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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5216
Written by Stuart Gaunt, Directed by Aarne Neeme, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 21/05/07 BBC One: 13/08/07

Episode Title: Beskyled

• Sky is urged not to bring Kerry into prison to live with her
• Janae refuses to listen to Ned’s advice about not focusing her anger into her boxing
• Charlotte lies to Boyd, telling him she has feelings for him and they kiss
• Mary introduces herself to Sky as her new cellmate
• Janae’s boxing match ends with her being knocked out

Community Centre: Janelle is trying to revive Janae while Ned checks she is breathing okay. Janae comes around and pushes Ned away wanting to carry on the fight. When janae slips unconscious again, Ned tells Janelle they need to call an ambulance.

Goodwood Women's Prison - Sky's cell: Sky makes it clear to Mary she isn’t interested in making friends, not wanting to get into conversation with her. Mary sees a picture of Kerry and goes to pick up the frame but Sky warns her off from touching her things.


The General Store: Pepper is having a conversation with Harold and is about to hand a card for Sky to him when she looks up and sees it is Mary not Harold in front of her. Pepper tries to escape but everywhere she turns Mary is there. Mary tells her she has beautiful hair.

No 30 - Pepper's bedroom: As Pepper continues to have her bad dream, she tosses violently around the bed dreaming Mary is trying to touch her.

Goodwood Women's Prison - Sky's cell: Mary is quietly sobbing and Sky cannot sleep for hearing it. Feeling guilty she calls over to Mary and apologises for being so hard on her and asks if she’d like to talk. Mary explains she can’t believe she’s in prison and they both acknowledge it is their first time inside. Sky asks why she is in prison and Mary puts it down to trusting the wrong person. Sky sympathises and Mary brings the conversation back to Kerry. Sky introduces her daughter and Mary calls her beautiful.


Scarlet Bar: Toadie finishes a phone call to call in a favour and see if he can pull Sky’s appeal hearing forward. After the call he tells Boyd and Steph it is going to be hard to make it happen. Boyd excuses himself as he has another consultation session with Charlotte. Toadie notices how enamoured he is about Charlotte and after Boyd leaves teases Steph with the fact Boyd clearly is smitten. Steph thinks it could be good for him to have a rebound crush on the boss when it is clear Charlotte would never respond to it. Toadie calls Steph’s attention to an empty space at the side of the bar and asks what is happening. Steph explains something very exciting is going there that afternoon – Toadie wants it to be a hot tub.

No 30 - Pepper's bedroom: Pepper is still having her bad dream about Mary touching her hair. Frazer wheels himself into her room after hearing the screams and wakes her up. Pepper is still shaken and demands Frazer leave her alone. Frazer refuses until she tells him what is wrong.

Erinsborough Medical Centre/Tim Collins & Associates - Reception: Ned and Janelle help Janae into the surgery despite her objections she is sick and her wishes for Ned to get away from her. Boyd is cover concerned for her as Ned explains how she was knocked unconscious in the ring. Hearing the commotion, Charlotte comes out of the office and Boyd explains he thinks Janae has concussion – Charlotte tries to get them to go to A&E to avoid having to deal with a real medical emergency but Janelle demands she sees her. Janae interrupts and confused asks to see Karl as Toadie enters into reception. Charlotte suggests Boyd help out but Janae wants him nowhere near her. Charlotte realises she’ll have to get herself through this and Boyd is upset at Janae’s reaction.

Scarlet Bar: Toadie is stunned to hear from Boyd that he is seeing Charlotte and she is the one doing the chasing. After Boyd leaves to get some crisps, he tells Steph about Boyd’s news. Steph is okay with it but Toadie is sure Charlotte is using him. Boyd returns and the subject changes.

Goodwood Women's Prison - Sky's cell: Sky is telling Mary about how Kerry is learning to move across the floor by moving across on her bottom. Mary seems enthralled by stories of Kerry and jokes about her being an athlete. Sky jokes she may even be released by the 2024 Olympics to watch her. Mary listens as Sky explains she’s inside for murder after being conned and Sky becomes emotional when she thinks how much she is missing being away from Kerry. Mary puts a sympathetic arm around her telling her it won’t be forever.

No 30 - Kitchen: Frazer is eating some toast when Pepper comes in and tells him she is planning his and Rosie’s engagement party – Frazer tries to get her to open up and tells her she is suddenly scared of her own shadow. Pepper covers up telling him she is just freaked by him and Rosie being so in love around her. Frazer doesn’t believe it and tells her he’s there for her when she is ready to talk.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Office: Charlotte is doing her best to look like she is performing an examination of Janae in front of her, Janelle & Ned. Charlotte is close to making a slip up but Ned inadvertently mentions enough symptoms that Charlotte pulls it off. She tells Janelle that all Janae needs is to rest and not sleep for 5 hours. And go to A&E if she feels sick. Janae comments being around Ned does that to her.

Erinsborough Medical Centre/Tim Collins & Associates - Reception: Boyd and Toadie arrive just as Janae with Ned and Janelle are leaving. Boyd seems surprised that Charlotte didn’t get Janae to hospital - Toadie agrees mentioning Janae was confused enough to think Karl was still working at the surgery. Boyd dismisses it, feeling Charlotte has the experience.


Goodwood Women's Prison - Sky's cell: Mary tells Sky she should be with Kerry using Terrence’s actions as justification that she shouldn’t punish herself. A prison officer comes in to collect Sky as she has a visitor. Alone, Mary looks at the photo of Kerry and remarks again how beautiful she thinks she is.

Goodwood Women's Prison - visiting area: Sky holds Kerry while Harold shows her a painting he has for her of Kerry’s hands in blue paint. Harold explains he’s taking Kerry to her monthly leukaemia check up later. Sky explains she is feeling good about making a new friend with her older cellmate and may introduce Kerry to her. Harold’s attention however seems elsewhere as he watches what is going on around him.

Lassiter's: Outside the Scarlet Bar, Ned is trying to check if Janae feels okay but she wants him to leave her alone – Ned has no intention of doing so. Janelle returns with an ice pack she got from the Scarlet bar and is less sympathetic, telling Janae her boxing days are over. Ned suggests another sport but Janae refuses to give up. Ned refuses to lie to Janelle and Janae storms off, vowing to get herself another trainer.

Scarlet Bar: Toadie is trying to guess what the mystery object is that Steph has put into the bar but is less than enthused to see Steph reveal it is a motorbike video arcade game. Frazer and Pepper arrive to see Harold finishing his vegetarian lasagne. Harold still seems distracted and Frazer moves on to chat to Steph and Toadie, immediately noticing the arcade game. Steph suggests they get to know Rosie and Frazer a bit better and Toadie is surprised after Rosie was the cause of Paul and Lyn’s break up. Steph tells him Rosie did her mother a big favour! Steph goads Toadie to race her on the arcade game.

Lassiter's gardens: Boyd explains to Charlotte he’s surprised she didn’t get Janae to hospital. Charlotte covers by twisting what he meant and saying he clearly has feelings for Janae and is being unfair to her, knowing Charlotte has feelings for him. Boyd protests he doesn’t know that – why would she choose him? Charlotte tells him she can’t control how she feels and kisses him.


Goodwood Women's Prison - Kitchens: Sky and Mary are on kitchen duty. Sky comes over to Mary who is cutting up carrots to show her the painting she was given. Mary questions again about Kerry coming to live with Sky but Sky explains it isn’t an easy choice when she has to deal with women like top dog Krystal. After Sky leaves Mary asks after Krystal to another prisoner named Emma. Emma explains that Krystal is in solitary confinement after Sky reported her and Sky had better watch herself once Krystal comes out. Mary asks Emma to get Krystal to visit her when she comes back to meet her. After Emma leaves, Mary returns to chopping the carrots and it is clear she is plotting.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel, Kerry Mangel, Toadfish Rebecchi, Janelle Timmins, Janae Hoyland, Stephanie Hoyland, Boyd Hoyland, Ned Parker

Guest Cast: Nicky Whelan as Heidi ‘Pepper’ Steiger, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Rowena Wallace as Mary Casey, Rachel Gordon as Charlotte Stone, Maree Mulcahy as Emma Gould, Margo McKay as Patty Monaghan

Trivia Notes
• Steph’s arcade game in the Scarlet bar was named - Manx TT super bikes by Sega

Summary by Paul

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