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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5661
Written by Stuart Gaunt, Directed by Hannah Hilliard, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 06/04/09 Five: 08/06/09

ē Adam Clarke tells Ringo to leave Declan to tidy up the hotel and offers an incentive to Declan by handing him some money. Declan isnít too pleased
ē Declan tells Ringo he is going to hold a grudge after being treated so poorly by his mate
ē Ringo heads off to Ashleyís house, what they got up too has been made public and Donna calls him a jerk
ē Paul refuses Cassís attempts at friendship, leading Cass to threaten that she will make his life a misery
ē Out on the street Cass tells her neighbours that stuff is missing from her house and that she suspects Paul. The neighbours inspect Paulís house and find a piece of Cassís underwear in his suitcase

No 22 - Lounge: Donnaís missing her siblings but Elle reassures her that theyíll be fine. She tries to explain what Donnaís Nan was like but Donna cuts her off stating that she was normal, which Elle agrees with. Donna then explains how the weirdness that surrounds her family seems to skip a generation in her family; Elle says she can relate to that. Attention then turns to a piece of underwear which both females donít no belongs to Cass, the same underwear found in Paulís suitcase. Donna makes a comment that it resembles her mumís style, assuming it must be Elleís. Elle however also has no idea who it belongs too and jokingly says that she hopes the underwear doesnít belong to Lucas. She and Donna start laughing when Toadie walks into the room after finishing a conversation on the phone. Toadie then stops the girls playing about with the underwear letting them know its evidence, Elle hasnít a clue whatís going on and asks Toadie why he is in her house. He fills her in about Cassís accusation that Paul is stalking her. A clearly aggravated Paul comes down the stairs filled with ideas on charging people with trespassing. Toadie calmly reminds him that he invited them into the house, which Paul suddenly remembers. Paul canít believe whatís happening and Toadie finishes the events at number 22 for the moment, by saying that the police are on their way, which leaves Donna with a worried look on her face.

Charlie's: Paulís neighbours are sitting together mulling over the finding of underwear in Paulís suitcase. Steve makes his views clear saying that in his opinion Paulís the type of person to go after a defenceless woman, which leads Rebecca to step in reminding Steve that Cass tried to frame her only a few days ago. Dan backs up Rebeccaís point about Cass not being defenceless but Steph is convinced of Paulís guilt stating that its Paulís style to treat women that way. Labels of Paul being a ďrat and creepĒ are given by Steph and Steve respectively, whilst Rebecca and Paul arenít convinced why Paul would steal the underwear. Steph suggests that he was annoyed that Cass rejected him and Susan eventually comes in trying to put a stop to all the gossiping, by saying the matter is with the police now, which Miranda duly agrees with. However just when it seems the matter has been put to bed Susan talks about how obsessed Paul sometimes is at work which allows Steve to continue applying negative labels to Paul, the latest being a ďbullyĒ which Dan also agrees with. Rebecca canít take no more and surprises everyone by stating that she knows Paul can do bad things but with no proof they have no right to judge him. Libby and Miranda suggest they have with the email and the underwear but that doesnít deter Rebecca as she doesnít think it is fair to call Paul a monster. She then goes to try and discuss the wonderful things Paul is capable of doing, when Andrew comes through the door over to join her. Steve canít resist asking Andrew if he agrees with Rebeccaís latest statement about Paul being wonderful which, unsurprisingly he doesnítí, leading Rebecca to feel a bit awkward.

No 22: Elle and Toadie struggle not to laugh as a police officer takes an insightful look at the underwear found in Paulís suitcase. The police officer asks Paul how the underwear got here, he quickly tells him that he doesnít no and that Cass has a vendetta against him. Toadie steps in telling the police that what his client means, is that he has no comment to give at this time. The police officer tries to get Paul to talk again, by telling him that he heard he made some allegations regarding Mrs Freedman, and asks him if he wants to comment on that. Paul wants to respond but looks over at Toadie who clearly states Paul wonít be talking about that either. Donna walks in, clearly startled when she catches a glimpse of the police officer. She asks if she can come in and Elle duly lets her, telling her that this is her home too. Paul sarcastically tells her to come in reminding her that her mum is trying to ruin him. Toadie tells Paul that what he is saying isnít helping. Paul canít stop himself though, he apologises to Donna before venting his fury calling Cass a manipulative gold-digger. Elle and Toadie arenít happy with what his saying but Paulís canít seem to stop displaying his fury. He canít believe that no one seems to believe his been set up, yet his anger seems to have made things work as the police officer concludes the case is worth investigating. He requests Paul to go down to the station to make a statement which Paul is happy to do to prove his innocence. A now concerned Elle nudges Toadie, who lets Paul know that he and Elle will follow him down to the station. Paulís happy with that and makes it clear he wants the matter dealt with quickly, leading the walk out of the house. The police officer reminds Toadie that himself investigating Paul is quite familiar, which Toadie agrees with. Toadie tells Elle heíll wait for her in the car out the front. An anxious Donna asks Elle if Paul really hates her mum, Elle tries to reassure her itíll blow over, which leads to Donna asking if Elle thinks Paul is guilty. Elle answers confidently that the way her dad reacted suggests he isnít guilty, as his behaviour wasnít cool and assured which usually suggests his guilt. Donna is clearly worried what her mum has got herself into as the scene ends with her again displaying a nervous facial impression.

Charlie's: Steveís on his own table eating alone, leading Dan to ask him if he wants to sit with Libby, Steph and his former partner Miranda. Steve declines sighting work as the reason why. Elsewhere Rebecca tries to develop a conversation about food with future husband Andrew and Declan, yet it isnít long before Andrew questions her decision to stick up for Paul. Rebecca tells him she doesnít think it was fair that so many people were having a go at him, which leads to Andrew asking if Paul has ever been fair himself. Rebecca maintains her belief Paul isnít all bad and dismisses the whole underwear thing, implying Cass probably set him up. Andrew doesnít know how Rebecca can think that. Rebecca explains that Cass is manipulative and points to how she interfered in getting them together. She quickly retracts saying of course it was good they got together, but it appears sheís dug a pretty deep hole to get out of. Andrew points to the fact that Cass stopped any chance Paul had of being with his future wife, suggesting he wanted revenge. Rebecca reassures him that Cass and Paulís problems have nothing to do with them. Andrew tries to ease the tension by giving his opinion on the food which isnít a positive one. Rebecca says sheíll tell the chef and is clearly unhappy after previously telling Andrew she liked the food. Declan ponders if he should say something as his left alone with Andrew but decides against it.

Still at Charlieís Declan goes to see his mum detailing that Andrew isnít in a great mood. Rebecca tries to shake off the problem saying theyíll sort out the problem they have. Declan makes his views clear that he sympathises with Andrew. Rebecca urges him not to get involved yet Declan describes Paul as a Snake and refers to Andrew as a tool. However he makes it known to his mum that she decided to marry Andrew, which Rebecca weakly confirms. He suggests she give Andrew a break and stop protecting Paul. Rebecca canít seem to do that though saying she knows Paul didnít do anything as his not interested in Cass. She then pleads with Declan to keep Andrew occupied, which surprisingly he doesnít have a problem with. Rebecca then voices her displeasure openly about Cass saying the sooner sheís gone the better the street will be. She spots Donna and tries to apologize but Donna doesnít care saying sheís called her mum far worse. Declan wonders over to her and she asks him whether Bridgetís around. Declan tells her Bridgetís at home chatting to Rachel on Skype. After seeing Donna needing someone to talk too, Declan asks if the problem involves her mum. Donna jokes that it is about global warming, and then confirms it is about her mum and Ringo. Declan questions Donna about whether she believes her mum over Paul and Donna canít seem to make up her mind.

No 24: Cass is heard frantically on the phone telling someone, presumably Donnaís Nan to send the kids back home to her. She says the kids should be with her as Donna listens in outside the door. As the phone conversation ends, Donna lets herself in and is met by a clearly distressed Cass who rudely asks what she wants. Donna tells her mum sheís just come to see if sheís alright. Cass tells her daughter that sheís alone and accuses Donna of taking her kids away from her. Donna sticks up for herself accusing her mum of hurting all of children, including herself. Cass dismisses the idea thatís sheís been a bad mum asking Donna if the Robinsons have forced that idea on her, which Donna strongly denies. Cass suggests to her daughter that sheís been manipulated but that doesnít ring with Donna, who fires back saying thatís not how the Robinsons operate. Cass asks Donna if she thinks she deserves whatís going on with Paul, which leads to Donna gingerly asking if she is telling the truth. Cass tries to strengthen her claim saying Paulís constantly ringing her yet Donna queries if thatís what she wanted in the first place. Clearly upset Cass tells Donna Paulís in love with Rebecca and she refuses to be his consolation prize, which suggests sheís trying to hurt Paul. Trying to hide what sheís thinking, Donna consoles her mum. Conversely her face suggests she thinks her mum is up to her old tricks in terms of not being truthful in her claims about Paul.

Erinsborough High - Corridor/Classroom: Ringo deliberately bumps into a student declaring itís a free country after the student stares back at him. Libby enters and asks Ringo if he has seen Dan, telling him sheís brought his lunch again. Ringo shakes his head leading Libby to ask if his ok. Ringo reassurance isnít convincing. He then sets his eyes on Donna and tries to speak to her but she ignores him. Declan makes it clear to Ringo that she isnít interested in talking to him stating sheís got enough to deal with. A clearly annoyed Ringo tries to pick a fight with Declan, accusing him of trying to be a hero, leading Declan to respond by asking Ringo if he suddenly thinks his too cool for school. Ringo shoves him and Danís the only reason why a fight doesnít erupt at that very moment. Dan tells Declan to get to class and tells Ringo he wants a chat. Alone with Ringo, Dan enquires about an essay which Ringo confesses he hasnít done. Ringo cites football training as the reason why he hasnít done it, and when a field trip assignment is mentioned by Dan, he tries to shift the emphasis onto Zeke. Mr Fitzgerald tells him that Zeke has handed his essay and field trip assignment in, giving Ringo no leg to stand on. He calmly tells Ringo to ask if he is having trouble keeping up, leading Ringo to say he doesnít need any help. After doing all he can to help, Dan tells the young football star to get to class. Dan and Ringo enter the classroom and Dan is quick to give back peopleís essays. Meanwhile, Donna and Declan are sitting away from Ringo as Declan asks if sheís ok. Donna shocks Declan by saying sheís going back to live with her mum. Declan queries why as sheís just moved away from her, Donna cites keeping her enemies close to home as the reason behind her decision. As Dan tries to begin the lesson, Ringoís busy texting away on his phone. Dan asks him to put it away but Ringo continues with it under the table. Finally Ringo stops but Danís had enough and asks Ringo to give him the phone. Ringo refuses even when detention is suggested as an alternative by his teacher. Eager to discipline Ringo, Dan sends him to the principalís office, this causes Ringo to snap and throw his books on the floor, declaring his had enough of school. Dan tells him to pick the books up yet Ringo doesnít comply, and leaves the room declaring he no longer needs school and has better things to do. His classmates including Donna and Declan look on in disbelief.

Outside in the corridor a desperate Donna asks Ringo to rethink his decision. Ringo questions why she only talks to him after his quit school, which Donna still canít seem to comprehend. A conversation develops with Ringo stating itís the smartest decision his ever made, leading Donna to ask him if he thinks Footballers donít need to think. It isnít long before Ringo starts blaming Donna for not talking to him which Donna refuses to accept. She makes it clear she wonít be falling for any more guilt trips from anyone.

Portside Falcons Training Ground: Susan watches on as Ringo trains with his team mates. She calls his name and declares she isnít moving until he comes over to her, a reluctant Ringo jogs over to her. Susan tells him that Dan is prepared to allow him to go back to school tomorrow, yet Ringo once again says he is finished with school. Susan queries what heíll do if he gets an injury, Ringo responds by saying heíll join the coaching staff or go back to school then. Susan tries in vain to convince Ringo to go back now where heíll have friends and teachers to give him support but Ringo wonít be convinced. He says itís his decision and as Clarke asks if his alright he tells Susan to worry about Zeke, not him as he has other people to look out for him now.

No 22: Elleís on the phone telling Donna she sees no reason for her to go and live with her mum. Clearly worried, she tries to persuade Donna to stay with her but Donna cuts her off as Paul walks down the stairs. Paul asks Elle if another Freedman is making her life a misery and then cruelly remarks he hopes they rot together. Toadie again comes in warning Paul thatís not the attitude he needs to convey, whilst Paul admits Donna isnít the problem. Discussion then turns to Paulís idea of new stories which involve ridiculing Cass. Stories such as two kids on the run from their mum and how Cass has ripped off the Salvation Army arenít appreciated by Elle and Toadie; in contrast Paul finds it quite amusing. Elle canít believe sheís been mentioned in the stories in terms of housing Donna. Finally she succeeds in getting Paul to agree to not publish any of the stories. Paul declares however that he isnít going to let Cass take him for a fool, leading Elle to contemplate the whole situation.

Portside Falcons Training Ground: Ringo stops running clearly over doing it. Clarke goes over to him letting him know not to over work as theirs a whole season to go. Ringo lets him know he is just looking to impress. Clarke canít help but notice how tired the young rookie is and Ringo finally admits it. Ringo asks his team mate how he copes with the stamina aspect of the game. Clarke tells Ringo heíll look after him as he inspires Ringo to get back to training.

Car Park: Clarke tells Ringo to enjoy his new found freedom and suggests he invest in a new set of wheels. He lets him know he has connections in that area and offers Ringo a chance to join him for a car ride with the other team members. An excited Ringo accepts the invitation.

Harold's Store: Libby is sitting with Steph and Miranda. She asks Steph whether anything else has been found at Paulís house. Steph says she hasnít heard anything while Libby adds in it is only a matter of time before they do. Miranda points out that Cass isnít blameless for the whole situation as the gossip continues over the whole affair. Donna enters and the conversation suddenly stops as she wanders over to Declan with a huge Green Milkshake. Declan canít believe the size of the milkshake, let alone the fact it is Green and labels it as being gross. Donna sees it as comfort food; Declan canít see the comfort in eating a Green Milkshake. He tries it and finds it disgusting. Donna doesnít care stating that she sees it as away of not killing her mum which causes Declan to ask whether sheís found any evidence yet. Donna shakes her head then bizarrely talks to Declan about them having a brother and sister relationship. Declan looks confused but she explains that both have regarded Paul as a father figure so in that respect they are related. She then talks about how they should stay buddies forever clearly eager to have a friend at the moment. Declan sees no reason why they should fight. Donna explains sheís worried that her mum being horrible to Rebecca and the fact sheís not talking to Ringo will result in their friendship breaking down. Declan reassures her saying their cool and that Ringo isnít speaking to him anyway.

No 24: Cass is looking through letters, labelling them as junk. Then she discovers a letter saying sheís being watched and believes sheís trapped Paul. Donna enters and her mum shows her the letter, the scene ends with Donna having a puzzling look on her face.

Adam Clarke's Car: Clarkeís driving around recklessly as conversation drifts onto Ringoís relationship with the coachís daughter. Clarke explains sheís been with almost half the team, which Ringo is surprised to hear about. Clarke explains that most of them didnít get caught. He asks if Nathan had a go at him and Ringo tells him he didnít escape lightly. Clarke tries to get everything he can about Ringoís relationship with Ashley, when Ringo claims its none of his business, Clarke tells him heíll find out from Ashley anyway, which leads Ringo to laugh. Clarke wonít stop talking about contacting Ashley which starts to agitate Ringo. In reaching for his phone he drops it. As the Football idol goes to pick it up the car is swaying all over the place. Ringo tells him to focus on the road but it has no affect and the car crashes into a blown up Easter Bunny. Police sirens are heard in the background and Clarke urges Ringo to take the blame, claiming he only has a few points left on his license. Ringo tries to put up an argument saying his still only a provisional driver, yet Clarke seems to persuade him to take the fall by questioning his loyalty. Clearly unhappy Ringo seems resigned to taking the blame as Clarke and other team mates walk away from the driving position.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Daniel Fitzgerald, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Stephanie Scully, Miranda Parker, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Steve Parker, Susan Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: as Cassandra Freedman, Clint Bizzell as Adam Clarke, Peter Flanigan as Andrew Simpson, Steven Stagg as Sergeant Ray Moller, Max Chanesman as Student

Summary by Daniel