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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5256
Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 16/07/07 BBC One: 08/10/07

Episode Title: Rash Behaviour

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Hoyland, Aaron Aulsebrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Fletcher O’Leary as Mickey Gannon, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Anthony Wemyss as Clifford Barnes, Brooke Nicol as Pamela Barnes, Brodie McPharlane as Young Oliver Barnes

• Steph has doubts that she will attract the wrong type and too few voters
• Oliver learns that Declan is Rebecca’s son
• Rebecca tells Oliver seeing him is too disruptive for her and she cannot be part of his life

Lassiter's car park: Rebecca rushes past Paul knocking into him and Elle & Oliver follow. Oliver calls to his mother but she tells him it is all too much and she has to think of Declan in all this too as his life has been messed around enough. Oliver is furious he seems to be last one she is considering and stops her from driving off by slamming his fist on her car bonnet. Rebecca reverses the car to get away. Paul looks on as Rebecca drives off, sure he recognises her.

Ramsay Street: Ned tries to get Mickey to play ball with him but Mickey complains his new footy kit is too itchy and given him a rash. Steph & Toadie arrive back and Mickey spots Janae. He excitedly tells his dad that she must have decided to stay but Ned isn’t so sure and tells him to be patient and wait until Janae tells them. Across at the car, Janae admits to Steph she is sticking around due to her feelings she has for Ned but in some ways it is crazy to stay when she doesn’t know how Ned feels. Seeing Janae take her luggage out of the boot, Mickey runs from Ned asking Janae if she is staying. Janae tells them she is and lies to Ned she couldn’t face leaving the garage and would miss their training sessions as well. Janae decides she needs to get her bags indoors and Toadie joins Steph. Mickey isn’t keen on talk about his first day at school and lies he has both a rash and stomach ache to keep from going. Toadie is keen to know why Janae has said she is staying but disappointed he has accepted her reasoning was the garage.

Erinsborough & District Community Hall: Steph and Toadie are busy setting the bar up with campaign posters. Steph can’t understand why Ned hasn’t told Janae how he feels but so wants him to find some happiness. Conversation turns back to the evening ahead as Steph prepares for her bid to win voters. But she begins to panic when Toadie tells her he still needs an hour to complete her speech.

Charlie's Bar: Janae is on the phone to Bree laughing at how Janelle has stopped off in Colac to boast about meeting Darryl Braithwaite. Janae gets Bree’s understanding to why she didn’t go with them and has to swap calls as Ned rings her.

No 22 - Lounge: Ned asks Janae to come over to talk to her as he has made a mess of things. She agrees to come over.

No 22 - Lounge: Janae is disappointed that Ned has called her over to fix the poor job he has done shortening Mickey’s school trousers. Mickey feels stupid and lies he feels sick again. Janae assures Ned she’ll fix the trousers but he’ll have to sort out the vomiting.

Rebecca's house - Back garden: Rebecca opens a shoebox full of her memories of Oliver including a newspaper article on a young Oliver with the headline ‘Young Oliver, a chip off the old Barnes block’. It upsets her but a call from Declan to pick him up from school has her pull herself together.

Lassiter's Brasserie - Outdoor seating: Oliver tells Elle that he has ruined everything by getting so angry. Paul returns with coffee for them but Oliver won’t listen to reason from Paul or Elle and storms off. Elle goes to follow but Paul cautions her to let him have some time alone. Oliver returns angry with Paul for making the decision to use the staff restroom as a temporary luggage store after a burst pipe. Oliver reminds him he is no longer part of Lassiters and spitefully boasts he is only there as Elle and he choose to let him. Elle stops Oliver saying anything more and realising he’s overstepped the line, Oliver apologises.

Lassiter's car park: Elle follows Oliver wanting to be with him but Oliver tells her he needs to be alone. Elle warns him he is not dealing with the situation, just avoiding it.

No 22 - Kitchen: Ned thanks Janae for fixing Mickey’s trousers but admits Mickey has upset himself so much that it has made him sick for real. Janae tells Ned he has to make Mickey see he has to face things he doesn’t want to in life as well as the good things. Janae mentions she is off to Steph’s launch but prompts Ned by asking if there was anything else he wanted to talk about. Janae can see he is about to say something and is disappointed when Ned doesn’t. Mickey calls for his dad and the moment is broken.

No 22 - Porch: As she closes the door behind her Janae is unsure just what happened there.

Community Hall: Janae arrives as Toadie performs his speech for her but Steph worries it is full of too many clichés. He tells her it is almost perfect and leaves with Charlie to complete his work. The girls start to put out chairs in the hall but stop as Janae explains to Steph how she Ned has again failed to tell her how he feels about her. Steph suggests she tell him but Janae feels she needs Ned to want her enough to tell her how he feels after her treatment by Boyd.

Community Hall: Steph is nervous as she looks out onto the gathering audience but is confused when Janae disagrees with the conservative look Toadie has styled her in. Janae urges her to turn away from Toadie uses her as some kind of puppet and speak her mind. Steph thinks it is all too late.

Charlie's Bar: Elle calls Oliver but his phone is switched off. Paul suggests she got to his room but Elle is adamant Oliver would come to her or at least turn his phone on if he needed her. Elle admits after the trouble with Carmella she doesn’t want to push things off track again. Paul promises she can be there without being bossy.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 38: Oliver sits alone in his room watching old home movies of him having fun with Clifford & Pamela Barnes, the people he grew up with thinking was his parents.

Community Hall: Steph panics so much she suggests she just hand out copies of her speech and let the audience read it. Janae & Toadie calm her but Toadie is a little upset by her decision to ask their friends & family to stay away. He hands Charlie over to her to soften her image and suddenly Steph realises she is being introduced by him on stage. Steph appears with Charlie to a ripple of applause and begins to read Toadie’s speech.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 38: Oliver opens the door to Elle and invites her in. He tells her he acted like a spoilt brat and forgot how lucky he was growing up with loving parents and how much he has to make him happy now. Oliver thinks he’ll be able to cope with not seeing Rebecca again.

Community Hall: Steph continues with the speech but suddenly decides to speak from the heart. The audience suddenly seem to respond, as she talks about issues close to community and even mentions about corruption in the current council giving Toadie a scare about retribution. The audience clap loudly as Steph finishes her speech with a joke about needing to change Charlie’s nappy.

Community Hall: Toadie can’t believe what Steph has done and although she jokes about it he reminds her she may have ruined her chances by making allegations of corruption.

Charlie's Bar: Steph & Toadie arrive back with Janae in tow, still arguing about the corruption. Janae defends Steph and jokes that if Toadie is so sure he was right he should run for election and after Steph tells him she no longer wants him as her campaign manager he decides he will run for election. Ned arrives as Toadie leaves after leaving Paul to baby sit Mickey. Janae ignores Ned and he decides to go back home. Janae realises she has been really mean to Ned and Steph reminds her neither of them where there heart on their sleeves so she cannot judge him too harshly.

No 22 - Kitchen/lounge: Ned arrives home to find Mickey washing his sheets again after wetting the bed. Ned assures him that he understands he’s scared about going to school and promises he’ll be there for him to get him through any fears he has. Mickey realises he will be fine but wants to sleep in his dad’s room anyway.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception/outdoor seating: Oliver seems relaxed and cheered up since taking a spa and Elle remarks how much she likes to see him smile. Rebecca interrupts them. She apologises for running out on him earlier. Elle takes herself away but hides around the corner to listen in. Oliver apologises to her for being so furious but she tells him she understands. She wants to see him but with some rules. No calling her house and all meetings to be initiated by her, as Declan is her number one priority. Elle is furious at her for making such demands but Oliver seems to be agreeing, desperate to clutch onto anyway to meet up. Rebecca warns Oliver if he cannot abide by these rules she’ll break off all contact with him.

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Trivia Notes
• Janae has a phone conversation with Bree as Janelle & the family off screen visit Colac on their way to Cairns for her to boast about meeting Daryl Braithwaite
• Oliver stayed in room 38 in Lassiter's hotel
• Steph mentions that one of the councillors is the brother of the owner of a local supermarket and used his influence to pass renovations without proper planning permission
• Oliver watches old home movies showing him as a child playing with his adoptive parents
• Steph launches her candidacy to run for council

Summary by Paul