualities. She shakes her head as Carmella sticks her head around the door and asks if they’ve seen Frazer - Paul says no, whilst Rosie asks why she wants him. As Carmella shrugs her shoulders and leaves, Paul asks what that was about, so Rosie explains its sister stuff, saying there’s been tension in the house since Carmella moved in, especially with the Will stuff. Paul says he probably just got sick of living like a regular person and wonders which one of his 16 hotels he moved into. Bemused, Rosie tells Paul to dish the dirt.

Scarlet Bar: Dylan is still questioning Elle on Will, so she finally decides to put him out of his misery – telling him that Will was born with six nipples. As he falls for it, he tries to picture if he’s ever seen him with his shirt off and wonders if it runs in the family.

As Boyd, Janae & Toadie return from court, they explained that after Janae’s evidence, Rex’s lawyer conceded that they didn’t have a leg to stand on and Rex apologised, agreeing to $10,000 compensation. As Elle asks what she’s going to do with the money, Janae says that she’s just decided, she’s going to donate it to the centre against sexual assault, she was lucky, but there are a lot of girls who aren’t.

Meanwhile, Max takes some glasses back to the bar, but as he does, notices the $500 tucked at the side of the till, before going back to the others and telling them. He realises he was wrong to accuse Frazer.

No 28 - Living room: Katya & Ned walk in – he’s pleased to see they’ve got the place to themselves, but Katya wants to know why he put the money back by the bar and if he was trying to help Frazer, but Ned explains that it was him who robbed the bar. He says he was short of funds and knew he’d win it back, but Katya says there’s no way he could have and tells him to go.

No 30 - Front Porch: Max explains to Frazer that he must have dropped the money when he was clearing the till, but Frazer says that the evidence did point his way. Max agrees, but says that he shouldn’t have done it and is really sorry. Frazer says not to worry about it and happily accepts Max’s offer of more shifts. As Max leaves, Frazer goes off towards the bedrooms as Carmella walks into the lounge. Rosie tells her that she’s learning more about her everyday and that she knows why she moved so quickly from Will to Oliver and accuses her of being after their money – explaining that Paul told her. Carmella denies it, saying that she’s not the one playing dirty little dating games and has never broken up someone’s marriage, before mentioning their dad. Rosie tells her not to bring him into it, but Carmella says she isn’t, the letter Rosie is holding has his handwriting. As Rosie opens and reads it, she tells Carmella that he wants them to visit him in prison, but Carmella says he doesn’t deserve their time. Rosie tells her that the letter says that he’s dying and doesn’t have long to live.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Hoyland, Ned Parker, Carmella Cammeniti, Jarrod ‘Toadie’ Rebecchi, Elle Robinson, Dylan Timmins, Kerry Mangel, Paul Robinson, Boyd Hoyland, Janae Hoyland

Guest Cast: Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta Cammeniti, Dichen Lachman as Katya Kinski, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Trivia Notes
• Paul, Elle & Rosetta all reference his birthday, despite him having celebrated it on 5th September in 1991 and it previously being mentioned that he was born on 18th January

Summary by Callum

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