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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5675
Written by John Davies, Directed by Adrian Holmes, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 24/04/09 Five: 26/06/09

• Ty is missing Rachel and makes it clear he thinks she’s moved on
• Elle approaches Kyle Canning, she is told by Zeke he is the Lost boy, subsequently she asks him for an interview
• Elle tells Lucas she can’t make her choose between him and her dad. Lucas agrees but says if he doesn’t hear from her he’ll know where he stands
• Donna thanks Cass for agreeing to do the character reference. Cass is clearly still angry with her daughter and slams the door in her face
• A talk with Ringo gives Donna hope she can help change her mum into a nice person
• She relays her feelings to Cass, who’s a little bemused to see her daughter move back in with her

Ramsay Street: A car pulls out of the Robinson household, moments later Rebecca calls out to Elle. Rebecca reveals she’s moving back to Miranda’s house. Elle tells Rebecca her father’s moving back to Lassiters. Rebecca’s worried about how Paul will take rejection which surprises Elle. Eventually Rebecca congratulates Elle on her decision, yet Elle picks up on Rebecca’s concern for Paul, telling her to think clearly about her feelings for her former lover. Rebecca dismisses Elle’s idea whilst standing alongside Ty, who's smiling for the first time in ages.

No 24: Donna’s rehearsing for the School Play when she hears a knock at the door. Elle is let in by Donna, who is confused when she hears Paul has moved into Lassiters. Elle doesn’t want to talk about the situation, instead offering to hope Donna rehearse. Cass enters and immediately makes a mockery out of the school play. Donna tries to get her involved in the concert setup but it falls on deaf ears. Cass snaps at Elle but Donna keeps calm and tells her mum she can say what she wants, but she still loves her. Elle tries to get Donna to go back home with her, however Donna is determined to help her mum.

Harold's Store: Kyle searches for his interview in the newspaper to no avail. Sunny accuses Zeke of being jealous of the Lost Boy which Zeke dismisses. He soon catches sight of Elle and questions where Kyle’s article is in the paper. Elle tells the teenagers that she knows Kyle isn’t the Lost Boy. Sunny’s furious that Karl lied to her, whilst Elle assures Zeke she’ll find the Lost Boy without his help. The scene ends with Kyle giving Zeke a reminder that the Lost Boy better watch his back.

Erinsborough High: Nearly all of Ramsay Street is helping out with organising the School Play. Bridget tells Donna she’s been made Stage Manager and questions why she’s trying to help her mum. Donna says she’s fed up with people asking her this when they both suddenly catch sight of Cass. Both seem bemused why she’s here. Cass apologises to Dan and tells him she wants to be involved in the Play. She tells the principal she’s doing it for Donna and that it would crush her daughter if she wasn’t involved.

Dan asks Donna if what her mum said was true and she confirms it was. Cass is determined to be involved and Dan reluctantly agrees to give her another chance. Just when it seems Cass is making an effort to connect with her daughter, she tells Donna to be careful what she wishes for.

Miranda and Rebecca discuss why Dan has let Cass back into the fold. Meanwhile Bridget directs everyone involved in the Play into their positions. It isn’t long before rehearsing gets underway. Sunny questions her character’s role in the Play clearly uncomfortable with performing with Zeke. Dan tells Donna she’s up next which leads to Cass sarcastically saying she can’t wait.

Dingoe's Den: Steve invites Ty round to Toadie’s and is a bit concerned when he sees Ty looking so low. Elsewhere in the gym, Libby is on the phone to Rachel. After she hangs up, she asks Ty what’s going on with him and Rachel. Ty at first tries to downplay the whole thing but eventually he tells her him and Rachel are no longer together. Libby suggests he tell Rachel that his moved on which leads to Ty revealing its Rachel, not him who has moved on.

Erinsborough High: Donna gets up and starts performing. Her mother cruelly laughs after every line clearly trying to unsettle her daughter. It isn’t long before Dan removes Cass from the classroom. He makes it clear to Donna that she’s doing well. Miranda and Rebecca can’t believe Cass’s attitude to her daughter and Rebecca marches out to confront her.

Rebecca queries Cass over why she continues to ridicule Donna. She warns Cass she’ll run out of chances sooner or later and that she won’t know what she had until it is gone. Cass tries to hide her feelings but her face dispels a worried edge to it.

Back in the classroom Donna passionately performs. Filled with thoughts of her mother cruel jibes, she runs out of the classroom clearly upset.

It is left to Rebecca and Elle to rush outside and comfort Donna. Donna explains she tried to help her mum and doesn’t understand why her mum doesn’t love her. Elle tells her that she needs to put herself first. Rebecca explains to her that everyone back on the Street loves her and that she deserves to be happy. Elle jokingly suggests if they were in America she could divorce from her mum which Donna doesn’t see as a bad idea. Elle then invites Donna back home and she gratefully accepts.

Dingoes' Den: Libby tries to get to the bottom over what’s going on with Ty and Rachel. Ty shows her a text which he reads as Rachel moving on with another man. Libby laughs and explains that the person Rachel meant to send the text to instead of Ty, is actually her Cousin. Ty can’t believe his stupidity and Libby tells Ty to hurry up and contact her.

An excited Ty quickly sends a video message to Rachel with Libby intently watching on. He tells Rachel he wants to commit to her and asks her in the message if she wants the same thing.

Erinsborough High: Declan enquires to Zeke about his chemistry with Sunny which he abruptly dismisses as just acting. Elle finds Cass and lashes out at the way she’s treated Donna. Cass asks her if she’s finished which leads Elle to slap a shocked Cass.

No 24: Donna packs her stuff as Rebecca and Elle come by to help her. She tells Cass she’s leaving, Cass replies by saying she’ll be back. The desperation in her voice however is clear. Donna tells Cass she is going to divorce her from her life. Cass tries in vain to make Donna stay saying she needs her in her life to be a better person. Donna’s had enough and leaves her mum all alone inside Number 24.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Ty Harper, Donna Freedman, Zeke Kinski, Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Daniel Fitzgerald, Steve Parker, Libby Kennedy, Declan Napier

Guest Cast: Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning, Hany Lee as Sunny Lee, Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra Freedman

Summary by Daniel

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