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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5260
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 20/07/07 BBC One: 12/10/07

Episode Title: The Night Before The Shredding

Cast: Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod ‘Toadfish’ Rebecchi, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Hoyland, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Nicky Whelan as Heidi 'Pepper' Steiger, Natalie Saleeba as Rosie Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes

• Rosie uncovers Ringo hiding under Carmella’s bed
• Frazer cannot see how the girls at No.30 are going to feel safe after his exploits
• Rosie wants to know from Carmella if she has something going on with seventeen year old Ringo

No 30 - Hallway: Carmella denies to Rosie she has nothing going on with Ringo but Rosie is sure she is lying. Carmella storms off and Rosie explains to Frazer although Carmella denies it she is sure if nothing is going on between them then they want it to be.

Erinsborough High School - Corridor: Frazer confronts Ringo about Carmella but he too denies anything is going on. Frazer however can see why he and Rachel broke up so quickly and warns Ringo that whatever he feels he has to understand that after tomorrow he and Carmella will be related and that nothing can happen in the future. Rachel overhears.

Erinsborough High School - Classroom: Ringo joins Pepper’s class and is immediately put off by the work requiring him to make a class talk. Rachel jokes they can split the workload but really wants to discuss Ringo & Frazer’s conversation. Rachel asks about Carmella and he admits it is all become a mess. Pepper excuses the class to go and work outside, as it is such a nice day. Rachel offers her support if he wants to talk to her.

Erinsborough High School - Corridor: Ringo reveals he has true feelings for Carmella not just a teenage crush everyone thinks he has. Rachel struggles to cope with his honesty and even more so when he reveals Carmella seems to have the same feelings too as they nearly kissed. Rachel asks him to consider that he thought he loved her once so it is possible Carmella will act the same way. They are interrupted by a text to Ringo’s phone from Carmella asking him to meet her and Ringo immediately wants to go. Rachel asks him to consider what he is doing first but Ringo decides to lie to Pepper he is feeling sick. She agrees he should go home. Rachel is upset.

Street: Carmella is surprised when Oliver spots her by the side of the road as she waits to see if Ringo appears. Carmella coolly tells him she is fine with him being around her family for the wedding preparations and the big day. In the background Elle waits for Oliver, clearly uncomfortable with him talking to Carmella. As Oliver leaves, Ringo gets into the van; upset at seeing her talking to her ex and the fact Carmella has put their relationship on hold over a nine-month age gap. Carmella tells him they cannot ever be in a relationship but the desire is too much and they kiss and kiss again.

No 30 - Lounge/kitchen: While Rosie checks her wedding planner and complains to Frazer about Carmella & Ringo, she fails to see Frazer has managed to stand up. When she does she forgets everything else and is delighted. Frazer believes he could end up walking her up the aisle after all.

Ramsay Street: Susan & Steph find Rosie outside crying about Frazer standing up, feeling guilty at her relief he has regained feeling. They comfort her telling her it is only natural and to celebrate the fact Frazer is on the way to recovery.

Street: Carmella & Ringo finish kissing. Carmella makes the decision that they cannot tell anybody about their relationship and they need to be standoffish at home too.

No 30 - Lounge: Rosie & Frazer suspect Ringo has lied about being sick when Pepper calls from the school and he hasn’t returned home yet. Rosie wonders if Carmella’s late return home is connected and they both decide to call their siblings.

Street/No 30 Lounge: Carmella & Ringo’s cell phones both ring and they decide to take the calls but with Ringo taking his outside of the van. Carmella lies to Rosie she is stuck in traffic while Ringo lies he has just gone for a walk to clear his head – Frazer advises his brother to go back to school. After they finish their calls Carmella & Ringo decide they should get back to the rest of their day.

No 30 - Lounge: Later that evening Pepper, Rosie & Carmella joke over the lateness of the flowers Carmella’s journey home had on them but Adam is focused on ensuring Frazer gets a good Bucks’ night despite Oliver’s poor attempts to accommodate for the wedding date being brought forward. Ringo shocks everyone by jokingly kissing Carmella on the cheek. Oliver agrees to providing a suite at Lassiters for both the groom & bride to host their parties at and after some persuasion all agree.

Lassiter's - Hotel room: Rosie toasts the night ahead by thanking Oliver for the suite and the party. A toast to the happy couple is marred when Frazer publicly calls Ringo too young for an alcoholic drink. Upset, Ringo leaves the room remarking he’s off to find milk and cookies.

Lassiter's - Corridor: Outside the suite Ringo sits thinking alone. Frazer joins him, just glad he hasn’t stormed off – Ringo jokes only a kid would do that. Ringo wants his brother to see that he is being asked to act like a grown up and yet still gets treated like a child. Frazer calls it being in ‘no man’s land’ and nothing personal.

Lassiter's - Hotel room: Carmella expresses to Rosie she thinks Frazer was being hard on Ringo for not letting him have one drink but Rosie feels Carmella is hiding behind the issue. Pepper’s idea for karaoke doesn’t deter the two sisters and Carmella reminds Rosie that Ringo is grown up.

Lassiter's - Corridor: Frazer apologises for refusing to let Ringo drink in front of everyone but blames his own fears of which he was before he met Rosie for his actions. Frazer admits Ringo is nothing like him and will always make the right decision in a crisis.

Lassiter's - Hotel room: Carmella & Rosie continue to argue over Ringo but their attentions are switched to Toadie as he starts up the karaoke machine. It doesn’t stop Carmella giving Rosie a look of disgust across the room though. Frazer & Ringo re-enter the room. As Toadie sings, Steph decides to confront Rosie about singing at her reception but is relieved when Rosie admits she had no intention of holding her to her forfeit. However when Rosie accuses Steph of having a bad singing voice, Steph rises to the challenge and takes over from Toadie on the karaoke and starts singing a ballad. The Cammeniti sisters come together as they decide they should show Steph how a power ballad should really be sung. Storming the stage they take the microphone from Steph and start singing. Rosie is truly bad but Carmella is too focused on watching her Ringo to notice her sister’s poor singing.

Lassiter's - Hotel room: As the evening goes on Elle takes the time to tell Oliver she agrees with Frazer’s decision to make him the ‘best man’. As they kiss Carmella catches a glimpse and it upsets her. Across the room Rosie & Frazer reflect on their last night of being single but they both decide they have nothing but desire to be together as man and wife. Frazer wants to do it all though standing and walking. Carmella spots Adam & Pepper just enjoying spending time together and it makes her smile. Steph & Toadie dance while joking with each other about the upcoming elections and Ringo & Carmella realise they feel very alone among all these couples. Carmella texts Ringo ‘I miss you’

Lassiter's - Hotel room: The party has stopped and all are asleep across the room on various makeshift beds. Except Ringo who is watching the sleeping Carmella. Unable to bear not being near her he decides to leave the room. After he goes, Carmella wakes and sees Oliver lying with Elle and then looks over to see Ringo has gone.

Lassiter's - Indoor swimming pool: Carmella finds Ringo in the pool just standing up by the waters edge. He tells her he couldn’t sleep. Carmella decides to get into the pool fully clothed and kisses Ringo passionately. Ringo fears they’ll be caught but Carmella tells him she doesn’t care. Ringo admits he doesn’t care either and they kiss again.

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Trivia Notes
• Ringo’s phone has the date 26 Jul 07 on it despite the airdate being on the 20th July. The time recorded on the phone is 18.48
• This was the final episode to display the name of the episode with the writing, directing & producing credits during the opening scenes of the episode, and the final episode to use Janine Maunder’s version of the theme tune

Summary by Paul