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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5680
Written by Megan Herbert, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 01/05/09 Five: 03/07/09

• Elle tries to rescue Cat in a tight and closed space which brings back memories of the roof collapse, which she struggles to deal with
• Rebecca thanks Paul for helping save Declan, giving him a big hug which Paul enjoys a lot
• Donna breaks the news of Bridget’s engagement
• Toadie talks to Dan about his worry over Steph finding out that the school play is based around their relationship
• Steph’s furious when she finds out she’s the girl in Toadie’s play

Harold's Store/No 28: Steph vents to Libby about her involvement in Toadie’s play at Harold’s Store. Meanwhile Karl speaks to Toadie, enquiring how accurate the play really is. Toadie tells the doctor that the Play is completely based on their lives.

Back at Harold’s Store Steph reads out scenes from the Play clearly still furious about her ex talking about their private matters. Libby agrees Steph has a right to be upset but she also explains that the Play is just Toadie’s way of venting.

No 22: Lucas tries to engage with Elle who is clearly still distressed about the role she played in terms of Declan’s accident. She ends up pushing her boyfriend away by making a remark about how he wasn’t too talkative when Libby lost her baby.

No 26: Declan returns home and finds his pregnant girlfriend fussing over him. Paul comes over taking everyone by surprise, except Declan who reveals he invited him over. Paul offers to leave but Rebecca and the Parker family show their gratitude, by telling him to stay after what he did to help Declan. They joke about Paul giving Declan the kiss of life which leads to Paul and Rebecca both smiling at the end of the scene.

Charlie's: Steph ignores Toadie’s phonecall. Instead she opts to talk to her mate Lucas. She explains her views on why she can’t understand why Toadie felt the need to talk about their relationship. The conversation is just getting going when Elle enters and Steph vacates in order for Elle to admit to Lucas that she isn’t coping. Soon enough the couple make up as Lucas discusses going for a picnic.

No 24 - Under the house: Lucas and Elle go back to the place where Declan was hurt. Lucas tries to help Elle conquer he fear of enclosed spaces telling her to just try and give it a go for him.

Harold's Store: Libby gives Steph some flowers apologising for not giving her a lot of support over the Play. She then tries to get Steph to speak to Toadie, which doesn’t work when Steph discovers Toadie was the one who bought her the flowers. She orders Toadie to come out and face her. Toadie reveals himself from hiding and tells Steph his rewritten the Play so that they do infact get married. He anticipates this will please Steph but he is mistaken, as Steph explains that the audience will blame her for not providing the happy ending in real life.

No 26: There’s an uneasy tension around the whole dinner. That is until Karl knocks at the door and gets himself invited into having dessert, which everyone at the table finds amusing.

No 24 - Under the house: Elle tells Lucas that she now feels better when in a confined space. Lucas is happy his helped but when he tries to make a move on Elle he is rejected. She reveals she’s terrified of Bubble Baths which makes Lucas chuckle. Lucas jokingly suggests she should take on her fears. Just when the young lovers prepare to go and have that bubble bath Lucas spots a piece of Jewellery which fascinates him and surprises Elle.

No 26: Paul and Karl thank Rebecca for dessert. Miranda talks to Rebecca over her feelings for Paul which she completely rejects. Instead she wonders over to her son reaffirming that he is never to put himself in danger like that again. Declan then tells his mum that he needs to ask her something.

Charlie's: Declan takes Bridget over to Charlie’s and presents her with his grandmother’s engagement ring. He tells her he loves her and that nothing will stop them from getting married.

No 22: Lucas tries to open up the Locket he found. He soon gets preoccupied with Elle who’s just had that bubble bath. They talk about what’s inside the Locket and Lucas freaks when Elle mentions Spiders. Elle taunts her man over his fear which Lucas feebly tries to deny. Eventually he admits his afraid of Spiders and Elle seizes on it. Lucas quickly changes the subject away from the Locket and heads upstairs with his girlfriend.

No 26: Paul, Karl and Steve thank Rebecca and Miranda for the meal they provided. Declan and Bridget come back from Charlie’s and Bridget reveals her new engagement ring. Rebecca welcomes her into the family.

Carpenter's Mechanics: Toadie comes over to see Steph telling her about a new ending. At first Steph doesn’t want anything to do with the new ending. However soon enough the pair talk and read from the play.

Charlie's/No 26: Paul is mulling over his feelings for Rebecca whilst Rebecca does the same at number 26. Rebecca makes the first move and phones Paul. The pair meet up at Charlie’s and Paul explains he’d go back in time and change what happened between them if he could. Once again he asks for another chance. Rebecca shocks Paul by telling him that he is the love of her life and that she doesn’t want to lose him. Paul tells her he isn’t going anyway.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Stephanie Scully, Libby Kennedy, Jarrod Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Paul Robinson

Summary by Daniel

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