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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5258
Written by Scott Taylor, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 18/07/07 BBC One: 10/10/07

Episode Title: Thorn In My Bride

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosie Cammeniti, Nicky Whelan as Heidi 'Pepper' Steiger, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown

Guest Cast: Bob Hornery as Tom Kennedy, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes, Christopher Brown as Ian Phillips

• Adam & Pepper realise the DVD adult movie they are watching has been given to Adam by mistake at the DVD rental store
• Zeke asks Susan & Karl consider Tom staying on at No.28 if they hire a nurse to look after him after the school holidays finish
• Ringo tries to reason with Carmella they have feelings for each other. Carmella refuses to admit anything and orders him to leave her alone

No 30 - Lounge: Carmella is getting ready for the day ahead and walks into the lounge to find Ringo has prepared breakfast for them. Carmella thinks he is trying some sort of weird punishment for her standing him up and then avoiding him. Ringo seems slightly pleased at her actions as he feels she is admitting she has feelings for him. Ringo lays his heart on his sleeve telling her she is ‘wonderful’. She deserves someone like him who thinks that way and wants to be with her. Ringo reckons that is why she is attracted to him – Carmella doesn’t deny it. Ringo gets her to agree he is back working with her and he leaves her to eat her breakfast while he loads up the van. It's clear Carmella is having confusing feelings about the whole situation.

No 28 - Kitchen/lounge: It’s breakfast time over in the Kinski/Kennedy house too and Tom signals it is time to eat by banging two of Susan’s kitchen pans together. She, Rachel & Zeke come out of their rooms to find Tom has prepared breakfast for them and Rachel makes reference to it being before 7am, their official school day get up time. As all sit down at the table they realise Tom has prepared eggs on toast fro them but has forgotten to cook the eggs which are sitting raw on the toast. Zeke spoons the yoke of the egg into his mouth so not to upset Tom who is thankfully distracted to go to his room so Zeke can spit out the yoke back onto his plate. Susan whisks the plates away to the kitchen to find Tom has left the stove on too and it reaffirms they have made the right choice to get a nurse in to look after Tom. Harold arrives, concerned about the noise he heard earlier and Susan apologises about Tom’s wake up call. Harold asks Susan if she has been missing getting her daily paper or mail as he and a few others in the street have but Susan tells him she hasn’t been and Harold heads back home. Susan goes to check on Tom as Zeke & Rachel settle for cereal instead of raw egg. Zeke questions if Rachel is going to ignore Ringo at school after his revelations about Carmella and their break up but Rachel defends Ringo telling her brother their break up was mutual and that when Carmella breaks Ringo’s heart, she’ll be there for him.

Ramsay Street: Harold is checking around the bushes at No.30 in search of his morning paper as Ringo finishes loading the fruit Ute. Ringo makes a joke to Harold about the paper going missing but the Star Trek reference is lost on Harold who wanders back home. Carmella arrives but it edgy about Ringo coming with her on her delivery rounds but Ringo assures her he won’t try anything on with her but questions if her insecurities are about her feelings for him. Carmella again denies she has any feelings and Ringo tells her then working together will be fine.

No 30 - Lounge: Rosie is on the phone frantically trying to deal with a crisis about the reception while Frazer practices moving his right leg. Pepper & Adam arrive and are thrilled at what he has achieved but are quickly aware of Rosie’s distress on the phone. Rosie finishes her call and explains the wedding reception venue has cancelled as they have to make emergency repairs to the roof and they’ll be closed for up to a year from the following week. Frazer calmly suggests they find another venue but Pepper makes it clear the venue is about Rosie fulfilling a dream she has had about her wedding reception she has been planning since she was eight years old! Plus the pressure of having a wedding that surpasses her cousin Bella who made her wedding so beautiful it was featured in a magazine. Frazer tries to help by suggesting they can find somewhere better but nothing will appease Rosie who feels she has to move the wedding back a year just to be at her dream venue. Rosie begins to panic about all the other wedding preparations and the invites with the wrong venue on them now. Frazer tells her he’ll do anything he can to help her but he doesn’t want to wait any longer than he has too to be married to her. The sooner, the better.

Lassiter's car park: Carmella returns to the Ute to put a fruit box in the back of the van but is shocked to find Ringo dressed only in his underwear. He explains he is trying to get into his school uniform so she can drop him off at school after the next delivery. He is not making a pass at her! Carmella averts her eyes but can’t help looking back at him as he puts his shirt on. Ringo makes light of it but Carmella tells him things aren’t working out between them and he has to stop working for her.

No 28 - Lounge/dining table: Rachel complains to Zeke about him not clearing his breakfast items away as Susan returns from the garage with a bundle of letters & newspapers belonging to all the neighbours. She realises Tom is responsible as Tom enters the room still dressed in the same clothes from yesterday. Susan sends him back to his room to change into the clean clothes she has left out for him. A knock at the door interrupts and Susan greets Ian Phillips who introduces himself as Tom’s carer. Susan asks him in and introduces him to the children. Susan warns Ian about Tom being full of energy but Ian tells her he likes to have patients who can be stimulated and active. Tom returns from his room and Susan introduces Ian but Tom can only comment on how much he dislikes the name Ian as it sounds like a squeaky door. Ian perseveres with wanting to chat to Tom and they find some common ground with Tom wanting to talk about his views on communism. Susan decides it’s time she & the kids left for school and ensures Ian has all her contact numbers and to let him know there is a steak sandwich for Tom’s lunch in the fridge. Zeke stays back for a moment to remind Ian that Tom doesn’t need to be treated as if he’s dumb but Ian reassures he & Tom will be great mates by the end of the day. Zeke however isn’t reassured.

No 30 - Hallway/lounge: Pepper & Adam return with coffee to the news from Frazer about the wedding moving to next week. Pepper is excited but Rosie can only think it’ll be a disaster if they don’t get all the jobs that need to be done in time. Rosie hands a list to Frazer to do that day and Pepper involves Adam in her list. She decides her and Adam’s first task is to return the adult movie back to the DVD store. Alone, Frazer tries to reassure Rosie that everything will be okay but Rosie makes it clear she is highly stressed and wants him just to do as she says. She apologises for her state of mind before ringing her Mother to tell her the news.

Charlie's Bar: Harold is borrowing milk from the bar when he is tracked down by Susan who hands over his missing newspapers and a pair of novelty boxer shorts she found. Harold denies they are his and blames them on Lou. Pepper & Adam arrive and Harold asks Adam if his DVD rental was wrong. Pepper & Adam go into denial that Harold could have possibly rented the adult movie but Susan solves the mystery after revealing she was at the store when a male customer was complaining about getting ‘My Fair Lady’ instead of his film. Harold confirms the musical was supposed to be his rental and Pepper is reassured the adult movie was meant for this other guy. Harold asks what movie they ended up with and Adam tries to hide his embarrassment behind a lie but Susan has sussed the truth.

Erinsborough High School gates: Carmella comes off the phone to Rosie and gives Ringo the news about the wedding being brought forward to next week! Her task being, to supply the flowers for the big day. Ringo apologises for putting her in an awkward situation earlier but Carmella apologises for over reacting. She promises she’ll think about whether they can carry on working together.

Erinsborough High School gates: Zeke has concerns about Tom but Susan reassures him & Rachel that Ian has her number if there are any problems. Susan walks off as Ringo joins them. He seems a little awkward to be around Rachel and she tells him there is no need to feel that way. Zeke calls them ‘uncool’.

Erinsborough High School gates: Susan asks to speak to Carmella about Ringo as she has concerns about him working for her could interfere with his studies for his VCE. Carmella comments that Ringo is very mature for his age though. Susan reminds her he is still just a boy and that sometimes what he wants and what is best for him are two different things. Susan leaves Carmella who can see Susan’s advice has nothing to do with Ringo’s job.

No 28 - Lounge: Ian assures Susan on the phone he & Tom are fine and still talking about communism but in the middle of a physio session with Tom.

Erinsborough High School - corridor: Susan is walking to class being followed by Zeke as she speaks to Ian. Reassured, she finishes the call and tells Zeke al is fine. Zeke still has doubts.

No 28 - Lounge: Ian is watching TV while eating when Harold arrives with a plate of pastries for Tom. Ian mentions that Tom is taking a nap and thanks Harold for the food. Tom emerges from his room and asks if he heard Harold’s voice but Ian lies telling him he heard nothing and that the pastries are from his home. Ian sends Tom back to his room and closes the hallway door.

Erinsborough High School - classroom: Ringo is studying when Carmella walks into the room and after she unbuttons his shirt she starts kissing his neck…

No 30 - Lounge: Carmella is woken from her daydream by the sound of Rosie’s stressed voice asking her sister to help her with another wedding task, calling her Uncle Mario to advise on the wedding changes. Frazer doubts why they should be asking all these random relatives to the wedding but Carmella reminds him her Uncle is better known as ‘Uncle six toes’. Rosie asks them to focus back on the wedding preparations! Carmella feels awkward when Rosie reminds her she has to take Ringo to collect his good shoes – Rosie suggests Frazer does it but he feels he has enough to do. Carmella suggests she’ll do it during school time to avoid the weekend being interrupted. Rosie doesn’t want the details and agrees. Carmella gets to avoid being with Ringo any longer than she has to.

No 28 - Dining table: Ian places a bowl of baked beans in front of Tom for lunch and settles down to eat the steak sandwich Susan has made for her father-in-law. Tom tells him the sandwich was for him but Ian tells him to eat the beans, as they are good for him. Ian is startled to hear someone unlocking the front door and as Tom rises to see who it is, Ian swaps the plates around. Zeke comes in and Tom details how Ian locked him in his room and was about to eat his lunch. Zeke confronts Ian who denies both, pointing to the sandwich being where Tom was sat and calling Tom confused. Susan arrives and is unhappy at finding Zeke has returned home without permission. Zeke repeats Tom’s claims but Susan is not convinced and even less so when Tom begins talking about the farm again. Susan asks Zeke to wait for her in the car and she apologises to Ian. Tom watches from behind the ajar hallway door as Ian claims Tom has taken $A100 from his wallet. Susan hands over $A40 from her purse and promises to repay the rest later. After she leaves, Tom confronts Ian about lying but he just tucks into Tom’s steak sandwich.

No 30 - Swimming pool: Pepper, Adam & Carmella rest by the poolside while Ringo takes a leisurely swim. Adam tries to reason with Pepper that Rosie doesn’t need her dream 5 tiered wedding cake but Pepper is adamant anything less will stress Rosie out even more. Rosie armed with her wedding planner file arrives on the balcony demanding to get updates from them all on their tasks. All is fine until Pepper mentions the cake and Rosie freaks out. Pepper and Adam go to show her the alternatives they have selected. Carmella tells Ringo she has been reminded how important his school year is and that they can definitely not have a relationship. Ringo tells her if age is the only obstacle then he’ll just wait until he is old enough.

No 28 - Dining table: Zeke rushes in as he, Susan & Rachel return from school and asks Tom if he is okay. Ian replies for him but Zeke is only interested in Tom’s answer. Susan thanks Ian and hands over the rest of the money Tom ‘took’. At the table Tom claims again to Zeke that Ian did eat his lunch and than lied about the money. Ian hands over the mail to Rachel and mentions a message by the phone to Susan before leaving for the day. Zeke promises Tom he’ll expose Ian for the liar & thief he really is.

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Trivia Notes
• Rosie & Carmella’s cousin Bella’s wedding was featured in a magazine
• Rosie’s dream wedding venue cancels the reception due to a problem with it’s roof and it could take up to a year to reopen
• Rosie & Carmella mention their Uncle Mario whose nickname is ‘Uncle six toes’ due to the size of his bunion on his foot
• Frazer makes reference to Nintendo’s game Super Mario
• Harold wanted to watch musical My Fair Lady before the DVD rental mix up

Summary by Paul