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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5259
Written by Ben Marshall, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 19/07/07 BBC One: 11/10/07

Episode Title: Some Brothers Do 'Ave 'Em

Cast: Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod ‘Toadfish’ Rebecchi, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Hoyland, Kyal Marsh as Boyd Hoyland, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosie Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown

Guest Cast: Bob Hornery as Tom Kennedy, Natalie Michaels as Susannah Christie, Christopher Brown as Ian Phillips

• Zeke is not convinced that Ian is looking after Tom as well as he says he is
• Steph telling Toadie she no longer wants him as her campaign manager
• Tom overhearing his carer telling Susan Tom took $A100 from wallet
• Ringo tells Carmella if age is the only thing keeping them apart he waits

No 30 - Carmella's bedroom: It’s late and Ringo brings Carmella a hot chocolate. He spies she is reading a book he is currently studying at school and gets onto the bed to lay next to her. She questions what she is doing and Ringo jokes ‘a book review’ but he’d settle for a kiss. Carmella reminds him he is too young and she too old for anything to happen between them plus she is practically his older sister once Rosie weds Frazer. There is a moment where they nearly kiss but are interrupted by Rosie asking to come in. Carmella pretends she is putting on some clothes as Ringo decides he can only hide out under the bed. Carmella opens her bedroom door and Rosie launches into discussing wedding plans and despite Carmella’s request to chat in the morning Rosie has no intention of leaving and Ringo realises he could hiding for some time to come.

Charlie's Bar: Steph & Boyd are unimpressed with Toadie’s campaign poster showing him posing with Frazer in his wheelchair and holding Bob while Toadie shakes Frazer’s hand, waving a wad of money in the other. Toadie jokes his next poster will have him with and an old lady, holding a kitten. Steph believes he is just getting her back for sacking him as her campaign manager but Toadie informs them he has his first journalist interview later and is serious. Boyd calls Toadie the joke candidate in the election but Toadie decides to work the bar handing out fake dollar bills with his face on and the strap line ‘Lower rates with Rebecchi’. Steph promises Boyd she’ll stop Toadie.

No 30 - Carmella's bedroom: Carmella is anxious to be rid of Rosie but there is a long list of things Rosie wishes to discuss. Carmella then has to lie about the reason why she has two coffee mugs in her room as one being old. Ringo continues to hide under the bed.

No 28 - Lounge/kitchen: Tom tries to encourage Zeke to let him take him to the pub but Susan is adamant he cannot. Tom believes he is talking to his wife and Karl and Zeke handles it well without Tom being alarmed. After Tom goes to his room, Zeke again mentions that he distrusts Ian but Susan doesn’t see it how he is so sure he can believe Tom’s claims.

Charlie's Bar: Toadie is delivering his message to journalist Susannah Christie as Steph & Boyd listen in from behind the bar. Steph interrupts and joins them creating a debate. Susannah asks them to both do a joint interview the following day with her.

No 30 - Carmella's bedroom: Rosie finally reaches the last thing on her list as Frazer arrives asking her to give him a hand with his physio. Rosie goes to leave but remembers she needs the top Carmella bought the other day to take to the florist as a reference for the ribbon colour. She spots it laying on the floor but as she picks it up she reveals someone’s leg sticking out. Frazer & Rosie realise Ringo is hiding and Carmella is appalled they’ve been caught. Ringo lies he has been looking for mice.

No 30 - Carmella's bedroom: Frazer & Rosie are outraged that Ringo would invade Carmella’s privacy and cannot understand when Carmella defends Ringo’s actions. Rosie takes Carmella out of the house so Frazer can deal with his brother.

Charlie's Bar: Steph defends her stance on free childcare as the interview with Susannah continues and lets slip Toadie was once a wrestler. He tries to avoid the claims of being a publicity seeker but Susannah wants details. Toadie switches the conversation to Steph’s past as a biker and single mother and sensing the tension, Susannah leaves them alone. Boyd interrupts, insisting they take their disagreement to the office.

Charlie's Bar - Office: Steph defends her political views claiming she always had them but Toadie never listens to her, he cannot cope with women being on top! Toadie assures her he loves women being on top. The tension reverts to passion and they kiss furiously.

No 28 - Dining table: Zeke is studying when Tom insists in Susan & Rachel’s absence they go to the pub. Zeke leaves a note for Susan and Tom jokes about them getting into a fight later.

No 30 - Lounge: Frazer tries to impress on Ringo that he is in serious trouble. Ringo cannot open up to his brother what really happened but is shocked when Frazer tells him he has no choice but to move out and return home. Ringo wants to speak to the girls and see if that is what they want. Frazer reluctantly agrees.

Charlie's Bar: Tom & Zeke arrive and Tom makes comment to how posh the pub looks. Tom asks for two beers but Boyd has no intention of serving Zeke. Zeke sends Tom over to sit down and asks Boyd to give him juice to look like beer. Steph & Toadie appear from the office making excuses for needing to be alone. Carmella continues to defend Ringo much to Rosie’s amazement but they are then confronted by Ringo and Frazer. Rosie isn’t happy but Ringo begs to explain. He lies as he claims he does have a crush on Carmella and that he was carrying her laundry to her room when he heard her coming. Then fearing he would be caught holding her underwear he hid under the bed. Carmella joins in by referring to the ‘clean ‘ underwear she found in her room. Ringo asks for forgiveness. Carmella feels very uncomfortable.

No 28 - Lounge: Susan & Rachel panic as they realise Tom & Zeke are not at home. Rachel spots the note and ponders if Zeke pretending to be Karl is as good as they think it is for Tom. Susan just wants to get to the pub and discuss it all later.

Charlie's Bar: Frazer is willing to let his brother stay but Rosie still thinks Ringo should return home but Carmella wants them to let him stay on. Carmella asks Rosie to focus on the wedding and forget all about the evening’s events.

Charlie's Bar: Zeke listens as Tom talks about the farm when Susan & Rachel arrive. Susan mentions to Boyd about Zeke and underage drinking but Zeke assures her it is just juice. Tom insists he & ‘Karl’ finish their beers but Zeke decides it is time they left. Angered, Tom pushes Zeke away and he falls to the floor. Tom realises he has behaved badly.

No 28 - Kitchen: Susan returns from seeing Tom to his room and is angry with Zeke for not calling her to let her know where they were. Zeke defends his actions and claims the fall would never have happened had they let Tom finish his beer and not made him feel like a child. Susan reminds Zeke Tom needs care that sometimes demands he be treated like a child because of his condition and that she is going to rely on Ian as a carer for it. Zeke cannot believe Susan still will not see Ian is a thief but she is adamant it is Tom who is delusional, not Ian who is at fault.

No 30 - Lounge: Frazer goes to bed and leaves Rosie alone with Ringo. She tells him she doesn’t trust him and as far as she is concerned he should not be under the same roof as Carmella.

No 30 - Carmella's bedroom: Carmella overhears the conversation and decides to text.

No 30 - Lounge: Ringo receives a text from Carmella telling him ‘I O U 1’. Ringo replies.

No 30 - Carmella's bedroom: Carmella reads Ringo’s text ‘1 KISS’

No 30 - Lounge: Ringo reads Carmella’s reply ‘U NVR STP’ and smiles.

No 30 - Carmella's bedroom: Carmella stops smiling as she realises what kind of game she is playing.

No 32 - Garage: Toadie is unhappy at being pestered by Zeke to borrow something so late and hands over a bag warning him he’ll not be responsible if Zeke gets ‘busted’ for whatever he’s doing. Zeke questions him if all old people end up senile but Toadie assures him his 93 yr old grandmother is still ‘sharp as a tack’. Zeke cannot understand why it affects certain people and calls it unfair. Toadie agrees but draws his attention back to the task in hand.

No 30 - Lounge: Next morning Rosie is telling Carmella the story how her band she had booked to sing at the wedding cannot make the new date. Frazer’s wish for a reggae band is not helpful to her but she has other things to worry about when she notices Carmella & Ringo deliberately avoid each other. Frazer however wants them to focus on each other.

No 28 - Kitchen/lounge: Ian explains he is making Tom some breakfast to Susan as Tom sleeps on the sofa. Across the room Zeke sets up the camcorder to record and he, Susan & Rachel leave for school. Ian spots Susan’s rings laying on the side of the sink and decides to take a closer look. Tom who has woken up spots Ian with the rings and tells him to put them back. Ian pockets them and tells a confused Tom it is he who has taken them. Everything is recording on the camcorder.

No 28 - Lounge/dining table: Susan, Zeke & Rachel return home after school to find Ian has prepared them dinner. Zeke immediately goes to the camcorder. Susan spots her rings have gone missing and Ian blames Tom. However Zeke shows Susan the camcorder recording showing Ian as the thief and also eating Tom’s breakfast. Ian pretends he forgot about the rings and returns them to the side of the sink – Susan decides to call the police. Ian decides to make a run for it and pushes past Zeke who is held back by Rachel. Zeke is furious at his sister but Tom reveals he took Ian’s car keys so he can’t get far. Rachel continues to call the police while Susan apologises to Zeke & Tom for not believing them. Tom tells them he knows he can be as ‘nutty as a date pud’ but they at least revealed Ian’s true motives together.

No 30 - Hallway: Carmella receives a text from Ringo telling her ‘thinking of you’ which makes her smile. Rosie sees her sister is happy and assumes she has received good news. Carmella pretends she has a new man and Rosie demands to know if she is involved with Ringo – or as she puts it a seventeen year old.

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Trivia Notes
• Carmella is reading the book The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini published in 2003
• Toadie’s campaign poster reads: ‘Vote 1 Jarrod Rebecchi. Jarrod Rebecchi giving the money back. Vote one – Rebecchi for council. Lower rates with Rebecchi.’
• Toadie speaks about his grandmother on his Dad’s side and mentions she is 93 years old. He also remarks about how ‘sharp’ she still is and that she can remember all the bad grades his father achieved in school
• Zeke’s note to Susan ‘gone to pub with Tom. Zeke’
• The contacts on Ringo’s phone read: Aaron Smith, Jovita, Deb
• The time on Ringo’s phone read both 10.30 & 10.32 over different texts
• The date on Ringo’s phone was 19 Jul 07

Summary by Paul