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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5257
Written by Linda Stainton, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 17/07/07 BBC One: 09/10/07

Episode Title: Mummy Fearest

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Stephanie McIntosh as Sky Mangel, Claudine Henningsen as Kerry Mangel, Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Nicky Whelan as Heidi 'Pepper' Steiger, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes, Nick Russell as Caleb Maloney, Fletcher O’Leary as Mickey Gannon, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, David Cotter as Peter Finch, Blake Hamling as Hayden Green

• Pepper is thrilled when Adam returns
• Ned tries to reassure Mickey feeling scared about starting school is natural and that he’s scared of losing time being with his son
• Caleb assures Harold he wants to date Sky only if he approves first
• Elle is appalled by Rebecca’s terms to Oliver to keep on seeing her

Lassiter's Brasserie - outdoor seating: Oliver tells his mother he accepts her conditions although it is clear he isn’t happy with them. Rebecca reaffirms that he must not call her, even in a call back or she’ll end their contact immediately. Oliver accepts what she has asked. Unable to control herself, Elle bursts from around the corner and urges Oliver to speak up if he really disapproves of Rebecca’s terms. Oliver denies he has any issues but undeterred, Elle turns on Rebecca calling her controlling. Oliver pulls Elle to one side to tell her he really is okay with what Rebecca is asking but Elle wants him to consider that Rebecca should be making every effort to be with him. Oliver thanks her for the support she has shown him but wants to spend some time alone with his mother. Oliver returns to Rebecca leaving Elle furious at his brush off.

Charlie's Bar: Rebecca hands over the box of memories she has collected on Oliver as he has grown up. Oliver is happy to see he was never far from her thoughts and Rebecca admits there were times where she wished she could have forgotten him when the pain of not seeing him was too much. Rebecca mentions she tried to get her father to tell her about Oliver but he never would be disloyal to the Barnes family and tell her anything. Oliver reveals that Alan was the one who told him about who he really was and Rebecca is shocked at how he learnt the truth. Oliver tells her it was Alan’s fear of death that drove him to it and suggests Alan has not died yet as he has still has unfinished business with her. Oliver asks if she and Declan have visited Alan in hospital and then curiosity gets the better of him and he asks after Declan and if they have the same father. Rebecca panics and takes back the box of memories and despite Oliver’s pleas for her to stay she tells it isn’t going to work and goes to leave. Oliver begs her to meet him for lunch the following day and after a long pause, Rebecca agrees.

No 22 - Lounge: Elle is venting her anger to Paul about how she thinks Rebecca is ‘playing’ Oliver and her disgust at being sent away like the ‘hired help’ by Oliver. Ned asks her to quieten down but it is too late as Mickey has woken up and over heard Elle’s ranting announces he thinks Rebecca is horrid. Elle is suitably embarrassed as Paul establishes Mickey wants a drink of water and urges Ned to give his son a small sip to stop any accidents in the morning. Ned escorts Mickey back to bed to remove him from more adult conversation while Paul tries to make Elle see reason that Oliver is only trying to establish a relationship with his mother. Elle fears she could be after his money and that Oliver is diving into this arrangement with no idea whom his mother really is.

Charlie's Bar: Pepper and Adam discuss their favourite movies with her putting ‘Titanic’ as hers. Adam has a view that he likes many films from different genres. Pepper wants specifics and Adam agrees he’ll show her tomorrow night. As they leave, Caleb arrives in a hurry to tell Sky the news he has secured them tickets to visit the 3-day Graphic Design exhibition in Sydney and checked out available flights too. Harold is taken aback by the news and asks to speak to Sky alone asking her how long she has known about the trip. Sky tells him it only came up the day before but Harold expresses his true fears she is going to end up romantically involved with Caleb if she goes to Sydney with him. Sky assures her grandfather they are only friends. Harold has doubts Caleb sees it the same way. He admits he is acting like a ‘fusspot’ but feels Sky should clarify to Caleb what she has just told him so there is no misunderstanding.

No 22 - Lounge: Ned is polishing Mickey’s boots for school while Elle & Paul make a hot drink while still discussing Rebecca. Elle seems to have taken Paul’s advice and realised she cannot do anything but support Oliver’s wishes but she still calls Rebecca a ‘cow’. Mickey comes back downstairs again and wants to call Janae to ask her to join them in taking him to school. Ned agrees he’ll text her and takes his son back upstairs to bed. Oliver arrives and Elle steps away. He immediately apologises to Paul who tells him there is no need and excuses himself to go to bed. Oliver is surprised that Elle is not angry with him as she offers her support but he agrees to be cautious as well for his own sake as she asks.

Primary school gates: Ned & Janae arrive with Mickey for his first day. Ned assures him he’ll meet him after school at 3.30pm to walk him home while Janae goes back to the car to get his pack lunch he has forgotten. Mickey seems terrified and goes to run off into the schoolyard but is stopped by janae to give him his lunch. He quietly asks her if he can get out of school but Janae has two rules for him to get past his fears. Never let it be known he’s scared and never let anyone push him around. Ned thanks Janae for her handling his son’s fears better than he has. As they return to the car, Mickey cautiously wanders into the schoolyard.

Charlie's Bar: Caleb is delighting Sky with news of the hotel he has booked for them in Sydney, describing it as something out of ‘Gone with the wind’. Sky clarifies that they do have separate bedrooms and Caleb assures her he has even provided her with a crib for Kerry. Caleb senses Sky is feeling awkward about ‘them’ and she admits she knows about his chat with Harold. Caleb asks her to tell him what she thinks their relationship is and Sky admits they have a fantastic relationship but she is still grieving for Stingray. Caleb accepts this and tells her he’ll give her the chance to back out of the trip. He’ll wait in Charlie’s before going to the airport for her but if she doesn’t turn up he’ll go to Sydney alone but they’ll be no hard feelings.

Charlie's Bar: Harold arrives with Adam discussing the merits of film Pulp Fiction, even though Harold hasn’t seen it after a visit by both of them to the DVD rental store. Harold realises he has been distracted from his errands and leaves for the General Store. Adam spots Pepper and joins her, warning her he has a real treat for them that evening and hands over a dvd to her. As Adam leaves, Pepper opens the DVD box and is appalled by his choice in films.

No 22 - Kitchen/dining table: Elle cooks furiously as Oliver prepares the table for his non-public lunch with his mother. Elle makes a reference to how Rebecca is keeping things secret but Oliver is too excited at being with his mother to really hear what she is saying and realises he has no flowers for the table suggests he call the Lassiters florist Derek to get some to him. Oliver’s cell phone rings and his mood turns to disappointment when Rebecca explains she isn’t going to be able to make lunch. Elle empathises after the call, after all the effort he has put into the meal but Oliver tries to hide his disappointment by claiming he can get on with some accounting. Elle saves him any further hurt by letting him leave after assuring him she’ll clear way the lunch preparations.

No 30 - Lounge: Pepper puts the film into the DVD player to find Adam has given her a porn movie. Pepper is both disgusted and surprised by what she sees.

The General Store - outdoor seating: Harold spots Ned & Janae and asks after Mickey but they explain he is at school. Ned jokes about having some quiet time but it is clear he is missing Mickey. Ned receives a phone call and steps away giving Harold & Janae a chance to chat about her decision to stay on in Erinsborough. Ned returns with news that Mickey’s school principal has called about a ‘bullying incident’. Janae fears she has sparked something but Ned can only think Mickey has been hurt and wants to go to the school on his own.

Primary school gates: Ned arrives and sees a boy with his arm in a sling and fears it is Mickey but finds the injured boy is someone else. School Principal Colin Finch confirms who Ned is and Mickey looking sheepish appears. Colin Finch confirms that Mickey was the bully in this case and injured the boy Hayden’s arm. Mickey explains he was just not letting anyone push him around. Ned asks for Colin Finch to be take into account Mickey’s difficulties at settling in even though the school has a non-tolerance of bullying policy. The Principal mentions Pepper has spoken to him about Mickey’s difficulties in the out of school club and agrees he’ll try and talk to the injured boys parents to see what he can do. Colin warns Ned he will expel Mickey if he repeats the same behaviour again.

No 22 - Lounge: Paul & Janae watch from the kitchen as Ned tries to explain to Mickey that hurting Hayden was wrong. Ned sends Mickey to bed after Mickey shows no remorse in bullying. Janae admits she may have influenced Mickey’s behaviour with her advice and Ned attacks her about speaking before thinking. Ned believes he is the only voice of authority in Mickey’s life and feeling she has been rejected, Janae leaves. Paul however has other ideas what is behind their squabbles but has no intention of saying anything.

Rebecca's house: Rebecca opens her front door to find Elle there. She quickly closes the door and escorts Elle down the drive to be away from her home. Elle confronts her about letting Oliver down over lunch but Rebecca is fiercely protective that her reasons for doing so were justified and explains to Elle that with Declan being ill, he came first. Elle calls it favouritism but Rebecca warns her to stay away from her property and her son.

Charlie's Bar: Pepper is trying to get out of watching the DVD with Adam but is getting little support from Sky & Janae in finding a way. Adam arrives to take Pepper away to start their movie night despite her pleas to stay on they both leave. Harold arrives with a gift of money for Sky to use on her trip and Caleb is delighted to see Sky is going to go with him to Sydney.

No 30 - Lounge: Pepper tries to get out of seeing the DVD but Adam is insistent they watch together. As the porn movie starts it becomes clear this is a mistake and Adam has been given the wrong movie – his favourite film is Blade Runner. Pepper questions who the porn was hired by.

Charlie's Bar: Ned spots Janae talking to Harold about Caleb and how good he has been for Sky. Harold decides he has to get home to watch his DVD but on opening the box realises he has the wrong film. Janae glances across the bar to see Ned looking at her but unable to talk to him she leaves the bar. Paul watches as Ned searches his phone to call Janae but he decides not to call her. Paul jokes about Elle looking after Mickey so he can go for a drink but Ned wants advice about Janae after feeling like he has lost both her friendship any chance of a relationship. Paul tells him there is still hope.

No 22 - Lounge: Oliver arrives to see Elle furious at her confronting Rebecca. Elle wants him to see she is just trying to protect him but Oliver has a stern warning. If Elle forces him to choose between her and Rebecca, he’ll choose his mother.

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Trivia Notes
• Alan Napier refused to give Rebecca any news about Oliver as he grew up in the Barnes family
• Pepper rates Titanic as her favourite film of all time
• Caleb books tickets for him and Sky to visit a 3-day exhibition in Sydney showcasing graphic design
• Mickey’s exterior primary school scenes were filmed at Weeden Heights primary school in Vermont South
• Films Titanic, Gone With The Wind, Pulp Fiction & Blade Runner are mentioned in the episode
• The DVD film Pepper watches is from Erinsborough Video Home Entertainment. Shop 45 Pinefields Arcade, Erinsborough
• Rebecca’s house has the number sixty-four outside
• Ned’s cell phone displayed contacts Bazza on 056325412, Cassie on 056332514 & Dad 047786990. Janae’s cell phone number was 0432014941

Summary by Paul