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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5625
Written by Hamish Cameron, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 13/02/09 Five: 17/04/09

• Lucas joking with Elle that Paul is playing cupid again
• Lucas and Elle going to sleep in the back of the Ute
• Lucas telling Paul he doesn’t appreciate being set-up and neither does Elle
• Miranda having to tell Dr. Olenski that Bridget is adopted and has never had any contact with her birth mother
• Steve telling Bridget that it’s only natural that one day she’ll want to look for her birth parents
• Miranda is about to sign the adoption form for Bridget, as Bridget reassures her that she’ll always be her mum
• Bridget worrying to Declan that her birth parents might not want to meet her
• Bridget opening the letter and discovering her birth parents don’t want to meet her

No 26: Miranda’s speaking on the phone. As her conversation develops it soon becomes clear that she’s talking to Bridget’s birth mother as she warns her to stay away from Bridget because the truth will hurt her. Steve wanders in and Miranda covers by saying the call was just from one of those survey companies. He then tells Miranda that she should probably start getting ready to go to the hospital for Bridget’s first ultrasound. Bridget and Declan then walk in full of the joys of spring, excited for the ultrasound. Rebecca is also highly excited, but Miranda struggles to raise a smile.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Bridget and Declan discuss the sex of their baby. Steve decides to settle it by asking Bridget to show her hands. She shows them palms up, leading Steve to say it’s a girl. Rebecca and the others laugh, whilst Miranda sits glumly in her chair. Peggy Newton then comes out and invites them all in for the ultrasound. Bridget informs her that she was unsuccessful in trying to attain a medical history from her birth mother. Miranda stays seated as the rest waltz in for the ultrasound and it isn’t until Steve asks after her, that she follows suit.

Everyone’s except Miranda is glowing when images from Bridget’s ultrasound appear on screen. Bridget and Declan ask Dr. Newton keep the sex of the baby a secret. Bridget then asks for Miranda’s hand to comfort her in this wonderful time.

Charlie's: Steph catches Lucas going through some pictures of Elle on his laptop. He assures her that they’re for a Valentines Day article and that Elle just happened to get in the way of the shot. Not convinced, Steph jokes with Lucas that he still likes Elle. He informs her though that they’re well and truly over. With that, Steph asks Lucas if he’s seen any prospects at the bar, now that he’s free and single. Lucas points out to Steph a girl behind the bar wearing red. Steph then bets with Lucas that he won’t be able to get her phone number. Lucas bets that he can and they both agree that the loser will have to partake in some karaoke.

No 26: Steve and Rebecca join Bridget and Declan to sit and watch the DVD of the ultrasound. Once again, they’re all cooing over the footage, whilst Miranda is keeping herself occupied in the kitchen. As Steve and Rebecca depart, Miranda walks into the front room and opens the curtains. Bridget complains and says that she and Declan wanted to watch the DVD one last time. She asks Miranda to watch it with them, but she declines and heads off to the kitchen again. Bridget and Declan then put the DVD on again and Declan tells Bridget he wouldn’t really mind if it’s a girl- as long as she’s like Bridget. Bridget then starts discussing her birth mother and questions why her real birth mother gave her up after seeing something like this. Miranda looks on concerned in the kitchen.

No 30 - Front Garden: Callum and Ben are in the tent on No 30s front garden. Callum teases Ben about how it’s Friday 13th and that it’s the scariest day of the year. He continues to tease Ben by saying that if he’s already made his bed today, then evil spirits will come into his room and turn his guts into mush. He says the only way to reverse this is to eat his food without a knife and fork, but he must not tell a soul about it.

No 30: Harold joins Libby, Dan and Ben for dinner. They then all joke about how it’s Friday 13th. Harold asks Dan to name one bad thing that’s actually happened on Friday 13th; prompting Dan to reel of a long list of Friday 13th related facts. Ben looks on slightly scared as Libby tells him to tuck into his dinner.

Charlie's: Lucas is chatting away with Emma. He’s just about to get her number when Steph wanders over and drags Lucas away. She then starts pretending that Lucas is her fiancé, causing a confused Emma to leave them to it. Steph then jokes with Lucas that she won the bet, but he isn’t happy as she cheated.

No 30 - Front Garden: It’s dark outside and Callum and Toadie are in the tent. Toadie tries to scare Callum with the torch, but he’s not impressed. Just then, spooky shadows start appearing on the outside of the tent and in bursts Ben and Dan wearing scary masks. Dan and Ben high-five each other for getting Callum back after his prank on Ben earlier. Callum swears blind though that he wasn’t scared.

Charlie's: Lucas is singing terribly on the karaoke machine to an almost empty bar. As he finishes his song, Steph jokes with him and apologises for suggesting that he wasn’t over Elle. Emma then walks up to Lucas and says that she realises now that Steph isn’t his fiancée. She hands him her number on a piece of paper and leaves. A delighted Lucas then shows Steph the number and jokes with her that it’s now her time to sing!

Steph is now up on the karaoke machine and thanks to Lucas the bar is pretty much full again. When the song is over she laughs and joins Lucas. He reveals that Emma just wanted some photos done for her PR Company and that he couldn’t go through with picking her up. He says instead they just swapped ‘war’ stories. Steph then realises that Lucas isn’t over Elle at all and says that the first step to recovery is by deleting all texts and pictures. As Lucas sits looking at pictures of Elle on his laptop, Steph once again reminds him to delete the pictures, but just as he’s about to, Steph notices the figure of a boy that looks like Zeke in the background. They both look on shocked.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Bridget’s at work and drops a load of towels. Rebecca’s on hand to help her pick them up, but Bridget walks off into the changing rooms. Rebecca chases after her and asks her what’s wrong. Bridget informs her that Miranda still isn’t happy about trying to contact her birth mother. Rebecca shares with Bridget her experiences with Oliver and tells Bridget that if she really wants to track down her birth mother then there are ways around it. She then shows Bridget a phone number of a private investigator that Toadie uses.

Harold's Store: Rebecca sits down with Miranda to have a coffee at Harold’s. She tells her friend that she saw Bridget earlier and she seemed quite upset. Miranda then goes on a rant about how things will be much better when Bridget’s forgotten all about this stuff with her birth mother. Slightly surprised by Miranda’s reaction, Rebecca informs her that it’s what Bridget wants and that there are other ways around it. Miranda isn’t happy that Rebecca suggested other means to Bridget and says that any mother who gives up their own child is bad news. Realising what she’s just said, Miranda instantly apologises to Rebecca. However, Rebecca wonders why Miranda is so dead-set against Bridget finding her birth mother.

No 30: Harold pops over to No 30 and hands Libby some flowers he picked from No 24s garden. Libby then chats with Harold and says that Lou is still worried about him and is unsure whether selling No 24 was the right thing to do. Harold then discusses with Libby about when she’s going to end her feud with Steph. Libby says she will when Steph apologises, but Harold says she should swallow her pride as lifelong friends are so hard to find. Libby says she will if he will.

No 26: Miranda is busy sorting everything out in the kitchen. She complains to Steve that Rebecca has rearranged everything. Steve asks what’s bothering Miranda and she tells him that she’s still concerned that the issue with Bridget’s birth mother hasn’t gone away. Steve says that if Bridget’s mother doesn’t want to see her then there isn’t anything else they can do.

Dingoes' Den Gym - Changing Rooms: Rebecca walks in as Bridget’s finishing up for the day. She tells Bridget that she doesn’t think contacting the private investigator is now such a good idea. However, Bridget says that it’s too late and that she’s already made the call. She also complains how everything it seems always has to be about Miranda- she just wants to find out why her mother gave her away.

No 26: Steve tries once again to talk to Miranda. Eventually she admits that she can’t keep it a secret any longer and reveals that she is the reason Bridget isn’t seeing her birth mother. Miranda goes on to explain that she paid her to stay away, leaving Steve dumbfounded.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Rebecca Napier, Steph Scully, Lucas Fitzgerald, Ben Kirk, Callum Jones, Daniel Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Carolyn Bock as Dr Peggy Newton, Georgia Bolton as Emma Ayres

Summary by Edd

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