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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5628
Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 18/02/09 Five: 22/04/09

• Libby standing up for Steph by telling Veronica that she’s brought it all on herself
• Simon stealing Ringo’s clothes from the allotment whilst he showers
• Donna outraged as Ringo accuses her of stealing his things
• Sass telling Tegan that there’s only room for one Mrs. Robinson
• Sam unwittingly revealing to Sass that Dan doesn’t know the baby isn’t his
• Paul flirting with Sass on the phone in front of Simon
• Bridget saying she needs more time whether to decide to phone her birth mother or not
• Harold collapsing in the stores kitchen in some pain

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Harold lies in his hospital bed as Karl and the medical staff gather around him. Harold has the image of Madge and himself together in happier times in his head, before flat-lining. Nurse Jodie rushes through and warns Karl that Harold has a NFR (not for resuscitation) on his file. However, Karl ignores Harold’s wishes and decides to go ahead and bring him back. Jodie says she’ll now have to fill an incident report.

Lassiters Hotel: Sass wanders down in her dressing-gown and rings the bell at reception. Sam looks on and tells her that Paul is out the back sorting out some paperwork for her. However Sass continues to ring the bell. Sam then informs her she can just ring reception from her room and a slight argument between the two ensues. Sass warns Sam that she could still tell Dan all about the baby.

No 22: Still with the screwdriver stuck to his hand, Paul is starting to lose patience when he also discovers Simon threw his mobile phone battery over the fence. Paul then decides they could escape through the window, so grabs Simon to use the screwdriver to get out.

Lassiters Hotel: Sam collects her paperwork from reception and then the receptionist begins to deal with Sass. Sass rudely tells him she wants one of everything on the menu and to put it all on Paul Robinson’s tab, before storming off.

No 22: Paul is using a variety of concoctions to try and get the screwdriver off Simon’s hand. The pair begin to talk and Simon tells Paul that Sass has let men walk all over her before and he doesn’t want it to happen again. Paul compliments Simon on the loyalty he shows to his family and says that he knows he took Ringo’s clothes. Eventually the screwdriver comes off Simon’s hand.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Harold slowly awakes and notices all the get-well cards and balloons. Karl is standing at the doorway and tells Harold that they nearly lost him and that he brought him back. However, Harold is a little groggy and says nothing in reply to Karl. Karl then departs as Susan and Lou go into Harold’s room to see him.

Steph and Donna are sat in the waiting room. Steph catches the eye of Karl and rushes over to speak with him. Karl says that it’s almost as if Harold has given up the fight. As Karl departs, Donna tells Steph they’ll need to do something so Harold changes his mind.

Lou and Susan are sat by Harold’s bedside. Rebecca also arrives as Karl pops in to tell Harold that he’ll have to stay overnight. However Harold tells Karl that he shouldn’t be here at all if Karl had followed orders correctly. Karl tries to explain but Harold doesn’t let him saying that he was with Madge, but now Karl has taken that away from him.

Donna and Steph arrive back at the hospital with sleeping bags. They tell the others that they’re going to stay the night to give Harold some support and to remind him he’s not alone. Rebecca, Miranda and Steve think it’s a great idea and agree to stay the night as well. Lou exits Harold’s room and says he could do with some cheering up, so Donna goes in to see him. She tells Harold that he made her feel part of the street and reminds him that he’s not alone and that a lot of people care about him. Harold sheds a tear.

No 22: Paul’s moaning to the locksmith that he’s taking too long. Sam then returns to the house and asks where Paul’s been all afternoon as Sass was expecting him. Simon laughs and Sam can’t help but feel a little bit pleased with what Simon did to the locks. Eventually the locksmith finishes his work and Simon departs, slightly annoyed when Sam compares him to a young Paul.

No 30: Callum and Declan are playing on the Wii, but Declan decides to stop their fun and says to Callum he should continue with his homework. Bridget then walks in and the pair quickly hurry themselves to make it look like they’re studying, however Bridget can tell they’ve just been playing the games console. Callum jokes that Declan was teaching him how to pick up chicks. Bridget and Declan laugh and Bridget says that the best thing Callum should do is to talk to them first. Callum then leaves to go and ‘practice his Italian’ as Declan goes to grab a drink. Bridget then takes out Joanna’s number from her pocket, but decides against phoning it.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Nurse Smith complains at all the residents staying overnight at the hospital and warns them that there are regulations to follow. Rebecca soon sets her straight though. Karl then arrives and tells them all that things aren’t looking good for Harold. He says it’ll take a lot more than love to get him through this.

Callum, Bridget and Declan arrive at the hospital to join the other residents. Meanwhile, Donna’s still chatting to Harold in his room. She tells him once again that everyone misses him and that he has to stick around so that he can monitor her progress with Ringo.

Karl wanders around the waiting room as all the residents are fast asleep. He opens Harold’s room door and notices that he and Donna are also asleep.

Later, Susan is sat in the waiting room alone. Karl comes in and asks if his wife is alright. Susan says that it’s just been a long day and that this morning she was finally accepting the fact that Zeke was gone. She then has quick flashbacks of earlier when she was holding Zeke’s shirt and talking to Phil Andrews. Susan thanks Karl for bringing Harold back to her as Donna interrupts them saying that Harold wishes to speak to Karl. Karl goes over to chat with Harold who says that he’ll do all that he can to make sure Karl doesn’t get in trouble for not following the NFR orders. Karl thanks Harold and says that it’s a huge relief, but Harold says that it doesn’t change things - the sooner he’s with Madge, the better.

Charlie’s Bar: Paul’s sorting out some paperwork with Sam and they both share a joke at how he can make it up to Sass. Sass enters the bar, but notices from a distance the friendly nature between Sam and Paul and instantly jumps to the wrong conclusion. With Paul at the bar, Sass storms over to Sam and confronts her. Sam says she’s got no idea what she’s going on about and that she’s not interested in Paul at all. Steph has also just arrived at Charlie’s, on a coffee-run for everyone at the hospital. As Sam and Sass’s argument continues, Sass bleats out about how Sam’s baby isn’t Dan’s. Steph overhears and is aghast at the revelation.

Erinsborough & District Hospital – Car Park: Steph arrives back at the hospital with all her coffee, but notices that Dan and Libby have just arrived. She calls over to Libby and the two fighting friends begin to talk. The camera pans around a car as Steph tells Libby what Sass said earlier.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Libby tries to console Dan as Sam arrives looking for Steph. Dan immediately asks her if it’s true and Sam is forced to admit that she doesn’t know who the father is. Dan storms off saying he doesn’t want anything to do with her again, leaving Libby and Sam together. Libby looks on disgusted at Sam before walking off to be with Dan.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Dr. Karl Kennedy, Donna Freedman, Paul Robinson, Lou Carpenter, Steph Scully, Rebecca Napier, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Callum Jones, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Libby Kennedy, Daniel Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Mary Annegeline as Nurse Jodie Smith, Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra Freedman, Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Mauricio Merino JR as Simon Freedman, Sean-James Murphy as Receptionist, Brian Wray as Locksmith, Klaire Gazzo as Nurse

Trivia Notes
• This episode featured a brief flashback of Harold when he was together with Madge

Summary by Edd

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