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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5275
Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 10/08/07 BBC One: 02/11/07

Cast: Pippa black as Elle Robinson, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Daniel O’Connor as Ned Parker, Fletcher O’Leary as Mickey Gannon, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier

Guest Cast: Blair Venn as Richard Aaronow, Neil Pigot as Christian Johnson, Blake O’Leary as Tyler Smith

• Susan assures Karl he has done the right thing about reporting Steve’s findings on the drugs. Karl is concerned he is being railroaded by Steve though and needs to act professional when it could be such a massive issue
• Coach Rolfe challenges Ned to do a better job than him with coaching the Pups footy team
• Elle enquires after Richard Aaronow after seeing Declan’s birth certificate. He tells her it is a taboo subject for him
• Elle finds Richard is headmaster at Alkrington Grammar School and lies to Oliver she is looking schools up for Ned
• Elle mistakes another teacher for Richard when she visits the school. Richard introduces himself and she calls herself Elle Roberts and tells him she is pleased to meet him

Alkrington Grammar School – school grounds: Richard gives his potential new client a tour of the school facilities and asks her about her ‘brother’. Elle lies that her parents are away in Europe and they have asked her to find a school for her brother Benjie. Elle explains her father wants a school that has strong discipline rules as Benjie has behavioural problems. Elle is secretly pleased when Richard expresses his views about discipline are not as harse as Oliver made the school out to be. Maybe he’s not a bad man after all.

No.28 – Kitchen: Susan makes coffee for her, Karl, Steve & Miranda as Steve explains and shows Karl two reports showing 2 cases of where animals have died after being treated with Vivex products. Steve explains tests were done after the animals died and the results proved that the medication was below the stated dosage. Karl points out what everyone is thinking – what if Vivex are doing the same thing to their other areas of medication, could someone die? Karl explains he’ll talk to Christian again and Susan jokes they could end up with a helicopter as a present next. Steve offers to come with Karl. Karl wants to go alone as he still has faith that the company & Christian are not corrupt. Karl leaves for the meeting and Steve wishes him luck.

Alkrington Grammar School – assembly hall: Richard walks Elle past the hall and a couple of boys greet him as they walk past dressed in costume. Richard points out they are rehearsing for a play. He refers to one of the boys as going from being in trouble with the police to turning his life around thanks to the school. Elle is a little confused at Richard’s claims of nurturing based on what she saw when she arrived and Richard explains the deputy headmaster Malcolm is more bluster than anything else. Elle jokes his own children must be proud of him to delve a little into his personal life and Richard lets slip he doesn’t know as his ‘Miss. Right’ left him a number of years before. Richard suggests he get in touch with Benjie’s parents and Elle bluffs badly. Enough for Richard to question why she is there. Three students wishing to show him their art project interrupt them and he asks Elle to sit on a bench and wait for him, as he wants to talk to her further.

Charlie’s Bar: Karl hands over the reports to Christian that Steve gave him and Christian tells him he has already found this problem and a national recall is in progress. Karl has to question if there is a history of such a problem in the company as a whole, suggesting the human pharmaceuticals dept. Karl goes as far to suggest that maybe it isn’t a mistake but intentional. Christian reminds him that their business is based on reputation of which Karl agrees Vivex has a great one. Christian suggests if anyone is suggesting anything different than it being a mistake Vivex will take the necessary action.

Lassiters Lake: Susan and Miranda wanders past the lake on their way to go shopping together snacking on some almonds, pleased to escape from the conspiracy theories their ‘boys’ are embroiled in. Ned with the Pups team in training runs by and says hello.

Tim Collins & Associates – office: Toadie laughs at the idea of Karl taking on a multi million drugs company when all the legislation has been met and he has so little evidence. Karl wants to make a stand but Toadie tells him, as Vivex hasn’t harmed him he cannot sue them. Toadie also reminds him even if he could, they would no doubt hire a private investigator to seek out all anything they could to discredit him and the legal fees would be enormous. Having heard enough Karl can see it is fruitless and Toadie advises he walks away from this as soon as possible.

Roadside: Miranda & Susan discuss their shopping & coffee needs for the day when Miranda catches sight of a motorbike coming towards them. She realises Susan is in his path and pulls her back just in time, as the bike races past them. Just how close a miss it was becomes clear, as Susan sees she has dropped the bag of almonds and the bike has run over them.

Alkrington Grammar School – school grounds: Richard finishes looking at the art project as Elle nervously waits. He rejoins her and asks her to tell him the truth. Elle lies again that she is from a poor family and realises her brother could never attend there. In her hurry to leave she drops her handbag and the contents spill out. Richard helps to pick them up, still suggesting he could help her with a scholarship but Elle makes her excuses to leave. Richard checks under the bench to see if she picked everything up. He finds Elle’s security pass for Lassiters, which has her real name and the fact she is the hotel’s manager on it. Richard wonders who this woman really is.

No.22 – Kitchen: Mickey is fighting with one of his teammates Tyler over tomato sauce as the Pups are eating the traditional footy pie after their training session. Janae arrives amid the chaos and finds it funny that the mention of a pie has Ned entertaining Toadie too. She decides order needs to be restored and gives the boys a few ground rules. Ned thanks her and they kiss.

Erinsborough Vet Surgery: Karl returns from his meeting to find out about Susan’s near accident but he explains to her, Steve & Miranda maybe it wasn’t such an accident if Christian’s threats meant more than just legal action. Steve tells Karl that without evidence he can see he has only two choices – tow the company line or quit.

Charlie’s Bar: Oliver tells Elle that Declan has said he had his best birthday ever yesterday but jokes he’s unsure if his brother was just being sarcastic again. Oliver can see Elle is deep in thought and she asks if he had the chance would he like to know more about his father. Oliver explains he really doesn’t want to know anymore than Rebecca told him, as that was bad enough. Elle is intrigued and Oliver agrees to tell her what he knows but warns it isn’t a ‘pretty’ story. Across the other side of the bar Karl is stunned as Christian has called another meeting to tell him he has been awarded a pay rise of 20% as a thank you for bringing the issues to Vivex’s attention. Karl admits he thought he was going to be fired but agrees to the new deal he has been offered.

Charlie’s Bar: Oliver finishes telling Elle Rebecca’s story and Elle feels guilty for the way she has treated her. Oliver makes el promise though not to repeat the details to anyone and she agrees. Elle expresses more her own fears when she tells Oliver she hopes his father never finds him.

Lassiters Hotel – car park: Richard arrives prepares to confront Elle Roberts, or Elle Robinson as her security pass says.

No.22 – Lounge: Ned finishes his team talk with the Pups and as they leave Toadie hands out his business cards for them to take home to their parents. Mickey asks if friend Tyler can stay over but Ned has to refuse explaining it is Paul’s house still. Ned tells Toadie the current living arrangements is tough for Mickey, when Janae tells him she wants he & Mickey to move into No.26 with her. Ned at first declines but Janae tries to convince him it’ll be good for Mickey & also for their relationship. He is unsure if they are ready to get to that stage yet and Toadie armed with more pies decides to leave them alone. Janae surprises Ned by presenting him with a set of house keys to prove how ready she is. Ned agrees to move in and they hug.

Charlie’s Bar: Elle & Oliver leave the bar and are met by Rebecca. Oliver takes a phone call giving Elle the chance to apologise for missing the BBQ. Elle compliments Rebecca on her dress and Oliver returns with news he is having to abandon the DVD night with his mother due to a problem with the hotel hot water. Elle jumps in and offers to join Rebecca instead and then insists. Rebecca welcomes the change in Elle’s attitude and agrees. Oliver kisses Elle and whispers ‘thank you’.

Lassiters complex: Richard wanders along a path but as he gets to the shopping complex he sees Elle walking with another woman. She watches from the side of the hotel and decides to head back to the car park where Elle looks to be heading too.

No.28 – Kitchen: Karl returns home from his meeting with Christian to find Susan, Toadie, Miranda & Steve waiting for him. Karl explains he was given a pay rise and Steve fears he has sold out to Vivex. Toadie senses Karl is up to something and Karl admits he is now in the position to get the evidence he needs to find out what is really going on. Toadie and Susan are worried but Steve thinks he is doing the right thing. Alone together Karl tells Susan she knows he cannot walk away from the issue. Susan begs him to be careful.

Lassiters Hotel – car park: As Elle prepares to drive to Rebecca’s, Rebecca tells her how pleased she is at being able to get a chance for them to be friends. Elle jokes about them bonding over Tom Cruise DVD’s as they drive off. Richard sits upright as Elle’s car drives off and decides to follow.

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Trivia Notes
• Alkrington Grammar School is putting on The Pirates Of Penzance as a school production
• Fletcher O’Leary’s brother Blake appears in the episode
• Rebecca reveals she is a big Tom Cruise fan
• A new play area is first seen in the Lassiters Lake area
• Karl receives a 20% pay rise in his job at Vivex

Summary by Paul