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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5666
Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Hannah Hilliard, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 10/04/09 Five: 12/06/09

• Elle tells Lucas to have his boys’ night, during that night, all alone and bored she tries on his motorcycle helmet and she can’t get it off
• Exchange student Sunny comes to Ramsay Street and immediately complains about the bathroom, leading Susan too politely say it's big enough. Sunny backtracks saying that’s its fine but then makes a slight dig remarking about she was told how some families standards are different to others
• Sunny contacts Lost Boy and becomes fascinated with unmasking him and getting even with him. She goes to the studio to find him but to no avail

No 26 - Living room: Declan and Bridget are together feeding a rabbit. Sunny comes by and is a bit wary of the rabbit. The conversation quickly switches to lost Boy as she informs Bridget and Declan that she has tracked down lost boy. It isn’t long before she admits she doesn’t know who he or she is. Bridget is keen for the lost boy to remain anonymous but Sunny is keen to expose him.

No 22 - Elle's bedroom/lounge: Elle is sitting alone on her bed, still unable to get the motorcycle helmet off her head. Lucas is heard downstairs saying goodbye to Dan whilst Steph, Ty, Steve and Toadie are still playing Poker. Steve is victorious but attention turns to Lucas who seems to be missing Elle. He is mocked by his mates and their ideas seem to be right on the money as Lucas tells them his had enough of Poker. Steve leaves disappointed and the others soon follow.

Back in the bedroom, Elle is looking through Lucas’s stuff and stumbles on some letters. As she reads them, her complexion changes, she’s clearly worried by what’s she just read. Hearing footsteps she clears the letters away and jumps back onto the bed. Lucas enters and struggles not to laugh seeing his girlfriend wearing his motorcycle helmet.

No 28 - Living room: Zeke and Libby discuss Sunny nearly finding out about Zeke being lost boy. Zeke tells Libby how she phoned up the station and that he told her things he didn’t want to here. Libby isn’t impressed and just as she’s about to lecture the young teen, Sunny comes into the fray. Sunny informs Libby about how her day has gone and then promptly heads off to bed. Libby mentions to Zeke that Sunny’s quite charming which Zeke doesn’t agree with. Zeke then confesses to not being able to help Libby out tomorrow due to him having an earlier shift on the radio station. Libby warns him that people will wonder where he is and that his efforts should not just be put into the Radio Station. Zeke is happy though as Libby is still prepared to keep his true identity a secret.

No 22 - Elle's bedroom: Lucas tries to get the helmet off Elle but has no success. Lucas tries to comfort a clearly grumpy Elle yet she brushes off his affection, swiftly going to bed in the process.

No 22 - Elle's bedroom: Unable to sleep, Elle turns on the light and enquires who Nat is to her by now dazed boyfriend, who’s just woken up. Elle confesses to going through Lucas’s love letters, which doesn’t bother the Mechanic who forgives her for snooping and tries to go back to sleep. Guilt however isn’t Elle’s problem as she pesters Lucas into telling her who Nat is. Lucas tells her she’s an old girl friend and after brushing off whether he still speaks to her, Elle asks him to sleep on the couch. Lucas is clearly bemused at the situation at hand and after a brief pause, it's Elle who heads off to the couch instead.

No 22 - Living room: Lucas comes in from a run and tries to comfort his girlfriend, who doesn’t like the thought of being hugged by a man full of sweat. Elle can’t believe Lucas brought the letters into the house. Lucas tries to reassure her they don’t mean anything to him anymore, yet Elle is still clearly upset. Lucas apologizes but makes it clear he doesn’t know what else to do.

No 26 - Living room: Declan and Bridget are fooling about painting Eggs. Members of Ramsay Street come through the door after going to Church. Callum asks Toadie why they don’t go to Church more often, Toadie struggles with that question, providing a very weak response, stating that sometimes they just don’t have time. Callum talks about how he enjoyed the stories told in Church, leading Steph to tell Toadie that Callum might end up being a Preacher. Judging by the look on the lawyer’s face, that’s something he can’t really envisage, or something he’d hope for. Attention then turns to the Eggs being painted. Callum and Ben are amazed at the lack of Chocolate in the Eggs. As the Egg discussion is building momentum, suddenly Steve bursts in, asking if anyone has seen a Rabbit. Ben and Callum refer to the Easter Bunny but Steve says his talking about a real Rabbit, and is reminded by fellow adults that the Easter Bunny is indeed a real Rabbit. Steve quickly assures the kids that the Easter Bunny is indeed real, admitting his mistake. He explains that the Rabbit named Monty has vanished. Toadie suggests they all go outside to look for him. As they go outside Declan, Bridget and Libby are met by Sunny whose dedication to unmasking the loss boy doesn’t seem to be fading. She discovers loss boy is on and tells the others she’s off to the station. Declan and Bridget are left amazed at Sunny’s strange behaviour, whilst Libby dashes off in pursuit of Ramsay Street’s new Korean resident.

Ramsay Street: Libby tries to call Zeke to warm him about Sunny but fails to get through to him. Meanwhile Zeke’s working playing music. Sunny on the other hand is heading straight to the station. Libby leaves a message on Zeke’s answer phone about Sunny’s imminent arrival. Running out of ideas, Libby calls Steph to ask her to look after Ben and heads off to the station in the hope of keeping Zeke’s identity as lost boy a secret.

Skate park - Outside PirateNet studios: Sunny arrives, frantically banging on what’s between her and finding out the loss boy’s identity. She calls the person who has promised to let her in but can’t get through. At that moment Zeke comes into shot leading Sunny to suspect him as being lost boy. Zeke laughs the accusations off as Libby enters. Zeke says he just wanted to find out the lost boy’s identity, whilst Libby helps him by saying she’s here to pick up Zeke. Zeke lies saying he got chucked out of the station and they threatened to call the police. He also shows Sunny that he can’t be lost boy, as he shows his podcast is still running on his phone. Sunny tries to get into the station but Libby ultimately persuades her to come home with her and Zeke. Libby wonders how the pod cast is still going and that is quickly revealed, as we see Zeke set up an emergency pre record before going out to see Sunny.

Harold's Store: Libby starts a conversation with Sunny but her attention can’t get drifted away from finding out about who the lost boy is. Sunny desperately asks what Zeke’s plan was, in doing so she accidentally knocks a drink over Zeke. Elle rushes over, clearly annoyed about the mess, causing Libby to assume she’s in a bad mood. Elle then drags Libby away searching for ideas about what to do with Lucas. She asks Libby if she’s heard of Nat. Libby says he never mentioned her and questions why she’s worried about some letters. She then assures Elle that Lucas loves here. After giving some advice to Elle, Libby answers her phone and finds out theirs a rabbit hunt going on back on Ramsay Street. She asks Sunny if she’s prepared to find a rabbit, something Sunny isn’t looking forward to, judging by the confused look on her face.

Community Gardens: All the kids are looking for Monty the Rabbit, along with many of Ramsay Street’s adults. Amongst them is Elle who apologises to Lucas for her overreaction to the love letters. She reveals she wants to be the one who makes Lucas feel special, Lucas makes it clear Elle does that already. Elsewhere Bridget finds Monty hiding, whilst Declan also discovers something. Bridget is curious over what he has found and comes over to see a lot of money buried in her back garden.

No 26 - Kitchen: The two young teens discuss what to do with the money. Bridget mentions going to the police but Declan has ideas of using it to support the baby.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker, Stephanie Scully, Ty Harper, Steve Parker, Jarrod Rebecchi, Zeke Kinski, Libby Kennedy, Callum Jones, Mickey Gannon, Charlie Hoyland

Guest Cast: Hany Lee as Sunny Lee

Summary by Daniel