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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5279
Written by Sacha Hamilton, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 16/08/07 BBC One: 08/11/07

• Rebecca vows to Richard she is going to tell their sons about him. Richard remarks it will then let them decide whom to believe themselves
• Karl discovers he has been promoted to regional sales director
• Janae tells Ned she is ready for them to live together
• Carmella tells Oliver they are having a baby

No.22 – Lounge: Oliver and Elle kiss passionately as she welcomes him home. He explains he never saw Richard in the end and Elle asks about his meeting with Carmella. Oliver takes a moment before telling her the news.

Charlie’s Bar: Rebecca tearfully tells Paul how infuriated she was with Richard calling her ‘Becca’, as if he still was with her and remarks she can see why Oliver is so confused by things. Paul reasons that Oliver is smart enough to realise what Richard is like but she refuses to give Richard the chance to turn Declan against her and remarks how Richard told her he won’t let her win by keeping his sons away from him. Paul promises Richard will not hurt her or the boys.

No.22 - Lounge: Oliver tries to get Elle to speak to him but she tells him she doesn’t know what to say. Oliver tries to encourage her to believe they can get through this after conquering so much before together. Elle just wants to be alone and goes to her room.

No.26 – Lounge: Janae returns home with groceries for the romantic meal to find Ned not alone but wrapping up the fur hats to sell on with Mickey & Lou. She is not best pleased and asks to speak to Ned in private.

No.26 – Kitchen: Janae asks Ned why Mickey isn’t staying at his friend Tyler’s as planned and Ned explains Tyler is sick. Mickey comes into the room to tell them Lou thinks selling the hats will help raise money for the footy club and pulls his father back to the lounge to help. Ned promises Janae they’ll get time alone the following night.

No.28 – Kitchen / Lounge: Karl shares a bottle of wine from his two cases, given to him by Vivex with Susan, Steve & Miranda. Karl mentions to Susan that Vivex has asked if she’d like to go to a 5 star hotel in Queensland for a Vivex employee’s partner’s only trip. Susan refuses but Karl asks her to go to keep up appearances and she agrees.

Brown House – garden / No.30 - Porch: Frazer explains to Rosie he needs to spend a little more time with Ringo and she suggests he try and let Ringo make some decisions for himself. Rosie goes to answer the front door as Frazer asks how Oliver is taking his news. Rosie thinks it Oliver is okay but jokes about Elle maybe not so as she opens the door to find Elle. Rosie tells Frazer she has to call him back and hangs up. Elle asks to speak to Carmella and Carmella appears from the kitchen. Elle refuses to come into the house and instead bluntly asks if the baby is Oliver’s and if she intends to take Oliver away from her. Carmella assures Elle the baby is his but she has no intention of splitting her & Oliver up. Elle thanks her and leaves. Rosie hugs her sister for handling Elle so well but questions if she really would not take Oliver back if he wanted her.

Vivex Pharma – Karl’s office: Julia brings Karl some reports he wanted and as he thanks her he tries to alter the height of his chair causing it to drop. Julia offers to assist and leans in very close to Karl. Julia notices a photo of Susan and Karl confirms he is married and they chat about the partner’s trip being an annual event in Vivex. Karl skirts around directly asking if Julia has a partner and she tells him no. Karl jokes with Susan away he’ll be able to focus on working late and Julia mentions she’ll probably join him, as she too has a lot of paperwork to get through and she knows of the best take-away places to eat from. After Julia leaves, Karl fears that she may be looking for much more from him, than just working together.

Brown House - garden: Frazer catches up with Ringo, who wants to skip breakfast to go for a walk into town. Frazer asks to join him and Ringo doesn’t seem bothered either way. However, Frazer is confused when Prue asks them to join her for breakfast and Ringo suddenly agrees he now does want to eat. Prue mentions their father rang earlier and is pleased to know they are staying with her and Ringo jokes only because his father has someone to watch Yellow Submarine with. His brother going from being sad to suddenly cracking jokes confuses Frazer.

Vivex Pharma – Karl’s office: Julia checks on Karl and finds he wants to talk to her about her conduct as being slightly inappropriate. Julia seems genuinely shocked and apologises, explaining in her experience she found a little flirtation helps with a male boss. Karl agrees that the executive floor does seem to be mostly male. Julia makes it clear she is ambitious too and works harder than a lot of the men around her so she feels she has to over compensate to be noticed. Karl tells her he wants to start again with her on equal terms and to use her experience to help him with the new job.

Muttatang - Roadside: Frazer and Ringo are walking to town when an old flame of Frazer’s pulls up. Jacqui Burns greets Frazer warmly and Ringo looks on bewildered as she tells Frazer how great it is too see him again and kisses him. She asks him to come and visit her at the Black Goat pub where she works before leaving. Frazer explains she was his ‘Carmella’ to Ringo and that he had a romance with her at seventeen and she was a few years older. Frazer mentions the romance caused a few problems and he was practically run out of the town for it. Ringo asks if he regretted leaving Muttatang But Frazer assures him no. Ringo questions if his brother thinks he has done the wrong thing leaving Erinsborough to get away but Frazer admits although he did, he now thinks ??? holds good memories for him.

No.26 – Lounge / Kitchen: Lou arrives to a lukewarm reception from Steve & Ned over the fur hats and Ned comments that if the footy club were not benefiting from the hat sales he & Janae would have stopped Lou using Mickey. Lou & Steve tease Ned about talking about being a couple and Steve asks about the romantic night in. Ned explains how Mickey’s sleepover got cancelled and Lou offers to take Mickey that evening. Steve begins to tease Ned about nervous around women.

Charlie’s Bar: Oliver has bought some baby clothes and looks at them fondly. Elle sees and gathering her composure she walks up to him. Oliver puts the bag aside and Elle asks to speak to him. Oliver tells her he wants to be there for the baby & Carmella but as far as he is concerned nothing changes between them. He loves her. Elle reminds him having a baby with another woman of course means things change. Elle tells him she knows what the future holds for them and she is ending their relationship now.

Muttatang – woods: Ringo leads Frazer to a place he used to play around but Frazer shows him a marking on a rock saying ‘GB 4 JB’. Ringo jokes that there is nothing his brother hasn’t done. Ringo admits he likes living at home and although he likes Erinsborough he cannot face going back after the humiliation. Frazer asks him to think if he knew Carmella was no longer around would he feel the same way.

No.26 – Lounge: Janae & Ned arrive home, thrilled at the sound of silence. They start kissing but are interrupted by Lou with Mickey. Lou apologises that he has to return Mickey as he there is a vodka night at the Russian club and he could make a huge profit selling the hats tonight. Mickey wants to play but Ned tells him it is time for bed with only one story.

No.26 – Lounge: Ned and Janae are in a passionate embrace when Mickey calls out from his room he wants a drink, as he’s thirsty.

No.26 – Lounge: Ned comes back from Mickey’s room and he & Janae begin kissing again. Janae pulls away however when she spots Mickey watching them. He tells them he has a stomachache.

No.26 – Lounge: Late into the evening Ned & Janae just relax in each other’s arms but they are interrupted again when Mickey tells them he cannot sleep and wants another story.

Brown House: Frazer is checking his engine oil level as he prepares to return home. Prue comes over and expresses that she feels Ringo should return with him, as she fears she smothers him. Ringo stands to the side listening. Frazer tells his mother that as Ringo is her youngest it is only natural she feels the loss more with him not around. Prue doesn’t want to hold him back and Frazer tells her sometimes they need her to mother them. He assures her Ringo will make the right decision for himself. Prue compliments Frazer on who he is and even calls him ‘Frazer’ rather than George. She tells him she cannot wait for him & Rosie to make her a grandmother, telling him he’ll make a great father.

No.26 – Kitchen: Janae finishes setting the table up for her and Ned’s romantic meal as Ned returns with good news that Mickey is finally asleep. But there is a knock at the front door and Ned feels compelled answer it. Steve, Miranda & Bridget burst in with news that their flat has flooded due to a burst pipe. Steve notices the house is full of candles and naively asks if the electric is out before all three realise what they have interrupted.

Brown House: Ringo arrives with his backpack and Prue tells him she thinks it is a good idea he goes back to Erinsborough too as he is worth so much more than hiding away with her. Frazer & Ringo get into Frazer’s car as Prue tells them to visit anytime they need to, to get away from things.

No.30 – Porch: Oliver is surprised to find Carmella answer the door and she explains she is keeping Rosie company with Frazer away. Oliver hands over the baby clothes to her and after thanking him offers him to join her and Rosie for lasagne. Oliver declines and Carmella comments on how tired he looks. She asks after Elle but he tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it and leaves. Closing the door Carmella opens the bag to see the baby grow he has bought.

Vivex Pharma – Karl’s office: Julia asks if Karl needs anything before she goes home but he tells her no, commenting however if production officer Roger Miller has left for the day. Julia tells him the man went sometime ago and Karl gets Julia to confirm where the office is. Julia says goodnight and leaves and Karl decides to pay Roger Miller’s office a visit.

Vivex Pharma – Roger Miller’s office: Karl goes through some files in the office but is interrupted by Julia who asks him what he is up to.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Lou Carpenter, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kinski, Janae Timmins, Ned Parker, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Carmella Cammeniti, Rosetta Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats, Ringo Brown, Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier

Guest Cast: Penny Cook as Prue Brown, Raelene Isbester as Julia Sanders, Elise Dickenson as Jacqui Burns

Trivia Notes
• Vivex supply Karl with 2 cases of wine as a ‘reward’ to all their executives each month
• Graham Brown’s favourite movie is Yellow Submarine
• Frazer had a brief romance at 17 with Jacqui Burns who was several years older than himself. He believed he was in love with her and even marked a rock with ‘GB 4 JB’. The romance ended however when it became public and Frazer was almost ‘run out of town’
• Off screen Lou attends a vodka night at the Russian club
• Vivex production office is run by Roger Millard

Summary by Paul