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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5722
Written by Pete McTighe, Directed by Hannah Hilliard, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 30/06/09 Five: 01/09/09

• Zeke wants Karl & Susan to keep him up-to-date on the surrogacy
• Sunny finds her letter, and Zeke tells her he loves her
• Ringo ribs Zeke about Sunny’s conciliation hug
• Ringo and Donna agree to take things slow
• Susan wants Paul to leave her and Libby alone
• Paul learns the surrogacy is on the hospital board’s agenda
• Paul reveals that the surrogacy has been cancelled

No 32: Zeke is listening to music, when Steph enters. He remarks that there’s no queues for the bathroom, which is great. Steph remembers how long it used to take Ty to do his hair. Ringo and Sunny enter, carrying supplies for a study session. Zeke apologises, but Steph says it’s cool, as it’s his place too. Sunny’s glad to get out of the house and escape all the shouting; a worried Zeke wants to know what is going on.

Erinsborough & District Hospital: Libby’s at the Nurse’s Station, telling Nurse Jodie that she isn’t leaving until she gets to speak to someone. Dr. Peggy Newton appears, and Karl, Susan, Libby and Dan hound her for information - they want to know what’s going on. Peggy explains that she can’t talk, and Karl guesses that she was at the hospital meeting. Peggy says she’s not aloud to say anything, and rushes off. Susan believes they have their answer, but Libby’s not prepared to take this lying down, and pulls out her cell phone, making a call to…

Charlie's: …Toadie, whose making sure there was no misunderstanding. Libby explains that if there is no medical reason for cancelling the surrogacy, then it’s discrimination, and she wants to sue. Toadie explains that legal action is very expensive, and a lengthy process - this is why the hospitals pay the big premiums, but Libby believes someone has to stand up to them, and that person should be her. But Dan is dead set against the idea.

No 32: Zeke’s leaving a third message for Karl and Susan, asking them to call him. Donna thinks it’s unfair that the surrogacy got cancelled, especially because Libby deserves to be a mum. Ringo reminds her that Libby all ready is, to Ben. He thinks the whole idea is a little weird, and Sunny is unsure if her mother would be willing to do the same. Donna and Sunny exit to cheek on Steph, whose making cheese toasties. Zeke tells Ringo that things are pretty awkward between him and Sunny; Steph enters with the toasties (with extra cheese), and Donna remarks that Steph could be the worlds most perfect woman.

Ramsay Street: Karl, Susan, Libby and Dan return home. Libby gets affected when she sees Steve unloading his car full of baby items. Lucas and Elle playfully rush to collect the mail, and Libby sees red, marching towards them. She wonders how Elle can live with herself, after publishing the recent article, which played into the hospital’s hands. Elle tries to reason, but Libby calls the Robinsons disgusting, and storms off. Susan says that they all had a lot invested in the surrogacy.

No 28: Zeke moans about not being kept in the loop. Karl and Susan try explaining that there wasn’t any time to tell him, and how hectic their morning has been, but he won’t listen. As he packs up his game console, Karl tells him that it’s not all about him, and Zeke leaves. Susan says that she’ll talk to him later, and Karl admits how much she looks out for him (Karl).

Carpenter's Mechanics: Steph tells Libby that she’ll see if she can get some of her council mates to look into her situation. Lucas thinks they should form a protest, but they’re not keen on that. Steph believes Libby should fight for her rites. Karl arrives, promising Libby that he’ll fix things. Elle arrives - visiting Lucas - unseen by Karl and Libby, and takes an interest.

Charlie's: Karl leaves another message for Peggy - he tells Toadie that he thought he and Peggy were friends. Toadie says that maybe she doesn’t have a choice.

Steve is gushing over baby pictures of Tadpole, showing them to Dan and Lucas. He thinks she looks like him, but Dan reminds him that’s impossible, as Bridget is adopted. Lucas reveals that the surrogacy got canned, and Steve believes it might be for the best. He reasons that the process could be confusing for Ben, as he wouldn’t know how to relate to the baby. Stunned, Lucas tells him to shut up.

Elle arrives saying that she wants to run another story, with the paper taking full responsibility for what happened. She says she’ll pitch it as discrimination, but Dan tells her to leave it. Elle agrees.

No 32: Donna’s been raiding Steph’s refrigerator, and without thinking, places her hand on Ringo’s leg, getting him all hot and bothered. He quickly moves to put music on.

Susan arrives, informing Zeke that they are having a family meeting tonight, and she’d appreciate it if he came. He says he’ll think about it.

Zeke returns, ignoring Sunny, who calls him out for being rude. Donna tells her that Zeke feels rejected, and so he’s acting out. Sunny wonders if it’s because of her.

No 32: Sunny thinks Zeke should be with his family, but Donna reminds her that he moved out for love, which is romantic. Donna and Ringo both reach for the chips, their hands touching. They pull away, apologising. Sunny wonders how long it took for her to fall in love, and Donna responds, “weeks.”

No 28: Karl returns from a walk. He enquires about Zeke, and Susan reveals that she called a family meeting to talk things through. They’re out of milk, and she decides to raid Libby’s fridge. She assures him that all will be fine. As soon as she‘s gone, Karl calls the hospital, getting Nurse Jodie to put him through to Peggy. She refuses to talk, and hangs up. Frustrated, Karl gets a call seconds later from Peggy, who’s calling in secret - she wants to meet Karl at seven in Charlie’s, where she’ll tell him all he needs to know.

No 32: Ringo tries to talk to Donna about alone time, but before he can get the words out, she jumps him, kissing him. They move into position, just as Steph arrives. They spring back, embarrassed. Steph’s not pleased with the state of the place, and orders the teens to clean up. Her house might also be Zeke’s place, but that doesn’t mean he can disrespect it. She orders him to attend his family meeting, because the only thing stopping him from being apart of the family, is himself.

Harold's Store: Elle’s on the phone to Donna, who wants Ringo to stay over. Elle says he has to be fully clothed at all times in communal areas. Elle asks Lucas to take the coffees over to the Kennedy’s. He does, saying they’re on the house. Elle’s shoots him a look.

Zeke arrives, joining Karl, Susan, Libby, Dan, Ringo and Sunny. They start the meeting. Karl apologises, as does Zeke. They open up question time, and Sunny asks if they’re gonna sue. Libby says it might be more trouble than they need. Karl excuses himself (he’s got a meeting with Peggy to get to). He tells Susan he made Libby a promise, and he’s going to fix it.

Charlie's: Peggy tells Karl that the public backlash played right into the hospital’s hands. He says it’s immoral and outrageous, which she agrees, but at the meeting she was out-voted. She reveals the board banned anyone from speaking to those involved in the Kennedy surrogacy; if they do, they’ll be suspended. Karl wonders if she would be prepared to go on the record, but she can’t risk loosing her job. She reminds him, that if this goes public, she’ll deny the conversation ever happened.

No 32: Steph brings in a bowl of chips, and notices Zeke tense up around her. She lifts his feet up, and he relaxes more.

No 30: A sad Libby lies in Dan’s lap, while he strokes her hair.

Harold's Store: Elle’s reading an article written by Karl. She asks if he realizes what could happen once it goes public, and he assures her he has to force the hospital board somehow. The article is titled: “My family’s fight: The truth.” He tells Elle to print.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson, Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Steve Parker

Guest Cast: Carolyn Bock as Dr Peggy Newton, Mary Annegeline as Nurse Jodie Smith

Summary by Chris

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