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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5226
Written by Ben Marshall, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 04/06/07 BBC One: 27/08/07

Episode Title: The Need For Plead

• Boyd realises that the missing sugar dispenser was the one Charlotte had in the surgery office
• Janae tries to deal with her feelings she still has for Boyd and the fact he’s seeing Charlotte
• Steph shows Toadie the letter from Boyd telling her he’s leaving and not coming back
• Boyd withdraws all his life savings and Charlotte tells him there is no going back

Roadside: Boyd and Charlotte have stopped to check the map. Charlotte questions Boyd as to why would he want to be with her and keeps pushing for an answer. Boyd stuns her when he tells her he’s not a goody-goody as she thinks he is as he killed a man.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - Office: Harold cannot accept why Boyd would throw away his career for Charlotte and Steph defends Boyd actions. Harold believes Charlotte & Terence must have been working together and she killed him and Boyd has worked as a ‘smoke screen’ for her. Steph refuses to believe Boyd is involved and that he’d never betray Sky. Toadie tells them whatever is the truth he is in trouble when the police catch them.


The General Store: Janae is happy at the garage officially now part owned by the Timmins. Ned is more interested in eating Janae’s leftovers from breakfast and reveals he is broke. Janae offers to start paying him for his work around the garage and orders him some breakfast. Janelle and Bree arrive and congratulate Janae but take time to tease ‘slave’ Ned. Steph arrives with Charlie and asks Janae for a quiet word about Boyd. Janelle isn’t keen but Steph tells her she needs to know if Boyd told her about what he was getting up to recently, Janae tells her no and Steph tells them he’s done something really stupid.

Roadside: Boyd tells Charlotte the story about how he killed a man after going to search for Max. Three weeks into the search he ended up in a fight with a guy in Tasmania and learnt after returning to Australia the guy had died. Charlotte decides they should continue their journey together.

The General Store: Steph has explained the mess Boyd is in and Janae finds it hard to hear he has probably done it out of love. Ned can see Janae’s pain but Janelle already has Boyd as guilty. Steph leaves them and Janae defends Boyd’s innocence.

Goodwood Women's Prison - Visiting area: Sky seems preoccupied, pacing the room holding Kerry, as she, Harold, Janelle and Bree await the meeting with the prosecuting lawyer Christopher Reynolds and Toadie. Toadie returns to confirm the meeting is going to happen soon but has to manage everyone’s eagerness to convince Sky’s innocence. Toadie admits Sky’s fingerprints are the only one at the scene and if things don’t come good Sky should consider pleading guilty to manslaughter for a smaller sentence. The prosecuting lawyer arrives and Toadie goes to meet him. Sky struggles to keep her composure.


Carpenter's Mechanics: Janae struggles to tighten up a wheel nut and Ned steps in to help despite Janae’s protests. She tells him she’s so confused if Boyd ever told her the truth. Ned tells her to look to the future when she falls in love again. Janae refuses to concede she’ll ever allow herself to fall in love again. Ned explains even though he’s been at rock bottom and in some ways still is, he is still happier than he’s been in along while. Ned reminds Janae if she can still see the good in Boyd then she’ll learn to love again. For a moment Janae seems to soften her attitude towards Ned.

Goodwood Women's Prison - Visiting area: Toadie tries to reinforce that Sky couldn’t be the killer as she only hit Terrence once but Christopher Reynolds tells them all evidence points to Sky and premeditated murder. He offers them a 14-year sentence with 7 years before parole as the smallest sentence if Sky pleads guilty. Sky is deeply upset.

Scarlet Bar/ Bar Office: Janae and Ned arrive for lunch and while Ned orders for them Janae speaks to Steph who is on hold on the phone trying to get news from the police on Boyd. Janae tells her she’s unable to make sense of Boyd’s actions and sensing they need to talk, Steph hangs up and they go to the office. Janae explains she just doesn’t know what to think but is sure Boyd is innocent. Steph agrees but they are interrupted by Steph’s phone ringing. Steph decides not to answer the call from Max and admits to Janae she’s decided not to tell Max yet. Janae tells her she can’t feel she’s to blame.

Caravan Park: Charlotte is anxious at them not being on the road but Boyd reassures her the police are probably expecting them to be further away by now. He asks if she’d like sugar in her coffee and waits for a reaction as he shows her the sugar dispenser, explaining he found it in her bag. Taking the opportunity, Boyd begins to discuss more details about how bad he felt when he knew he’d killed and the guilt. Boyd tells her talking it through has helped but Charlotte tells him to shut up – Boyd wants to know why and pushes Charlotte until she admits she killed partner Terence.


Goodwood Women's Prison - Visiting area: Toadie is honest with Sky reminding her that despite her pleas of innocence all evidence points to her. Toadie also explains if she pleads not guilty and is sentenced, she’ll face 26 years in jail instead if the reduced sentence if she does plead guilty.

Caravan Park: Charlotte explains to Boyd how she and Terence decided to use the psychic lie to trick vulnerable people and that it was the same really in treating people with illnesses – they just accepted what was said. Charlotte explains how it went wrong in Adelaide by Terrence sleeping with one of his clients and doing so broke Charlotte’s heart. Boyd mentions Sky’s name and Charlotte tenses up. Boyd assures her she can trust him and anyway they both have something to hold over each other. Charlotte agrees and continues to talk about how after Sky hit Terence she saw him on the floor. Then in rage at him refusing to end their partnership she killed him. Charlotte seems indifferent about it all and especially seems unaffected that Sky has taken the blame.

Goodwood Women's Prison - Visiting area: Bree is finding it hard to accept Sky decision to plead guilty and Sky calms her with the fact there is nothing they can do to solve this, not like one of her stories. Sky confirms to Toadie she is going to plead guilty.

Caravan Park: Boyd tries to calm Charlotte down to stay another night and reassure her the cleaner hasn’t recognised them. Boyd urges her to maybe think about giving herself up but Charlotte reminds him why would she when Sky has taken the fall for the murder. In the distance the sound of a police siren is heard. Boyd tries to tell her it is not for them but Charlotte is in no mood to argue and orders him to pack so they can move on. Boyd rushes into the caravan and grabs his MP3 player.

Charlotte's car: Charlotte and Boyd speed away from the caravan park as the police give chase. Boyd tries to get her to give up but Charlotte is in no mood to give up and speeds up blaming Boyd for making them stop over at the caravan park. They turn a corner and the police car speeds up to overtake. Boyd grabs the wheel in a bid to stop the car but the car swerves and hits a tree, knocking him and Charlotte unconscious. Two police officers run to the scene, one checking on the passengers and the other with a fire extinguisher for the smoking engine.


Roadside: As Boyd is stretchered away to an ambulance, Charlotte is charged with fraud and dangerous driving plus resisting arrest. She seems concerned at Boyd’s condition but tells Sgt. Moller it was Boyd who forced her to drive and she was trying to stop the car not him. The officer asks why and Charlotte tells him she was scared for her life since Boyd killed a man in Tasmania.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Stephanie McIntosh as Sky Mangel, Claudine Henningsen as Kerry Mangel, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Nell Feeney as Janelle Timmins, Sianoa Smit-McPhee as Bree Timmins, Carla Bonner as Steph Hoyland, Kyal Marsh as Boyd Hoyland, Aaron Aulsebrooke-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker

Guest Cast: Rachel Gordon as Charlotte Stone, Steven Stagg as Sgt. Ray Moller, Simon Wood as Christopher Reynolds

Trivia Notes
• Janelle officially owns Libby’s share of the garage business
• Sky’s sentence would be 14 years with 7 years no parole if she pleaded guilty. A not-guilty plea could give her up to 26 years if she was found guilty of murder
• Steph refuses to answer a call on her mobile from Max
• Charlotte’s car registration is UHS 297
• The chasing police car is registration MWA 183

Summary by Paul