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Episode Summaries > 2008 > Episode 5484
Written by Elizabeth Packet, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds and Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 26/06/08 Five: 17/09/08

• Rachel pretends that she is Ty’s girlfriend to put Donna off.
• Before leaving town Sam tells Libby that Dan still has feelings for her, and gives Libby divorce papers for him. Seeing the papers, Dan breaks down in tears.

Ramsay Street: Dan is returning from a heavy jog. Fetching the paper, Libby watches as he stops to catch his breath, concerned at the state he is in. They share a look and she waves to him; he briefly nods in greeting before walking to the house.

No. 30 - living room: Dan joins Toadie, and it appears that Toadie started up a video game to lure Callum out of the bathroom. It works until Callum gets moody when Toadie asks him to have breakfast. Callum announces that he is taking a hunger strike because he does not want to go back to school. He asks when Sam is coming home, unnerving Dan, who tells him the difficult truth that she will not be coming back.

The General Store: Rachel and Zeke are sympathetic for Dan, agreeing that is hard splitting up with someone you love. Ringo tries to cheer them up since they are off school just as Donna enters, looking for Ty. Rachel immediately gets up to avoid talking to her, and Donna is oblivious when Ringo attempts to ask her out. Greeting her as “Rachey,” Donna fawns over Rachel’s clothes; when Rachel makes excuses not to go shopping with her, Ringo offers to go instead.

No. 32 - living room: Steph greets Toadie as he enters, and he tells her about the hunger strike. She assures him that it will pass, and they joke around before Jay arrives to pick Steph up. There is tension when he appears unfriendly to Toadie, who makes a quick exit, looking grumpy.

The General Store: Elle thanks Oliver for “stopping by” the previous night, before they agree to take things slow for now, and they join Rebecca at her table. Paul enters and asks to speak with Elle; it emerges that she had No. 22’s locks changed to keep him out. He gives up trying to get through to her, and both Rebecca and Oliver encourage her to make things better, since Paul is her dad.

No. 28 - kitchen: Rachel returns, complaining to Libby about Donna. Libby asks if there is something between Rachel and Ty, and Rachel insists that she does want another dramatic relationship. Libby then reveals a bundle of letters, addressed to Angus in prison and returned unread…Rachel tells Libby that she had no choice but to lie that she has moved on from Angus. She says that her feelings make no difference anyway, since he does not feel the same, and she tearfully walks out with the letters.

Ramsay Street: Rachel sits down on the pavement, throwing the letters away, and sadly watches a young couple as they walk past. She then takes off Angus’ ring and looks at it in anger.

No. 30 - living room: Toadie returns with the groceries and Callum - wearing earphones - gestures that he cannot hear. Toadie turns to go out, purposely dropping a chocolate bar behind him. Callum takes the bait and Toadie sits with him, telling Callum to try his best in school and offering his help if needed. He manages to talk him around, and Dan praises his ability. He, meanwhile, is still avoiding talking about Sam. Toadie answers the door to Jay, calling to recruit Dan for some SES volunteering. Toadie is still concerned as Dan leaves to get ready.

Charlie’s: Paul has met with Tim Collins to discuss getting control of his assets from Elle, just when Elle herself arrives. Brad hurries in, ordering her back to the office, and Paul sternly says that Brad will regret talking down to her.

The General Store: Rebecca joins Elle, who vents to her about Paul’s asset plans. As Ringo plays with a new games console, Donna just wants to talk about Rachel and is again ignorant of his attempts to ask her out. She asks to go back to his house, eager to impress Rachel with the “cool” new game, and he half-heartedly follows her out.

Charlie’s: Rachel sits playing with Angus’s ring when Ty brings her a drink, asking if something is wrong. She confides in him about the letters, and he tells her that things like this happen to everyone. Elle joins Brad and Paul at a table, just as Paul shows Brad the paperwork to say that he has bought out The Erinsborough News.

No. 32 - living room: Jay joins Steph on the sofa and they catch up before Steph asks about Dan; she explains about Sam and Jay mentions that he got lucky with a woman like Steph. They kiss just as Toadie enters, wanting to thank Steph for her advice about Callum; he catches them at it and awkwardly leaves. Steph chases after him, leaving Jay looking let down.

No. 28 - kitchen: As Ringo makes dinner Donna is still going on about Rachel, trying on her jacket and bag. Rachel comes in and gets angry at her, so Donna makes excuses before hurrying off. Annoyed at this, Ringo tells Rachel to stop overreacting and says that she needs to grow up.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Daniel Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Stephanie Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Libby Kennedy, Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Erin McNaught as Sienna Cammeniti, Margot Robbie as Donna Freedman, Dean Geyer as Ty Harper, Morgan Baker as Callum Jones, Charlie Clausen as Jay Duncan, Brendan O'Connor as Brad Jordan, Ben Anderson as Tim Collins

Trivia Notes
• Dan tells Callum that he ran 12 kilometres
• Donna has work experience in a recording studio
• Rachel lies to Donna that Ty is buying her an anniversary present
• Elle agrees to join Oliver at Marco’s birthday picnic the next day
• Ty lent Rachel a Mavis Staples CD

Summary by Brendan

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