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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5276
Written by Ben Marshall, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 13/08/07 BBC One: 05/11/07

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Hoyland, Aaron Aulesbrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Nicky Whelan as Heidi 'Pepper' Steiger, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, James Sorenson as Declan Napier, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes

Guest Cast: Anthony Engelman as Kevin ‘Stonefish’ Rebecchi, Bob Hornery as Tom Kennedy, Ben Anderson as Tim Collins, Blair Venn as Richard Aaronow, Mairead Curran as Ursula Noonan, Mark Redpath as Shane Brooks, Andrew Carter as Ian Morecombe, Barbara Burder as Violet Townsend, Emma Moore as Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper

• Richard realises Elle is not telling him the truth behind her visit to the school and asks her what is going on
• Carol inadvertently reveals that Christine & Pepper haven’t told him about the rejoining the police could save him leaving Australia
• Tim insults Stonie after he tries to defend Toadie over his lack of new business
• Richard watches as Elle leaves Lassiters with Rebecca and follows them

Rebecca’s apartment – driveway: Rebecca walks Elle back to her car and the two jokes about spending their time watching the Tom Cruise movies. As Elle drives off Richard watches Rebecca from across the street in his car. Unaware she is being watched she goes back into her house.

No.30 – Lounge: Pepper is watching TV, as Adam is asleep resting his head in her lap. He wakes suddenly and Pepper reassures him he was just dreaming. She realises he’s had more of a nightmare than a dream as she susses he was thinking about his former police partner. Pepper associates the stirring up of all the bad memories is due to his wish to rejoin the force and is willing to rethink moving to Italy rather than cause him any pain for him. Adam assures her he will be fine. Pepper suggests he get counselling but he tells her he has worked out he’ll just get a desk job to avoid any pressure.

No.28 – Kitchen / Dining Table: Karl is drying up the dishes from dinner and tells the family he wants to visit Tom the following day. Susan thinks it is a good idea and asks if the kids want to join them but Zeke declines. He is still furious with them for putting Tom into the home and sure Tom never wanted to go there. Karl assures him Tom is happy there but Zeke refuses to believe it. Susan proposes he comes to the home to see for himself and after some pressure from Karl, Zeke reluctantly agrees.

Erinsborough Police Station: Adam comes out of the station with an application form and pauses for am moment to read it. Two officers arrive with a suspect accused of stealing a wallet and the suspect complains he’ll lose his parole. As they walk past Adam, the man goes to grab the female officers gun but Adam sees and restrains the man. The female officer thanks Adam who looks more shocked than her at what he has done.

Tim Collins & Associates - office: Stonie is on the phone to his mother Angie, lying that he is calling her from the roadhouse. When she asks about Chantelle he tells her he has to go and hangs up. It’s the right decision too as Tim, Toadie and their client Ian Morecombe arrive. Stonie makes a sharp exit and Tim guides a limping Ian to a chair and brings over a pair of crutches to Ian’s side. Ian assures him the sprained ankle isn’t that bad but Tim reminds him the broken step he tripped on could have easily hurt an old lady or child and he should sue. Ian is happy just to be compensated for a days loss of earnings and the step being repaired but Tim thinks they could sue for $A50, 000! Ian isn’t so sure as the amount seems a lot but Tim advises big businesses need to be accountable when they do wrong. Tim dismisses Toadie’s comment about it being a local business rather than big business and Ian decides to sign the contract for them to represent him. As he leaves Tim hands him the crutches reminding him he needs to use them to show just how severe his injury was to the judge. After Ian leaves, Stonie comes back in the room calling them ‘Dodgy & Dodgier’. Toadie tries to silence his brother but Tim realises his $A1000 Switz made pen has gone missing and immediately accuses Stonie of taking it. Toadie steps in and defends Stonie. His brother is not being a thief.

Erinsborough Police Station: Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper walks out of the station with Adam and they joke how close either of them got to being shot. Adam admits his response is due to him being ex-officer but he is looking to rejoin. Sophie tells him he would be a good asset to have back. She thanks him again and goes back into the station, leaving Adam to make the decision he is going to rejoin the force and he starts filling in the application form.

The General Store: Oliver tells Elle he is pleased she had a good evening with Rebecca and glad too he spoke to her about his father. Oliver leaves to go to a meeting and as he opens the door he stands aside to let Richard enter first. Elle is horrified to see him and to see Oliver so close but unaware he has just met his father. Richard hands Elle her security pass and remarks about her surname being Robinson not Roberts. Elle however continues with the lie about her brother Benjie and is nervous when Oliver returns to pick up his bag. Richard explains he came to see her yesterday and saw her with his ex-partner Rebecca and demands to know what is going on.

The General Store: Elle vaguely attempts to deny knowing Rebecca but then confesses she does by telling him how scared Rebecca is of him. He asks after Declan and again Elle’s denials knowing Declan are short lived when she reveals his son has no desire to meet him. Elle feels torn when Richard explains he has never been allowed to meet Declan, despite loving him always but she tells him it is all really none of her business and she doesn’t want to be involved. Richard is confused and asks why she came to see him if Rebecca didn’t ask her to then.

Charlie’s Bar: Toadie arrives to find Stonie eating his lunch, keeping Charlie company. Toadie asks his brother to hand over Tim’s pen and Stonie appalled his brother thinks he is a thief walk outs telling his brother he did not take it. Steph asks what is going on and Toadie explains he believes his brother took the pen, as a revenge thing against Tim. Steph reminds him there is a big difference between disliking someone and then stealing from them. Toadie reminds her Stonie still thinks like a teenager.

The General Store: A panicked Elle rings Rebecca and tries to calmly ask her to meet her at No.22 for a coffee as she has something to tell her. Elle then rings her father, telling him she has done something really stupid and needs his help.

Carole Harvey Memorial Nursing Home - gardens: One of the homes carers Ursula leads the Kennedy/Kinski’s over to where Tom is sitting with an old lady. Karl greets his father who is a little confused and introduces the lady with him as ‘Molly’, Karl’s dead mother. The lady introduces herself as Violet. Zeke still refuses to speak to Tom and gets upset when Tom calls him ‘son’ and wants Zeke to join him to milk Bessie the cow. Unable to cope with what seems Tom in a worsened state, Zeke walks off. Susan follows him.

Tim Collins & Associates - office: Tim finds Toadie talking to Steph and she assures Tim she is there to give Toadie some work. Tim is unimpressed however to learn it is related to noise pollution that the council will do for her for free. Toadie steps in and tells him he has several new possible cases he is looking into that afternoon. Tim remarks about Rosie actually being out tracking down new clients when Stonie arrives back with pen & paper supplies for his brother. Stonie notices a gold pen in Tim’s jacket pocket and Tim explains he found it in his briefcase but doesn’t apologise to Stonie. Toadie however does but can tell he is far from forgiven.

Carole Harvey Memorial Nursing Home - gardens: Zeke is upset, as it seems Tom’s condition has worsened but Susan tries to make him see that being in the home has made him calm and less agitated. She really wants him to see how much Tom is looked after by the nursing team. Zeke thinks fooling Tom into thinking the past is alive is wrong and mentions how even Violet lets him believe Bessie is still with him. Susan stops walking and points over to where Zeke sees Tom, Karl, Rachel & Violet standing by the side of a cow. Tom calls him over to say hello to Bessie. Zeke realises he’s been a fool and there is a moment of clarity for Tom and real joy for Zeke, as he asks how Zeke’s school project and footy training are going.

No.22 – Lounge: Elle explains to Paul, Oliver & Rebecca how she has searched out and found Richard. Rebecca demands to know if Richard knows where she & Declan are living fearing for both their safeties. Elle tries to reassure she thinks not but Rebecca is terrified.

No.22 – Lounge: With the confession out, Paul tries to calm Rebecca into listening to the rest of what Elle has to say. Rebecca is panicked further when Elle explains how Richard saw her when he brought back the ID pass to Lassiters. Oliver wants a description of him so he can speak to Richard and Elle explains Oliver has already met him at the General Store. Rebecca decides she needs to get home and Paul follows her as she rushes out. Oliver tells Elle she had no right to interfere and reminds her how he asked her to just trust him on it. Elle tries to explain but Oliver leaves to follow his mother.

No.30 – Hallway / Lounge: Adam arrives home to the news from Pepper that Snr. Const Cooper wants him to call her and Pepper hands him the mobile number. Adam immediately calls.

Erinsborough Police Station – car park: Sophie answers Adam’s call and explains how impressed her superintendent was with his references and they want him to start back in the job.

No.30 – Lounge: Adam is thrilled at the news.

Erinsborough Police Station – car park / entrance: Sophie explains she knows he had difficulties working for the police in London and there is a long silence on the phone

No.30 – Lounge: Adam tells her he is over any problems he had.

Erinsborough Police Station – entrance: Sophie is pleased to hear it and tells him he’ll have to go through psychological testing before his application will be processed and she’ll ring him back with an appointment that afternoon.

No.30 - Lounge: Adam finishes the call and tells Pepper he has to ‘jump through more hoops’ but Pepper lets slip that she found out from her father he was going to be accepted. Pepper suggests Adam get some counselling again but he is sure the test will prove he is fine.

Rebecca’s apartment – Lounge: Rebecca arrives and tells Declan to pack, as they need to move on as Richard has found them. Declan wants to stay to face Richard and demands to know what his father did that was so wrong. Desperate Rebecca explains how violent Richard was to her and begs him to just do as she wishes. There is a knock at the door and until Paul calls her name Rebecca is in terror it could be Richard. She opens the door and Paul asks her not to run away again but instead move into No.22 where he & Oliver will protect them. Rebecca tearfully agrees.

Charlie’s Bar: Stonie finishes his third dessert bought by Toadie as an apology but Stonie is still smarting from being called a thief. Toadie reminds him of how he stole things from him as a kid including an elephant stamp, his birthday cake and a girl called Tracy. Stonie jokes he was abetter kisser than Toadie. Toadie explains he is so stressed out over the pressure Tim is applying to him and Stonie decides they need a night out drinking. Steph agrees not for the beer but to allow Stonie to talk about his break up with Chantelle properly.

Rebecca’s apartment – Driveway: Paul & Declan load up the boot of his car with luggage as Oliver arrives. Paul tells Rebecca he has organised a van to pick the rest of her things up but Declan wants to stay to protect what is left if Richard arrives. Rebecca insists he get in the car with Paul and Paul wisely advise Declan focus on revenge rather than violence – not having any thing to do with Richard being the best revenge he could take. Oliver leaves to collect some washing from inside and Rebecca receives a call on her mobile - it is Richard. She demands to know how he got her number and tells him she is about to call the police. Richard begs her to give up on her ‘sick fantasies’ she has about him but Rebecca hangs up on the call. Rebecca calls out to Oliver and he comes out asking what is wrong. Oliver suggests she lock herself inside while he does a quick search.

Rebecca’s apartment – Lounge: Rebecca rushes into the apartment and in her panic to close the kitchen window she knocks some mugs over, smashing them on the floor. She takes a moment to relax and realises the accident could be the key to her getting Richard arrested. Rebecca decides to make the apartment look like it has been trashed and starts knocking furniture over and smashing her things, first in the kitchen and then the lounge.

Rebecca’s apartment – Lounge: Satisfied she has done enough damage, Rebecca picks up the phone and asks for the police. She lies that Richard is in the house with her now, wrecking the place. But as she starts explaining her address, Oliver walks in demanding to know what is going on.

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Trivia Notes
• Tim Collins ‘stolen’ pen was a present from his father who gave him the solid gold, Swiss made, $A1000 present when he reached his first 100 hour billing week
• Stonie took Toadie’s purple elephant stamp when he was in 3rd grade at school and Stonie was 5yrs old. At Toadie’s 10th birthday party Stonie also eat all the leftover birthday cake, the evidence of chocolate icing on Stonie’s pillow. Toadie reminds him of taking his girlfriend Tracy off him too
• Rebecca & Declan move into Ramsay Street

Summary by Paul