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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5273
Written by Hamish Cameron, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 08/08/07 BBC One: 31/10/07

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa black as Elle Robinson, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod ‘Toadfish’ Rebecchi, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Hoyland, Aaron Aulesbrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Daniel O’Connor as Ned Parker, Fletcher O’Leary as Mickey Gannon, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta ‘Rosie’ Cammeniti, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, James Sorenson as Declan Napier

Guest Cast: Anthony Engelman as Kevin ‘Stonefish’ Rebecchi, Ben Anderson as Tim Collins, Carolyn Bock as Dr. Peggy Newton, Peter Byrne as Judge Roy Evans, Andy McPhee as Marty Rolfe, Hamish Sinclair as Matcham Rolfe

• Steph encourages Toadie to stand up for himself over the drink driving charge
• Oliver decides he won’t try and contact his father for Rebecca’s sake
• Dr. Newton tells Carmella her baby appears to be fine. Rosie & Carmella agree they have to tell Oliver

Erinsborough Hospital – Carmella’s room: After her nights stay Rosie helps pack Carmella’s things as she wants to return home. Carmella assures her sister she feels okay and needs to get to see Oliver anyway. Rosie receives a reminder on her phone and she realises she needs to get ready for Toadie’s court hearing and leaves Carmella to finish getting home by herself.

Charlie’s Bar: Paul, Rebecca, Declan & Oliver are having lunch together. Declan decides to tease Rebecca & Paul about their weekend romance and jokes about wanting to know the secrets Paul has that enamoured his mother to him for so many years. The word ‘secrets’ makes Paul feel a little uncomfortable and he assures Declan there are no secrets to hide. Declan makes sarcastic comments about wanting to order alcohol and points out to Oliver that he’d like a car for his seventeenth birthday. Rebecca is appalled by his attitude reminding him he doesn’t even have a license yet. Paul suggests they have a birthday bash at No.22 and Rebecca thinks it is a great idea having only planned a quiet dinner at home for her & Declan. Elle apologises for running late and immediately gets a menu to see what she wants, commenting on what a great job Steph has done with what is on offer. Declan jokes he’s not eating as he’s on hunger strike but Rebecca assures Elle he is teasing her before reminding him they are on a budget, so he’s sharing her curry. Oliver wants to pay for lunch and Declan decides to take full advantage and decides he’ll order a steak, something Elle makes a snide remark about taking advantage. Paul finishes pouring the wine and Oliver makes a speech telling them how happy he is to have his nearest & dearest around the table with him today. They all drink to Oliver’s toast ‘To family’, even Declan with his orange juice. Carmella, who has arrived moments earlier, has heard Oliver’s speech and decides she isn’t as brave as she thought she was and leaves.

Tim Collins & associates – reception: Toadie is packing the notes for his case into his bag but Rosie tells him she is representing him in court, as it’ll look desperate to the court if he represents himself. Toadie questions how Frazer will feel about it but Rosie wants to worry about that later. As they and Steph prepare to leave, Toadie is stunned to see his older brother ‘Stonefish’ has arrived. Stonie tells him he has arrived to support his brother in court and gives him a big hug. Toadie cannot believe it.

Courtroom: As the case gets underway, Rosie explains to Judge Evans that she has several witnesses who’ll verify Toadie only had 3 drinks over the course of the afternoon and this proves he could not be over the limit. Judge Evans mentions the breathalyser test but Rosie explains it is within reason that the results could have a margin of error. Rosie adds that Toadie did not contribute to the bus accident and praises his quick reflexes as ‘saving lives’. The Judge dismisses her speculation about the crash and Rosie decides it is time to call her first witness, introducing Susan by her job title and mentioning she as a friend and neighbour to Toadie too.

Courtroom: After being sworn in, Susan explains she has known Toadie for over ten years and that he lived with her during the time he was studying for his VCE. She impresses upon the Judge how well respected Toadie is in the community and how he is not blamed by anyone for the crash. Judge Evans however wants to stick to facts and Susan is dismissed. Rosie calls Harold to the witness stand but Judge Evans decides to ask how many of the people attending the court are going to stand up like Susan, for Toadie’s good character. Janae, Ned, Stonie, Harold & Steph, in fact all the attendees, put their hand up. Judge Evans decides he’ll just take their word for it and asks Harold to sit back down. He tells them he’ll be back in ten minutes. Rosie throws a worried glance over to Toadie.

Charlie’s Bar: Having finished lunch, Oliver thanks his mother and brother for coming. Oliver notices Declan has new shoes on and Rebecca suspicious demands to know where he got the money. Oliver admits he gave him some cash but Rebecca insists Declan must pay Oliver back. Elle suggests Declan could earn the money working at the hotel and Oliver is thrilled with the idea of his brother being involved in the family business – Declan is less than happy but agrees. After Paul leaves to drop Rebecca & Declan back home, Oliver tells Elle what a great time he had. She mentions the fact about him not trying to find his father but he tells her she doesn’t understand his reasons. Elle points to the reason as being Rebecca and her insistence he does only what she wants. Oliver tells her it’s not what she thinks and asks for Elle to please trust him about not finding his father.

Courtroom: Rosie is horrified when Toadie wants to say something to Judge Evans but the Judge agrees to hear what he has to say. Toadie apologises to his friends and family and for letting them down and expresses that he feels he should have never drunk a single drop of alcohol as he endangered the lives of everyone in the bus. Rosie tries to intervene but Judge Evans tells her he has made his decision. Judge Evans tells Toadie he realises he never realised he was over the limit but Toadie does need to be held accountable for his actions. Toadie’s licence is suspended for six months and he is fined a $A1000 plus court costs.

Ramsay Street: Ned & Janae return from court giving Harold a lift home after picking Mickey up from school. Harold thanks Janae as Ned rushes indoors to get Mickey’s footy kit. On his return Mickey asks if he could just watch instead of playing with the Pups but Ned assures him he’ll have fun. Mickey makes an excuse he needs the toilet and runs indoors. Carmella spots Harold looking into his mailbox and asks if he’s waiting for anything special. Harold explains he hoped for a postcard from Lou in Russia. She apologises to him for the dramas at the end of Sky’s leaving party and Janae jokes she has warned Dylan to look after Sky & Kerry when they arrive. Harold admits he is missing his ‘two girls’ and Janae asks him and Carmella to join them in supporting Mickey at his footy match. Harold accepts and goes to change but Carmella declines the offer. Janae points out that she looks miserable and past events are the past so she wants her to come along to cheer her up. Carmella agrees.

Rebecca’s apartment – Porch / Driveway: Rebecca thanks Paul for the lift home and he thanks her for their company. She apologises for Declan’s sarcasm throughout the meal but Paul is not fazed by it. They get to Paul’s car and there is a moment where they look like they could kiss but are interrupted by Declan who snipes about them looking like he has interrupted something. He tells Rebecca she has a phone call from someone asking for money. Paul questions if he could be of help but Rebecca declines. Paul looks back as she walks into the house but doesn’t see Declan looking back at him in a less than welcoming way.

The Dingoes Footy ground: Ned finishes tying Mickey’s boots and he runs onto the field. Janae remarks to Carmella about her feeling a little ‘clucky’ and Carmella comments how good she is with kids. Janae tells her she & Ned are just sharing the responsibility and admits her and Ned are officially together. Carmella congratulates her and Janae mentions that having a child does however never give her time to be alone with Ned. Ned & Harold watch as Mickey joins in on a Pups team talk but their pride turns to horror as the teams coach Marty Rolfe shouts and threatens the boys before they get onto the pitch. Harold objects to his manner and gets a sack of oranges thrown at him with Marty suggesting that ‘gramps’ cuts them up for half time.

Tim Collins & associates – reception: Rosie, Steph, Toadie, Stonie & Susan arrive back excited that Toadie still can practise law and Toadie thanks Susan for her help. Steph thanks Rosie for her help too and Rosie reminds Toadie how worried she was by his outburst. They are interrupted by Tim Collins who demands to know why the office was unmanned for two hours and that he learnt from the cleaner calling in, that Toadie was up on a drink driving charge. Tim orders everyone to leave and then Toadie & Rosie into the office.

The Dingoes Footy ground: Coach Rolfe decides at half time to advise the kids to stick their elbows out to hurt the other players and Ned is appalled. Rolfe goes on to tell them they are losers if they don’t win the match.

The Dingoes Footy ground - pavilion: Harold is slicing up the oranges as Carmella remarks she could get used to being around kids. She moves away when she receives a call on her mobile.

The Dingoes Footy ground: Coach Rolfe yells at the team to get back onto the pitch and Ned asks when Mickey can play. Marty calls Mickey too soft Janae reminds him the boys are only nine years old! Marty makes a sexist comment about her focusing on cutting oranges but Ned isn’t going to let the issue go and admits their last meeting at the out of school club wasn’t good but it shouldn’t interfere with Mickey playing. Marty mumbles about when the time is right and decides to shout at a player on the field instead of continuing with the conversation.

The Dingoes Footy ground - pavilion: Carmella returns from her phone call and seems a little upset. She informs Harold she has to go.

Tim Collins & associates – office: Tim explains his Sydney lawyers bill an average of fifty-five hours a week but Toadie & Rosie combined is at 23 hours. Toadie tries to defend them by mentioning the difficult fortnight they’ve had but Tim is in not interested and tells them he is expecting them to bill sixty hours of work each in a week even though their working hours are forty. Tim has more and explains he is suspending their pay packet for the next month with the first person to bill the sixty hours getting both pay packets. The loser is fired from the job. Stonie having overheard Tim, bursts into the office to dispute Tim can sack anyone on those grounds but Tim assures him that the legislation allows him to do exactly that, before asking Stonie to leave the office and suggesting Rosie & Toadie get on with billing.

Erinsborough Hospital – consultation room: Carmella protectively rubs her stomach as Dr. Newton explains subsequent tests have shown there could be some abnormalities with her baby and she’ll need to have more tests. Carmella asks if she could lose the baby and Dr. Newton explains it is a possibility.

No.22 – Lounge: Paul arrives home and comments to Elle about how good lunch was but Elle cannot hide her dislike for Rebecca believing she is holding Oliver back from seeing his father with no good reason. Paul assures her Rebecca is nothing like she thinks and he really likes her. Elle reminds him he seems to fall for any woman from his past based on his track record and that no one appreciates how hard she is working to get Oliver though a difficult time. She refuses to let him, Declan or Rebecca mess up Oliver’s life any further.

The Dingoes Footy ground: The game ends and Ned & Janae applaud the Pups & Mickey as he comes off the field, having played for some of the second half and even scored a goal. Coach Rolfe however calls the team over and tells them they played pathetically and even tells the team captain, his son, that he is useless. Ned has heard enough and challenges all the other watching parents if they think Rolfe should be removed as coach. Rolfe jokes about Ned taking over and Janae decides to hold a vote. Rolfe is furious when Ned is approved to be the Pups coach.

No.32 – Lounge: Steph is joking with Stonie about him tying Toadie naked to a street lamp for his Buck’s party. Toadie arrives home and Steph calls Tim’s behaviour as being disgusting. Stonie announces he wants to stay on longer and Toadie asks about his wife Chantelle. Stonie assures she is fine with it and suggests he buys them all a take-away.

No.32 – hallway: Stonie picks up his wallet and keys and takes a deep breathe – what is he hiding?

Charlie’s Bar: Declan thanks Elle for setting the job up for her and she is surprised by his enthusiasm but he seems genuinely pleased to be working. Elle asks to see his birth certificate and he hands it over where she notices his father’s name is Richard Aaronow and a teacher born in Sydney and aged thirty at the time of Declan’s birth. Elle comments about his father but Declan tells her it is a taboo subject.

No.30 – Lounge: Carmella explains she has to take more tests but has decided until she knows more she isn’t going to burden Oliver with the truth. Rosie thinks it is a mistake but Carmella refuses to do it and gives her sister a warning look in case she has any ideas.

No.22 – kitchen: Elle looks up Richard’s name on the Internet and sees he is the headmaster of Alkrington Grammar School. Oliver creeps up behind her and gives her a shock but she manages to successfully lie that she is checking schools for Ned when he asks her what she is up to. Oliver tells her that the school has is run like a ‘boot camp’ for brats as he opens a bottle of champagne as he is in a good mood. He tells her the last few days have been hard for him but he thinks it is all worth it as he has his family around him. Elle looks back at the laptop screen with the idea of reuniting Oliver with his whole family.

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Trivia Notes
• Oliver & Declan’s father is Richard Aaronow, a teacher who was aged thirty and lived in Sydney when Declan was born
• Richard Aaronow is the headmaster of Alkrington Grammar School which Oliver calls a boot camp for brats
• Steph refers to Toadie’s Buck’s night when Stonie tied his brother up naked to a street lamp
• Tim Collins averages his Sydney based lawyers as billing 55 hours a week
• Mickey scores a goal in his first match for the Pups footy team
• Toadie’s sentence for drink driving has his driving licence suspended for six months and a fine of $A1000 plus court fees
• In her court evidence Susan mentions how Toadie lived with her when studying for his VCE
• Continuity error – Harold was reported in Epi 5272 to be booking a flight the following day to visit Sky & Kerry but he appears without mention of going away

Summary by Paul