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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5250
Written by Sacha Hamilton, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 06/07/07 BBC One: 28/09/07

Episode Title: Bree For All

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Nell Feeney as Janelle Timmins, Sianoa Smit-McPhee as Bree Timmins, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta ‘Rosie’ Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Nicky Whelan as Heidi 'Pepper' Steiger, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Joe Clements as Sen. Sgt Allan Steiger, Tessa James as Anne Baxter, Christopher Connelly as Greg Baxter, Phil Reilly as Ken Collinson

• Anne arrives at No 26
• Pepper blames her father for Adam leaving
• Greg Baxter arrives and Janelle invites him in much to Anne & Bree’s wonder

No 30 - Lounge: Bree & Anne seek refuge with Rosie & Frazer and Bree comments it will be just until Greg Baxter leaves. Rosie & Anne try to make Bree see that he may want to see her but she is not easily convinced after her parents previous actions.

No 26 - Kitchen: Janelle is confused to find Bree & Anne have left the house and assures Greg that Bree will be looking forward to meeting him. Greg explains he is only there to take Anne home and Janelle expresses how upset both Bree & Anne would be. Janelle warns him that taking Anne away will only cause trouble between them and as Allan arrives home they are introduced. Greg cannot believe how adjusted to the situation she & Allan are as he & his wife Brenda have not coped so well. Janelle puts it down to being the Timmins way. Allan goes to answer the door and Janelle compliments Greg on how strong a character Anne is as proof to how good a parent he & Brenda has been.


No 26 - Lounge: Allan answers the door to find Rosie and mentions he & Janelle are busy but Rosie explains she knows all about it and asks to speak to Janelle alone.

Ramsay Street: Janelle thanks Rosie and rushes over to Anne & Bree who are waiting at the bottom of No.26’s driveway. Bree asks after Greg and Janelle calls him stuffy. Anne defends her father, explaining how great her parents were before the truth came out. Janelle prepares them to come back into No.26 but Anne fears her father will make her return to Cairns. Janelle questions Rosie if Greg can force her but Rosie is unsure but promises to check what the law says. Janelle takes Anne’s arm to lead her back into the house but Bree hesitates. Bree asks if Greg asked about her but Janelle admits he hasn’t blaming Greg as being just overwhelmed. Bree decides she doesn’t want to see him. Janelle reminds her it is more difficult for Greg than her to deal with.

No 30 - Lounge: Frazer finishes a phone call with Toadie who comments to Ringo that he seems obsessed since the pool accident to ensure the house is in good repair. Rosie returns as Ringo jokes that they should try and take advantage by asking for a masseuse & spa. She explains she is going to try and help the Timmins with some research rather than go for a wedding dress fitting with her mother. Rosie tells Frazer she’ll see him at the wedding dress rehearsal in a couple of hours but before she can leave she is met by Pepper crying and Carmella trying to console her over Adam. Pepper feels uplifted by the girls support but then Carmella tries to use the opportunity to call off the rehearsal so she can avoid dancing with Oliver. Rosie is not falling for it and Pepper offers to dance with him if it helps. Carmella jokes she is best not dancing with Ringo unaware he has heard her. Ringo challenges her comments but Carmella puts her concerns down to Rachel’s feelings.

No 26 - Lounge: Anne refuses to go back home with Greg even though he uses the fact his wife Brenda is upset. Janelle & Allan try to propose Anne stay for a while but he isn’t having it.

No 26 - Porchway: Bree arrives home to hear the conversations from outside.

No 26 - Lounge: Anne explains she is always going to love Greg & Brenda but begs him to take the chance to get to know Bree.

No 26 - Porchway: Bree is upset as she hears her father deny her as being his.


No 26 - Lounge: Angered, Janelle calls Greg a coward but is stopped by Allan from saying worse. Anne begs him to find a way to love Bree as much as she loves Janelle. Greg finally agrees to postpone his flight to meet Bree.

No 26 - Porchway: Bree panics and runs off.

The General Store: Ringo is trying to explain the events around the wedding rehearsal and who will be dancing with who but it leads Rachel to question if Ringo intends to get up to something with Carmella. Ringo denies it and Rachel explains she was joking. Paul arrives to wish Lou a happy birthday armed with the gift of a hamper but Lou is in no mood to celebrate, as Lolly hasn’t called. Harold reminds him that it isn’t even past 10am yet. Paul tries to brighten the mood with three tickets to see The Dingoes play footy but both men make excuses they can’t go. But as Paul prepares to leave, Harold has a change of heart insisting that Lou join them.

Charlie's - Bar: Bree arrives to spy on Greg who she finds reading at the bar. Bree spots Oliver & Frazer sitting over to the side and joins them not wanting them to acknowledge she is there. Frazer continues to chat to Oliver about him receiving his DNA test results soon but Oliver is adamant that Alan Napier is just rambling – Bree asks if Oliver is adopted and Frazer welcomes her opinion. Bree admits that needing to know the truth for her became the most important thing in her life. Greg overhearing Bree’s name being mentioned walks over to her and asks her to join him.

No 26 - Lounge: Rosie explains to Janelle, Allan & Anne that Anne is old enough to make decisions legally who she wants to live with but fears it could get ugly if the Baxter’s want to fight against it. Anne is upset at the thought and Janelle promises her it won’t to that stage. Rosie has to leave to get to a restaurant to meet her mother for dance lessons. Allan quietly asks after Pepper and Rosie expresses that she thinks he should be asking his daughter that himself but as a father, not a police officer. Janelle asks Rosie to send Bree home from No.30 but Rosie tells her Bree isn’t there. Janelle worries where Bree could be.

Charlie's - Bar: Bree & Greg take their first steps to bonding. Bree explains she did check out his and Brenda’s names on the Internet and found out he lectured DH Lawrence at University. Greg admits he knows of her book and appearing on Rove. Bree asks about the book he is reading and both laugh as they realise they are reading the same book.

Charlie's - Outside: Oliver returns with coffee for him & Frazer and qualms any concerns Frazer has about Bree & Greg inside. Oliver asks him not to compare Bree’s situation to his own but Frazer tells him that it will be something that will eat him up if he doesn’t discover the truth if his parents are his parents. Frazer is interrupted when he is bitten on the foot by a bug and reacts to it – Oliver recognises his friend has regained some feeling and Frazer admits he felt feeling in his toe the other day but has said nothing to Rosie as he fears it could be nothing. Oliver agrees to remain silent but it doesn’t stop him hugging his friend, much to Frazer’s embarrassment.

Charlie's - Bar: Greg admits he & Brenda have struggled to cope with the situation they are all in but never once stopped thinking about what type of person she was. Greg confesses his fear of losing Anne and the problems in his marriage drove him to move away to Cairns. Bree is delighted to know she looks like Greg’s mother after never being able to have that connection before and tells him she is sure they can all sort things out. But her world comes crashing down when he tells her he doesn’t think so.

No 26 - Lounge: Bree returns alone and puts a brave face on the fact that Greg is unlikely to want to see her again but she breaks down blaming herself. Janelle tells her Greg is the one at fault and from behind them Greg comments that Janelle is right. Greg asks Bree to let him be a part of her life.


Lassiter's Restaurant: Rosie is stressed watching the guys having their measurements being taken for their wedding suits. Frazer jokes about her taking his inside leg measurement but she is in no mood to joke around. Frazer sends her off to check the girls and Rosie finds Pepper crying, refusing to be bridesmaid as she cannot be happy.

No 26 - Lounge: Bree is excited at the prospect of around her parents and Greg finishes a call to Brenda explaining she would like Bree to fly to cairns with him & Anne and spend the weekend with them. Janelle wants to clarify how they will all get to spend enough time with both Anne & Bree, which creates a disagreement between them all. Allan suggests the whole family move north for a while so Janelle can be nearer to all her children. Bree loves the idea.

Eastside Dingoes stadium: Paul notices Harold seems distracted from joining in on getting into the game and Harold admits his upcoming conversation is weighing on his mind. Paul gets back into the game but his enthusiasm leads him to accidentally throw his cup, which hits a security guard. The guard orders Paul to leave and Harold steps in to try and resolve the issue. But when the guard refuses to let Paul stay, Harold becomes angry and it ends with all three of them being removed from the ground.

No 26 - Kitchen: Janelle fears with Allan suggesting she move north it means he wants to break up with her but he assures her he’ll come with her and apply for a six month transfer giving time for the family to see if they like living in Cairns.

No 26 - Lounge: Greg is telling Bree about living near the coast in such places as Clifton, Trinity & Holloways.

No 26 - Kitchen: Allan remarks how Janelle will be able to wear her togs & thongs everyday living by the sea. Janelle remarks how Janae will love it too.

No 26 - Lounge: Allan & Janelle rejoin the others and Janelle expresses her concerns if Janae doesn’t want to join them and the likelihood of renting No.26 out short term. Bree & Anne urge her to just say yes to the move but Janelle then realises they haven’t considered Pepper. Allan tells her he was thinking about his daughter.

Lassiter's Restaurant: Carmella & Ringo practice the wedding waltz watched on by all but Rachel seems disturbed by how much fun they seem to be having in each others company. Pepper tries to reassure Oliver that just because Carmella doesn’t want to dance with him it doesn’t mean she dislikes him but Oliver isn’t so sure. Allan arrives and Pepper walks away. Oliver asks after Bree and Allan explains how well it worked out before excusing himself to talk to Pepper. Allan apologises to Pepper but she still blames his interference as the cause of Adam leaving. Allan begs her to listen to him as he explains about moving to Cairns with the Timmins. Allan asks Pepper to move up north with them.


Erinsborough Hospital: Oliver leaves the hospital with the envelope containing his DNA test results in his hand. Oliver decides to hide the truth and sets fire to them placing them in a litterbin and watches as it burns.

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Trivia Notes
• The book being read by both Bree & Greg Baxter was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon
• Greg Baxter refers to Bree looking like his mother
• Brandon & Dwayne Timmins are mentioned as living in Brisbane
• The address on Oliver’s DNA results envelope read:
Attn – Dr. Ryan Pearce
Results – BARNES, Oliver
C/- Erinsborough Hospital
Consulting Room 8B

Summary by Paul