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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5673
Written by Sue Hore, Directed by Adrian Holmes, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 22/04/09 Five: 24/06/09

• Zeke talks on his radio show about people who get their kicks from pushing people around
• Callum rushes out into the street from no 30, into the waiting crowd. There is a huge crash from the house
• Everyone rushes into no 30 to find Toadie holding Guy down, and the police arrest Guy
• Zeke refuses Susan’s offer of breakfast and says he’s going for a walk, to Susan’s disappointment
• Lucas tells Paul that Elle was just a bit of fun but it got too complicated
• At no 22, Lucas and Elle hug and kiss, and Lucas looks over Elle’s shoulder at Paul standing watching

Radio Station: On his show, Zeke talks about ordinary people standing up to bullies and making a difference. He says that some ordinary people made a stand that resulted in the bully being driven away from Ramsay Street in a police car.

Harold's Store: Elle and Lucas are listening to Lost Boy on Elle’s laptop, because Elle had a tip off that he was talking about Guy Sykes. Paul enters as Zeke, with his distorted voice, starts talking again, outlining the events of the past few days and what Guy wanted. Elle wonders how Lost Boy can know all this. Zeke continues, praising Toadie and his guts. Paul looks pleased and Elle looks horrified as Zeke says that Sykes has knocked the Robinsons off Erinsborough’s no 1 bad guy slot. Paul suggests doing an interview with him. Elle looks thoughtful and Paul says he’s taking her off the Sykes story and getting her to find Lost Boy instead. Lucas says they don’t have a clue who he is, and Paul snipes that Lucas should stick to taking photographs and leave the stories to him. Elle says it’s a good idea and goes to get coffee, leaving Paul to gloat to Lucas.

Harold's Store: Later, Miranda and Rebecca talk about the hostage situation by the counter and how Toadie and Callum are. Rebecca says Callum’s filling everyone in on how Guy had a hockey mask and a machete. They switch to talking about Declan moving back into the Parker house. Miranda says Rebecca should come back too. Rebecca says that’s not why she brought it up, but Miranda says they’d love to have her back. Rebecca says she’d really like that.

No 30 - Living Room: The room is destroyed and the back of the couch has fallen down. Susan and Toadie are clearing up. Steph comes in and says Callum is playing with Mickey. Susan says Libby and Dan have gone shopping for Toadie. Toadie says he’s fine, but Steph says he needs some looking after. Toadie insists that Guy’s gone and he’s okay. He turns away and sees Bob. Susan asks if Bob is okay but Toadie says he’s alright. But when Toadie picks Bob up, he realises that something isn’t right. He decides to take him to the vet’s and he and Steph hurry off, asking Susan to look after Callum.

Harold's Store: Kyle is pestering Zeke about Guy Sykes. Zeke pretends his about to tell all, but then says to go ask Elle. Kyle says if Zeke won’t tell him, he’ll find out himself and he leaves. He doesn’t stop and ask Elle as suggested, though she is sitting with Lucas at the bar by the door, using her laptop.

Elle shows Lucas a list she has compiled of all the people who live within a block of Ramsay Street. Lucas snorts at seeing Miranda’s name on the list. He then says that maybe they should respect Lost Boy’s privacy, but Elle says that he’s on the radio, so he must want to be “out there”. Lucas suggests that it is not a ‘he’ but a ‘she’, but then calls it a dumb idea. Elle says that Paul supports it, but Lucas says Paul only pushed for it because Lucas didn’t like it. Elle calls him pathetic, and Lucas asks why she always takes her father’s side. Elle says that now he’s being childish. Lucas tells her she can find Lost Boy on her own and exits, leaving Elle looking a little confused and annoyed. She is even more annoyed when she notices Zeke laughing at her. However, she then turns to him and asks what he knows about the “mysterious DJ”. Zeke feigns innocence and says no, turning back to his drink and leaving Elle to wonder.

Charlie's: Paul sits down in one of the booths with soft chairs, noticing Lucas in the next one, reading a newspaper. He asks what Lucas is doing there, and Lucas replies that he is riverdancing. Paul tries to jibe Lucas about commitment issues. Lucas retaliates about Paul’s need to interfere with Elle’s life and the argument escalates, Lucas getting up and going over to Paul, telling him that Paul is the problem, not him. He walks out, saying he feels sorry for Paul.

He passes Rebecca, Susan and Miranda entering as he leaves. They’re talking about Toadie and Callum and helping to clear up no. 30. They joke some more about Callum’s elaborations. Susan asks if either of the other two have seen Zeke, who she hasn’t been able to get in touch with since he went for a walk that morning. Rebecca dismisses it, saying he is a teenager, but Susan says that’s the point, as Zeke has been through a lot and she’s a bit worried about him.

No 28 - Living Room: Zeke enters with Elle close behind, pestering him about Lost Boy, but Zeke is refusing to speak. He says he doesn’t know anything so Elle asks why he is avoiding her. He replies that it’s because she’s chasing him through the streets like a crazy lady. Susan enters from the garden and asks what’s going on. Susan asks Zeke where he’s been and gets annoyed at his vague answer. She says she’s tired of him just walking off without any explanation. The spikes Elle’s interest. Susan tells her to go home, but she says she won’t go till her questions are answered. She demands the truth, confusing Susan, who asks what about. Elle says she thinks she’s just worked out who Lost Boy is.

Dingoes' Den: Zeke and Elle enter, going over to Kyle who is on an exercise bike. It emerges that Zeke got Elle to call Sunny, so that Sunny could tell her about the time that she was with Zeke whilst Lost Boy was on air, and Sunny also told Elle that Kyle was Lost Boy, as Zeke tricked her into believing. Kyle says he didn’t think Sunny had taken that seriously, but then Elle says that she’s prepared to pay him for an exclusive. He tells her it’s true and asks how much. Elle asks Zeke to excuse them and he leaves.

Erinsborough Veterinary Clinic: Steve takes Toadie, Steph and Bob into his surgery. He is upbeat, but Toadie is down and doesn’t talk much. Steve begins to examine Bob. He asks how old he is – 12 or 13. Steve says at that age he’s bound to have a few aches and pains. Steph jokes about how much Bob has been through. Toadie says he thought he might have been hurt in the fight, because he seemed a little off. Steve says he can’t see any signs of injury, but he’ll run some tests. Steve asks if Toadie and Callum have been checked out and Toadie replies that they’re fine. Steve, sensing Toadie’s mood, says they should go home and he’ll look after Bob. Toadie says bye to Bob and he and Steph leave.

No 22 - Kitchen: Washing up together, Paul and Lucas continue to snipe at each other, leading to another argument. Paul throws the tea towel at Lucas. Elle walks in and asks what’s going on, and both men reply nothing. Lucas snaps and leaves, saying he’ll end up “putting him through a wall” if he stays around Paul. Elle and Paul follow him outside.

No 22 - Outside: Paul stands by the door and Lucas stands in the driveway with Elle in between. They both compete to get their view across, Paul saying that Lucas has commitment issues, and Lucas saying that Paul is so controlling. Elle tells Paul that she’s old enough to make her own decisions, and Lucas says she must make one now, and choose between him and her father. Lucas says that there are three people in their relationship and he can’t live like that. Elle says she can’t choose, and Lucas says to let him know when she’s figured it out, getting onto his motorbike. Elle calls after him and turns to glare at Paul, who shrugs and walks inside.

No 22: Elle walks back in and demands to know what Paul said to Lucas. She says it’s none of his business. Paul tells her that she deserves to know where she stands, and now she does. Elle says that she guesses she does, looking quite depressed, and goes over to her laptop on the dining table. Paul says to forget about Lucas and asks how she went on looking for Lost Boy. Elle says she found him, she’s just got to write it up. Paul says he’ll order some takeaway, clearly thinking that he has ‘won’. But Elle opens her laptop to a picture of her and Lucas. She shuts it again, confused and in thought.

Dingoes' Den: Lucas thumps a locker open. Steve approaches, opening another locker. Steve asks Lucas to spot him for ten minutes, but Lucas says he’s finished. Steve says he won’t be long, he’s just waiting for some test results, but Lucas snaps that he is finished, leaving Steve taken aback. He asks if Lucas has woman trouble. Lucas laughs and says what else. Steve says that he and Miranda split up because they just stopped trying to make it work. He says that it’s okay to walk away sometimes, but not when it’s because that’s the easy thing to do. Lucas seems to take his words on board.

In the main part of the gym, Zeke is training with Kyle. Steve comes over and congratulates Zeke for his role in helping Toadie and Callum. He asks if it was true that he was wearing explosives, to which Kyle replies yes. Kyle says that after he talked about it on the radio, he got lots of extra information. Steve is impressed that Kyle is on radio, and even more impressed when Kyle says he’s Lost Boy. Steve leaves, and Zeke, amused, asks if Kyle is really going to pretend to be Lost Boy. Kyle says it’ll pay for a new car stereo, but Zeke asks how long he thinks he can keep it up. Kyle is confused. Zeke says the real Lost Boy wouldn’t be bragging, but Kyle replies that there’s no harm in milking it until the real Lost Boy comes forward. They go back to their sparring.

Charlie's: Lucas is sitting at the bar as Susan and Rebecca walk in talking. It seems that they have left Miranda cleaning no. 30, whilst they have a break. They joke about Miranda’s love of cleaning. Susan sits next to Lucas and Rebecca goes behind the bar. They notice that Lucas is depressed, and ask if he’s having a bad day. Lucas asks how Rebecca could ever have been engaged to “that man” – how could she stand to be around someone who gets off on controlling people? Rebecca is a little affronted and says it’s not really any of his business, but that Paul was actually very good for her. Susan says that she assumes this is about Elle, and Lucas says that she needs to get away from Paul for good. Susan laughs, saying it’s not that simple. She says he’s her dad, but Lucas says he’s going to ruin her life.

Just then, Zeke enters, sees Susan and turns to leave, but she spots him and hurries after him. She tells him to sit down so they can finish their conversation. She takes a seat at a table, and he joins her, but isn’t willing, asking what conversation she means. She says the one about his disappearing act, but Zeke says he hasn’t been disappearing, just going out. Susan says that if it wasn’t for Kyle, then she could almost believe that Zeke really was Lost Boy. Zeke laughs it off. Susan turns serious and says that she knows that Zeke has been through a lot and that he needs some space, but please not to cut them out – they’re a family. Zeke smiles and says he knows, and then leaves, saying he’ll see her at home. Susan smiles as he goes and mutters Lost Boy to herself, clearly having come to the conclusion that Zeke is indeed him, despite Zeke’s dismissals.

No 22: Elle is at the kitchen bar with her laptop open, on the phone. She asks the person on the other end if it’s possible to unpick a voice recording that has been deliberately filtered. The voice must reply no, because Elle says thanks for nothing and hangs up. Elle plays a clip of Lost Boy repeatedly, and decides that it’s not Kyle Canning, but doesn’t recognise that it is Zeke.

No 30 - Living room/Porch: Miranda, Susan and Rebecca are finishing clearing up as Toadie and Steph enter. He’s amazed and thanks them, and jokes that the “small fortune of change” in the couch had better still be there. Susan says that Libby and Dan have dinner in the oven. Steve enters with Bob and everyone fusses over the dog as Toadie takes him. Toadie says he seems a bit woozy, and Steve asks if Toadie has time for a chat. The others all hurriedly leave, telling Toadie to call if he needs anything. Toadie sits down with Bob, saying it’s good to have him home, and Steve watches sadly. Toadie asks if everything’s okay. Steve says he’s sorry, he has bad news.

A few moments later, Steve has told Toadie that Bob has cancer, as Toadie asks if they’re going to give him chemo. But Steve replies that dogs Bob’s age don’t respond well to chemo. Toadie, not wanting to acknowledge alternatives, says they’ll just cut the tumour out then. But Steve says it’s inoperable. Steve continues to explain Bob’s condition, but Toadie stops him, saying how does he know he can’t operate on it if he won’t cut him open and look. Steve, clearly unhappy but certain of his decision, says that as an old dog, Bob probably wouldn’t make it through the operation. Toadie tries to clutch at straws, and Steve sits down next to him and says that there’s really only one thing he can recommend. He is clearly suggesting that the best thing would be to put Bob down, but Toadie jumps up and says that Steve can leave now. Steve gets up too and says that he doesn’t want Bob to suffer either, but Toadie says they’ll get a second opinion. Steve says the test results are irrefutable, but Toadie snaps and tells Steve to stuff the results and just go. Steve leaves with a final sorry. Toadie sits back down with Bob and tells his dog that they’re going to be fine.

On the doorstep, Steve takes out his phone and calls Steph. He says he’s just left Toadie’s and he thinks they have a problem.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Toadie Rebecchi, Stephanie Scully, Susan Kennedy, Miranda Parker, Rebecca Napier, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Zeke Kinski, Steve Parker

Guest Cast: Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning

Trivia Notes
• Fletcher Humphrys and Elise Dickinson are credited as Guy Sykes and Belinda Caskey, but do not appear
• The arrangement is made for Rebecca to return to no. 26
• Bob is diagnosed with cancer
• Bob is said to be about 12 or 13 years old

Summary by Sian