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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5247
Written by Michael O'Rourke, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 03/07/07 BBC One: 25/09/07

Episode Title: Nobody's Pool

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta 'Rosie' Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Bob Hornery as Tom Kennedy, Barry Friedlander as Alan Napier, Fletcher OíLeary as Mickey Gannon, Maria Mercedes as Lucia Cammeniti, Jennifer Jarman as Angelica Cammeniti, Ruth Yaffe as Sofia Cammeniti, Sean Guzzi as John Coward

ē Susan tries to convince Tom Kennedy he is home but Tom cannot recognise her or Karl. Instead he thinks Zeke is Karl
ē Janae urges Ned to tell Mickey he is his dad
ē Paul delivers a message to Oliver that Alan Napier wants to see him
ē Alan reveals to Oliver heís his grandfather and his parents arenít his real parents

Erinsborough Hospital - Waiting area: Elle tries to make sense of what Alan has said voicing out loud that this would mean either Alan had a son or daughter who was his parent. Oliver dismisses is as a rambling of a sick man as he cannot believe his parents would have lied to him over something so big like this. Elle isnít so sure, as every family has its secrets. Oliver calls it too big to be a secret and just ramblings. Elle agrees it could be that they should not take anything for granted.

No 30 - Swimming pool: A fault in the electrics to one of the pool lights causes a spark as Rosie climbs down the steps from the house to spend some time by the pool. She is distracted from going into the pool when Frazer calls to her that Toadie is on the phone with news about his case. Rosie returns upstairs. The sparks from the electrics continue to spark in the pool. Over the fence Susan & Karl call out to Tom and look over into No.30ís garden in case heís there but there is no sign.


No 28 - Back garden: Karl and Susan walk back towards the house and concerned, Karl makes reference to why he was worried about Tom coming to stay and needing 24hr nursing. Susan reassures him Tom canít be far.

No 30 - Lounge: Ringo arrives back from his stay with his parents as Rosie finishes her chat with Toadie on the phone. Frazer greets his brother but is worried that his early return was due to problems but Ringo assures him it all went well and Prue has really opened up about talking about Paul. However their father is not happy about it and Frazer jokes that if their father has to say more than five words he starts to panic. The electrics in the house go dim for a few seconds and Rosie asks Toadie to sort it before she hangs up. Rosie confirms that Toadie has promised to get an electrician in and the news that it looks like the racetrack owners are ready to settle out of court over Frazerís accident. They celebrate but a knock at the door heraldís another surprise as Lucia arrives with Rosieís aunt Sophia & aunt Angelica arrive with champagne and food to spend time with Rosie to plan the wedding. Frazer looks almost scared.

Park: Mickey & Ned are playing Aussie rules and kicking the football to each other as Jake wanders over to where Paul is sitting eating a sandwich. Ned is about to explain to Mickey who he really is when Mickey spots Jake has taken part of Paulís sandwich into his mouth. Interrupted they run over to where Paul is but he finds it funny that heís lost his lunch to a dog. Paul introduces himself and warily Ned introduces himself back. Paul recognises the name and him used to being Elleís lodger. Ned goes to leave but Paul asks if his sense that they werenít friends is right. Ned confirms they did not like each other and Paul suggests he and his son stay so Paul can buy breakfast to try and start afresh but Ned declines as he wants to take Mickey to his first footy match and Mickey later wants to go for a swim. Mickey chirps up that Ned isnít his father, which is hard for Ned to hear. Mickey lies that his father could be a footy star, fireman or racing driver and Paul plays along with him. Paul mentions the footy game could be sold out and offers to try and get some tickets through the hotel. Ned isnít keen but Paul insists he wants to help out as an apology.

No 30 - Lounge: Rosie & Frazer are not impressed as Lucia & her aunts return from the kitchen with nothing good to say about living at No.30. Tom has joined them but no one really knows who he is but suspect heís with somebody. Rosie makes a glib comment to Frazer about not everyone coming to their wedding but Lucia cuts in to remind her daughter that weddings are for family. Carmella arrives home and is surprised to see her mother and aunts but Lucia wants to get to business planning. Sophia is asked to sort out Ringo & Frazer while she and Angelica look at wedding dress fabricsÖ Overwhelmed Frazer speaks up that although Lucia has made it clear she doesnít want him to marry Rosie, he wants Rosie to be given more respect in her own home. Frazer offers champagne and Lucia grudgingly accepts.

The General Store: Oliver is unable to get tickets to the footy for Ned and asks who the child is with Ned. Paul mentions that until ten minutes ago he didnít even know who Ned was. Paul apologises to Ned for not getting the tickets and suggests he take Mickey to see local team The Dingoes. Mickey wants to go and asks Paul to join them. Ned agrees for him to go and as they leave Elle arrives. She goes over to Oliver and suggests he could resolve whether Alan is telling the truth by getting a DNA test but Oliver doesnít want to, as he is sure Alan is lying. Susan, Karl & Zeke arrive asking after Tom and Oliver makes the excuse to join the search to escape any more pressure from Elle. After he leaves Elle notices he has left his suit jacket behind and on closer inspection sees a hair on his jacket shoulder.

No 30 - Swimming pool: The electrics are still sparking but now there is a dead bird in the pool after being electrocuted.

Erinsborough Hospital - Alan Napier's room/Waiting area: Elle arrives and makes her way to Alanís bedside where she plucks a hair from his head.


No 30 - Lounge: Tom jokes about Carmella & Ringo being in love as they are so awkward around each other but Carmella corrects Tom, introducing Rosie as the bride to be, but when she looks to introduce Lucia, Ringo tells her that Frazer has taken her mother to one side for a chat.

No 30 - Hallway: Frazer explains to Lucia that although he will have to ask Rosie to do some things for him he definitely doesnít need a carer. Frazer reminds her that Rosie needs him to for some things. Lucia makes reference to protecting Rosie from her and Frazer admits he has to. Lucia wants Frazer to know she was concerned about the fact that Rosie is a strong woman who needs a strong man but is impressed by the fact he stood up to so many Cammeniti women. Frazer tells her donít be fooled into thinking he wasnít nervous. Lucia decides it is time for action and Frazer follows her back into the lounge.

No 30 - Lounge: Lucia wants to pay for the wedding as tradition dictates and Frazer & Ringo leave the Cammeniti women to it, although slightly worried at what is being planned.

Erinsborough Dingoes football ground: Ned convinces Paul to eat a pie & sauce with him & Mickey as part of the experience. While Ned goes to buy the pies, Mickey asks Paul if his dad ever took him to the footy. Paul says he used to and Mickey asks where Paulís dad is now. Paul explains that his father is dead and Mickey tells him he doesnít have a dad either. Ned overhears as Mickey tells Paul he wishes Ned was his dad. Returning to them Ned hands out the pies and asks Mickey if heíd like to go to dinner later. Mickey is excited. Ned tells them they have to eat all their pie before the game of it is bad luck. Mickey tucks in.

No 30 - Lounge: Lucia is not keen on the dress that Rosie wants but Ringo sneaks out with the wedding guest list that has been pulled together. Handing it to Frazer, they see that there are several hundred names Lucia has listed. Tom jokes to them that marrying an Italian is fireworks but fun and both guys wonder who this man is. Zeke arrives in case Tom has made his way to No.30 and is relieved to find Karlís father there. Tom introduces Zeke as his son Karl to Angelica and announces he is going to the wedding and thinks Angelica to be a very attractive woman. Zeke manages to get Tom to leave as Angelica hides her embarrassment. Frazer jokes to the group that Tom is on his wedding guest list and tops up the number of people heíll invite to eleven. The Cammeniti women donít seem impressed.

Erinsborough Hospital - Labs: Elle arrives to hand over the two samples of hair to John Coward, the man who will perform the DNA test. He jokes that he needs the consent forms and Elle assures him it is in the form of cash. John isnít impressed and quips that she is looking healthy for someone with a terminal illness. Elle defends herself saying this time it is for a good cause but John is not convinced.

No 28 - Dining table: Zeke hands Tom a cup of tea as Susan & Karl arrive back from their search and glad to see him safe. Karl asks where Tom has been and Tom angrily tells them he was doing wedding planning until Zeke spoilt it! Tom accuses Zeke as Karl of being too afraid to do anything but read and hide behind his mother. Upset, Karl steps away while Susan challenges Tom on his comments. Tom apologises to Zeke, thinking he is Karl, asking if he still wants to be a doctor. Zeke tells him yes, and Tom proudly tells him heíll be a good doctor, thoughtful & giving like his mother. Karl is tearful around such an emotional display from his father.

Erinsborough Dingoes football ground: Paul, Ned & Mickey cheer on The Dingoes to a win and as they leave the ground Mickey mentions how he, Ned & Jake are living in Lassiters as Elleís dad coming home meant them moving out. Upset by this news Paul decides he wants them to move back into No.22 and decides heíll talk to Elle about it.


No 28 - Lounge: Susan & Zeke go to the shops leaving Karl with Tom. Karl wakes Tom up but he still doesnít recognise him but accuses him of being a nurse. Karl insists he take his medication.

No 30 - Swimming pool: Frazer and Oliver have a beer by the pool while the electrics continue to spark. Oliver seems quiet and Frazer asks whether he is thinking about the ex-factor Ė Carmella. Oliver denies he is and changes the subject to the Cammeniti wedding planning team. Ned arrives with Mickey and introduces him as a mate, asking if Mickey can stay for a swim. Frazer tells him Mickey can stay as long as he needs after Ned mentions they are moving back into No.22 today and he is going to Lassiters to pack. Ned says farewell after promising Mickey they are still going out for a special dinner. Oliver gets his top off to get into the pool with Mickey but a call from Elle stops him, as she needs to see him. Mickey isnít impressed when he has to wait until Oliver returns before getting in. Across the pool there is another spark of electricity.

Lassiter's Restaurant: Oliver arrives and declines to join Elle for lunch. Oliver asks why she has agreed for Ned to move back into No.22 but Elle just likes the guy and wants to help. Oliver apologises for taking out his frustration about Alan onto her but Elle reminds him as soon as the DNA tests are over he can relax. Oliver makes the comment that consent forms havenít even been obtained yet but then he notices Elle looking uncomfortable. Elle admits she has taken things into her own hands and if he wants the results she has a telephone number for him to call.

No 30 - Swimming pool: Mickey is getting impatient and wants to get into the pool but Frazer is not keen until Oliver returns. The radio begins to fade in and out again and Frazer bangs he top of it to clear. Across the pool the electrics spark again.

No 30 - Lounge: Rosie is busy vacuuming up when the power in the house begins to fade in and out until suddenly the vacuum cleaner motor blows.

No 30 - Swimming pool: Mickey points out to Frazer that there is a dead bird in the pool and as Frazer wheels himself over he sees the wiring spark and realises the pool is live with electricity. Mickey reaches in to pick the bird up but Frazer calls to him too late and electrocuted, Mickey falls into the pool.

No 30 - Hallway: Inside the house Rosie turns the electrics off at the fuse box.


No 30 - Swimming pool: Frazer panics as he sees Mickey lying face down in the pool unconscious. He calls out to him but there is no response.

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Trivia Notes
ē Mickey is electrocuted when faulty wiring around No 30ís pool hits the water
ē Ringo returns from a visit to stay with his parents
ē Ned takes Mickey to see his first footy game at the local team ground of The Dingoes
ē Sean Guzzi takes over the guest role of John Coward, previously played in 2006 by Jason Cavanagh
ē Jennifer Jarman appears in her fourth Neighbours guest role, previously appearing as Pam Hammond in 1985, Pamela Lucas in 1989 and as newsagent Wendy Slater in 1993

Summary by Paul