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Episode Summaries > 2008 > Episode 5566
Written by Scott Taylor, Directed by Jovita O’Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 20/10/08 Five: 26/01/09

• Jason is selling Elle her new car adding “she’s all class”
• Elle tells Lucas “she runs like a dream” to which he replies “soon to be a nightmare”
• Lucas taunts Dan about using his painting of Libby as his grand gesture to prove his love for Libby. Dan says that he has no hold over them anymore
• Dan proposes to Libby with a neon sign at Charlie’s
• Ringo & Donna have sex after agreeing that the moment is special enough for his first time. Elle walks in on them in bed with Lucas following her, before she gets angry and demands they get their act together and get dressed

West Melbourne Markets: Elle is trying to convince Donna that losing her virginity like that isn’t the right way and that she’s meant to be looking after her. Donna corrects Elle that it’s Ringo – not her – whose first time they shared. She quickly chastises her self for blurting that out for the 2nd time, but then quickly offers Elle a cherry from a bag she’s eating out of as they’re walking. Elle says a hotel room isn’t the right way to go about it, Donna says she did the room for Ringo, it was the least she could do for him. Elle says that’s not how’s supposed to happen, which an insecure Donna asks what she means before she then asks if that’s how she lost hers. Elle changes the subject as they get into the car and Lucas rings Elle’s mobile. He cracks a joke about catching the teens to Donna who asks Elle for a hookup between her and Lucas on Lucas’ behalf. Before Elle can react negatively, Donna says yes as Lucas agrees to meet Elle, but notices a strange sound coming from the car engine over the phone. As Donna says “meet in 5…” Lucas hears the car careening off the road and the girls screaming before the phone goes dead.

Lucas runs to the car and Donna is in shock. Lucas gets Donna to call the ambulance on his phone as Elle, suffering concussion, calls Lucas handsome and acts happy to see him. Lucas notes the car is about to burst into flames as Donna is screaming. Lucas yells for her to get in his car, to start running. Elle’s unaware of all of the commotion as she is carried by Lucas just noticing Donna and saying hello. As they are running back to Lucas’ car, Elle’s Car blows up behind them. Upon hearing the explosion, Elle begins to get upset and shock kicks in.

Charlie's: Zeke’s teasing Ringo about Elle & Lucas walking in on him and Donna, as Karl & Susan arrive celebrating Dan & Libby’s engagement, filling an unaware Ringo at the same time of the news. Dan also appears happy as Zeke congratulates him. Susan asks how Ben reacted, to which Dan looks guilty because he hasn’t asked.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Dan asks Ben for Libby’s hand in marriage. Ben says he should ask his Mum first. Dan says he did. Ben asks Dan what he’ll do if he says no, Dan replies that they’ll deal with it if that happens. Ben lists his conditions as looking after his mum & kicking the footy. Dan agrees and they both spit on their hands and shake on it. Dan walks out of the room where a nervous Libby and Susan are waiting for him. He tells them what happened, which makes everyone happy as Lucas, Donna & Elle walk past with Nurse Jodi pushing Elle on a wheelchair. Donna calls Lucas a hero, Susan asks if Elle’s ok, with Elle stating she doesn’t understand all the fuss. Jodi says she’s got concussion and maybe a broken ankle and then wheels her away with Elle asking Lucas to go with her. He says he’ll meet her there and then asks about the crowd. Dan goes to tell Lucas about the proposal but Libby quickly interjects with a lie. Lucas leaves, as does Susan, and Libby distracts Dan from asking any questions as she watches Lucas walk away.

Karl’s checking Elle in a room, but even though she can’t remember the accident, he says she seems fine, although he wants to X-Ray her ankle. Lucas teases her about calling him handsome etc, he taunts her a bit more as she tries to manage her wheelchair by herself, but fails because she’s too busy pretending not to like Lucas as she argues.

Donna’s sitting outside by herself in the waiting room as Lucas comes out to talk to her. She says she’s fine but don’t get too close to her as she causes trouble. Lucas sarcastically states that Elle’s defenses are back up so she’s definitely OK, but disagrees with Donna’s self-deprecation as Ringo comes racing up the corridor asking if she’s alright. She brushes him off, trademark Donna style, saying she doesn’t want to talk about it and sends him home saying she’ll ride with Lucas. Ringo appears upset as he’s left alone in the room.

Charlie's: The Kinski-Kennedy’s (minus Rachel) are talking about the wedding – Susan asks about when and where, Dan & Lib both have disagreeing answers (Libby trying to downplay their second time respectively down the altar), but Susan tries to point out its still a wedding, its still special. Karl jumps on the cheap bandwagon and suggest a small ceremony to save money which Susan typically berates Karl as he quickly ushers Dan to the bar.Zeke sees Ringo arrive and gets up to see him at the bar. Zeke tries to ask Ringo about Donna but he deflects saying she’s not talking to him as usual. He changes the subject by pulling out his phone and showing Zeke a picture of a ute, Zeke says Ringo can’t afford it, and at that price something has to be wrong with it. Ringo says he’ll show him its outside.

Lassiter's carpark: Zeke & Ringo are looking at the ute, when Sascha appears and impresses the boys with flattery and flirtation, singling out Ringo for playing a great game at the Grand Final. She talks up the ute, getting Ringo to hop in the drivers seat but he comments about the price. She says she’ll take a trade in of his old car for $2000, and they go for a test-drive, leaving Zeke behind.

Number 28: Ringo’s in the kitchen trying to figure out his money on a calculator. He laments that even with the Trade-In he’s still short $1000. Zeke suggest he invent in Ringo’s car and they share it. Alex left him money which is in a special account. Susan gives him $1000 each year for clothes/books etc, if he needs any money for clothes he’ll just get a job. The only condition is that Ringo has to pretend its his car though it’ll be both theirs in secret. They both agree happily.

Number 22: Lucas visits Elle to check up on her. She’s resting except Donna who’s hanging around and stressing her out inadvertently. She snaps at Donna shortly after blaming her for the accident because she was distracting her with “her nonsense”. Donna tells her to kick her out now since she’s not even family and almost killed her. Lucas admonishes Elle before chasing after Donna to the kitchen. He reminds her of the engine’s horrible sound before the crash and points out elle can’t remember so its not her fault either way. Lucas asks to see the car now she’s ok, Donna says Bruce won’t let anyone see it. Lucas says that’s not right, Donna gives Lucas the Tow Drivers’ phone number as Lucas walks out.

Number 28: Susan rings Karl’s voicemail as she’s babysitting Ben wondering where they are and warning him not to be filling Dan’s head with cheap ideas. They walk in shortly after she hangs up obviously tipsy. Susan asks if he tried to convince Dan of cheap wedding ideas, to which Dan agrees but Karl says they both agreed on a garden, low-key wedding. He announces his cheap catering alternative and opens the front door for a pig to walk in. Ben screams “Babe!” and tries to drag the pig out with Susan incredulously stating that Ben will be traumatized. Karl chases the pig as Dan laughs. The next morning, Zeke & Ringo are at the computer transferring Zeke’s money into Ringo’s account. Susan almost catches them but Zeke states he’s online chatting to a girl that he really likes and that’s its rare for him to have that kind of connection with someone after Taylah. Susan buys the lie and walks away. They celebrate their new car.

Carpenter's Mechanics: Elle tries to berate Lucas for taking the car out of the tow yard and bringing it to the garage. He says the Insurance people will just as easily pick it up from the garage. He points out her steering arm was broken when she bought it, in fact two separate steering arms were glued together! It snapped causing the crash. He even pints out that the belt came out of the socket when he grabbed it. He says he doesn’t want Donna blamed for anything and to face the fact she bought a lemon, and owes Donna an apology.

Number 22: Elle answers her door to find Jason Healy. He apologises and begs her not to go to her Insurance Provider about all of this. He offers her a full cash refund in an envelope. She scoffs at him, and he then offers 10% extra out of his wallet. He says his reputation’s important to him.

The General Store: Zeke comments to Ringo how much money is in his wallet right now. He asks Ringo when Sasha’s going to arrive. He says she’s not, she’s sending her boyfriend in her place, apparently he handles the business-side of things. They look up and see Jason arrive saying he’s got a fantastic deal for them!

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Daniel Fitzgerald, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Susan Kinski, Karl Kennedy

Guest Cast: Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald, Margot Robbie as Donna Freedman, Alicia Attwood as Sascha Bracks, Adam Waycott as Jason Healey, Mary Annegeline as Jodie Smith

Summary by Dakota

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