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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5724
Written by Fiona Wood, Directed by Hannah Hilliard, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 02/07/09 Five: 03/09/09

• Karl and Paul arguing in Harold’s Store about the surrogacy
• Libby arguing with Elle on the street wondering how she justifies what she does
• India’s naming
• Toadie agreeing to be the Kennedys' lawyer
• Toadie arguing with Tim, after Tim wound him up

Dingoes' Den Gym: Lucas is suggesting to Toadie that they set up a Neighbourhood Watch in Ramsay Street seeing as the Kennedy’s were broken into. Toadie’s mind however is elsewhere and Lucas notices this so asks him what’s wrong. Toadie admits that nothing went well at the hospital before and he thinks he blew Libby and Dan’s chances of surrogacy before admitting that he was fired. Lucas tries to make him feel better but there’s nothing he can do.

No 26 - Kitchen: India can be heard crying in the background and Miranda, Steve and Rebecca are in the kitchen having a coffee debating whether or not to go in and give Bridget and Declan a hand. Eventually they decide not to, conceding that the two of them need to learn how to look after a baby.

Harold's Store: Kate is busy serving people with Sophie trying to get her attention as she’s hungry. Kate says she’ll have to wait until she gets home for food as they can’t afford anything from the store. Paul is talking into his phone when he notices Kate who congratulates him on getting engaged. Sophie asks him if he will be moving away when he does, Paul admits no they won’t, Rebecca wants to stay in Ramsay Street. Sophie says that she would move away to a castle!

No 30 - Living Room: Callum is trying to train Rocky how to sit whilst Toadie is still trying to work away. Callum congratulates Rocky when he finally sits, but not for long, Rocky has done the toilet on Toadie’s rug! This makes Toadie even more annoyed. Callum leaves saying that Toadie doesn’t have to take his mood out on him or Rocky. Toadie calls Libby and leaves a message asking her to call him or come home.

Lassiter's Complex: Dec and Didge are walking around Lassiters trying to calm down India. No matter what they do, nothing is working.

Harold's Store: Kate is still working away, Sophie is still waiting for Harry to come and pick her up. Eventually Harry walks in, Kate is not pleased as she’s now nearly at the end of her shift anyway and could’ve taken her home herself. Paul walks in, he and Rebecca are away on a picnic and he has come to pick up his picnic basket which is handed over by Lou. Paul tries to talk to the Ramsay kids about their inheritance from their mother but Harry makes it quite clear they’re not interested in money from him. Paul puts the watch that Harry tried to pawn on Lou’s counter and leaves the store.

Lassiter's Complex: Didge is outside still trying to calm India down commenting to Paul that she has “lungs of steel”. Harry asks Lou what he reckons of Paul Robinson, the reply comes back “dishonest, ruthless, smarmy, sneaky, self-possessed.” Lou advises Harry to take the money and run.

Lassiter's Lake: Harry is standing by the side looking at his watch pondering what to do. He walks away from the lake and spies Rebecca and Paul by the lake having their picnic. He bumps into Kate and the two of them argue about the money. Harry storms off, Paul notices the argument and goes over to see if Kate is ok. Kate warns him to stay way.

No 24 - Living Room: Harry and Sophie are playing “Catch the Snitch” when Kate calls a family meeting. Kate thinks that they should take the money, they hold a vote and Harry is out-voted.

Harold's Store: Lucas, Lou, Callum and Steve are discussing setting up a Neighbourhood Watch group again, Callum doesn’t think that Toadie will be up to it. Lucas tells Toadie to prepare an argument that neither Libby or Dan can refuse. Toadie decides to go and “kick some backside”.

No 26 - Nursery: India is still crying, Miranda and Steve pop in to see if everything is ok, Didge says it is. Through in the kitchen Steve says that maybe they should ask Didge again but Miranda doesn’t want to come across as interfering.

Harold's Store: Toadie is trying to put together an argument to win Libby and Dan back on side. He is getting very carried away with his thoughts.

Harold's Store: Toadie and Rocky enter just as Callum is trying to persuade Lucas and Lou to let him be part of the Neighbourhood Watch team. Callum and Rocky leave and Toadie tells everyone that he has decided to challenge the hospital’s decision to reverse their decision on fertility treatment.

No 26 - Nursery: Dec and Didge have all but given up as India won’t stop crying. Miranda walks in and offers Didge a well-earned break which is gratefully accepted.

Charlie's: Rebecca and Paul are trying to decide on their honeymoon, Rebecca loves the hotels she’s looking at. Kate and Sophie walk in and tell Paul that they want to accept his money. Paul agrees to set up a trust fund for them, Kate and Sophie leave.

No 24 - Kitchen: Harry is playing drums with the saucepan and listening to music. Steve walks in asks him to keep the noise down as India is trying to sleep next door. Just as he’s leaving Kate and Sophie walk in telling him that they now have the money. Harry throws down his drumsticks in annoyance and it’ obvious he is finding it hard to cope with his mother's death.

Ramsay Street: Callum comes running up the road and it becomes obvious that Lou is trying to train him as he has him running laps! Lucas joins them and Callum admits he’s bored. Just as they’re discussing this there is a noise from the Kennedy house. Lucas and Lou head over to investigate.

No 28: Lucas has gained entry, having found the laundry window forced open, and lets Lou in. They are very surprised when they find Harry cowering behind the settee! Lucas and Lou tell him he’s not going anywhere until he explains what’s happening.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Rebecca Napir, Declan Napier, India Napier, Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: None

Summary by Louise

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