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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5677
Written by Alix Beane, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 28/04/09 Five: 30/06/09

Ty realises that he was mistaken over Rachel finding someone else
Ty sends Rachel a message asking her to get in touch
Elle throws Cass out of the house
Declan tells Elle that he saw Cass with the missing Cat
Cass claims to know nothing about the missing animal
Elle finds Declan unconscious under number 24

Ramsay Street: Elle comes running down the driveway of number 24 just as Paul is getting into his car. She shouts out to her dad telling him that Declan is trapped under the house and she thinks he's been electrocuted and is not breathing. Mickey is also out in the street and on hearing this runs to get Steve who then rushes to assist Paul. Running up the driveway of the house Paul shouts at Elle to phone for an ambulance.

No 24 - Under the house: Paul manages to pull himself along the ground under the house and reaches Dec. Steve announces that he's turned off the power but isn't able to reach Dec so gives Paul instructions on how to perform CPR.

Charlie's: Toadie is in reading a book and is approached by Lucas who asks about the play. Toadie asks him "have you ever heard of a second act turning point?" Lucas hasn't at which point Toadie mentions he also hasn't but apparently he needs one! Lucas leaves Toadie and wanders over to join Rebecca and Didge who are choosing music for a baby shower. Rebecca tells Lucas that he can have a listen as he's more likely to know the bands than she is at which point Lucas points out that's because she's a grandma! Mickey rushes in to tell everyone Declan has had a serious accident.

No 24 - Driveway: An ambulance is seen reversing into the driveway of number 24 just as Rebecca, Didge and Lucas arrive. The two paramedics walk up the driveway and through the gate and enter the underneath of the house. Steve updates the male paramedic with what has happened and leaves. The male paramedic tells Paul they can't reach him and Dec so he will have to bring Dec to them. Paul drags Dec to the paramedics. Outside Elle, Rebecca and Didge are all very worried. Back underneath the house Paul is still dragging Dec to the paramedics. Dec is not breathing so the paramedics take over the CPR, Paul is looking extremely worried and upset. The paramedics prepare Dec for an electric shock. Outside, Rebecca is trying to find out what happened, she can't figure out why Dec was underneath a house. Elle says he was rescuing Cat at which point Rebecca rolls her eyes and Lucas wants to know why Cat was outside. Back underneath the house the paramedics give Dec the electric shock and get an output again, much to the immense relief of Paul. They give him some oxygen and say once they've done that they'll take him out again. Just as the paramedics and Steve are coming out of the underneath of the house with Dec on a stretcher, Cass and Donna arrive wanting to know what's happened. As they pull Declan from the house Rebecca is visibly upset and horrified by how badly her boy is hurt. Donna again asks Elle what happened and Elle admits he was hurt trying to rescue Cat. Donna turns to Cass and immediately blames her for everything that's happened. Cass walks off into the house just as the paramedics carry Dec into the waiting ambulance. Everyone agrees that they will go to the hospital with Dec. Just as they leave Paul emerges from underneath the house, his leg obviously giving him problems. We can then hear the ambulance leave, sirens blazing, for the hospital.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Waiting area: Didge is pacing back and forth worrying about Dec whilst everyone else minus Lucas who is standing, are sitting down. Steve tries to get Didge to sit down but she can't because she's so worried. The doctor emerges from the room and informs everyone that Dec is stable but lucky to be alive and that whoever performed CPR saved Dec's life. Steve announces "that would be Paul" something that reminds Rebecca she didn't thank him. Didge is angry that Elle sent him down there after Cat and is also angry at Donna because her mum put Cat under the house. Didge tells Donna, Elle and Lucas to go because it's family only.

No 24 - Living room: Cass is sitting in a chair when Donna storms in. Cass says she never meant for anyone to get hurt but Donna refuses to accept her apology. She opens the blinds whilst still shouting at her mother what she thinks of her. Cass asks her to quieten down as she has a headache. Cass points out everything she has done, she has done for her kids. Donna says she wants her mother to leave Erinsborough before storming out the house.

Charlie's: Donna is on the phone to Tegan when Elle approaches. Elle asks after Tegan and Simon before telling Donna Didge didn't mean what she said. Donna tells Elle she told her mum to leave but she thinks she's stuck with her mum forever. Elle says that her mum won't be around too much longer.

Lassiter's Complex: Toadie is on the phone to Steve for an update on Dec and passes on the news to Ty and Mickey that Dec is stable but OK. Mickey says to Ty he wants them to write a song for Declan for when he's better. Mickey goes off to get some juice. Toadie senses that all is not well between Ty and Rachel and says that Ty could be in London with her. Ty says he can't because he has so many responsibilities in Australia. Toadie tries his best to convince him to book a ticket but Ty is too nervous to. So Toadie takes matters into his own hands...

No 22: Elle enters her house to find Paul and Lucas coming downstairs. Paul notices his bedroom hasn't been changed and says that he came to pick up some of his stuff. Lucas leaves them to talk. Elle admits that she felt useless before as she couldn't do anything to help Dec. Paul reassures her she ws not useless as she went to get help. Paul asks after Rebecca, Elle says she is fine. Paul jokes that he might write about his own heroics on the front page of the paper.

Erinsborough & District Hospital - Room: Dec is lying unconscious on the bed, Didge is talking to him telling him that this had better not be a trick to get out of the birth. Dec wakes up, Didge is mighty relieved! Rebecca and Steve rush in, Rebecca fusses over her boy.

Ramsay Street: Paul is packing a few things into the back of his car as Rebecca and Steve are standing chatting on the street. Rebecca goes over to Paul, seeing her approaching Paul asks how Dec is. He gets a smack on his arm and Rebecca wants to know why he didn't say that he saved Declan's life. Paul tries to play everything down and says he just did what anyone else would've done given the circumstances. Rebecca hugs him before walking back to Steve announcing she is going to go inside Number 26 and get Dec's clothes. Steve shouts over to Paul it looks like he's scored some brownie points.

Lassiter's Complex: Mickey and Ty approach Toadie at one of the tables, Toadie has emailed Rachel according to Ty because immediately after he spoke to Toadie, he got a video message from Rachel. Toadie tries to deny this at which point Ty grabs Toadie's laptop and says unless Toadie admits what he's done he's going to read Toadie's play to everyone who's at Lassiters. Ty carries out his threat at which point Toadie interrupts him wanting to know what Rachel said. Ty admits he hasn't listened to it. Toadie grabs Ty's phone and threatens to watch it. The two of them agree to swap the computer and the phone back and Ty says that he will watch the video when he's on his own. Mickey and Ty then go to leave until Toadie announces that Callum has a new computer game and invites Mickey to go and see it. Mickey leaves to go to Callums leaving Ty with no excuse not to listen to Rachel's message.

Charlie's - Office: Ty is listening to Rachel's video message. She is saying how much she misses him and starts to play their song on the guitar. She says London has been fantastic but admits she misses Ty and invites him to join her in London.

Lassiter's Complex: Donna is holding her phone in her hand, Didge's name is highlighted on the phone. Ty tells her she should make the call and tells Donna Rachel has asked him to go to London. Ty says he is going to surprise Rachel and go. Donna admits to Ty that Didge hates her because Dec nearly died. Ty points out this isn't Donna's fault and that Didge won't hate her. He also points out she has changed a lot since she arrived in Erinsborough. He leaves to go and get them drinks. Next Cass approaches and says there are things she needs to know. Elle arrives and says that Cass should leave town. Elle walks inside Charlies and Donna follows her.

Charlie's: Donna and Elle are sitting down having drinks which Ty has paid for when Cass comes in. She announces that Matt is not Donna's dad. She says that Donna's real dad did a runner when she was pregnant and that Matt agreed to bring Donna up as his own, knowing he was second best. She tells Donna she needed to know the truth before walking out. Donna and Elle are left both looking stunned.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Mickey Gannon, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Ty Harper, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Tottie Goldsmith as Cassandra Freedman, Carolyn Bock as Dr Peggy Newton

Trivia Notes
Caitlin Stasey appears in a video message as Rachel, in a scene filmed before she left the show, though she is not credited for this appearance

Summary by Louise

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