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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5727
Written by Jane Allen, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 07/07/09 Five: 08/09/09

• Libby fires Toadie as her lawyer
• Lucas gets trapped in a dodgy poker game
• Elle gets annoyed with Lucas’ brush-off
• Lucas tells Steph he’s in debt of $4,000
• Lucas and Steph make a run for it
• Lucas and Steph share a moment
• Elle refuses to let Lucas in
• Steph calls Lucas out on what’s going on between them
• Lucas denies anything’s going on

Carpenter's Mechanics: Lucas hits his head on the car bonnet when Steph takes him by surprise. He gives her a list of the days work, but she wants to clear the air. Lucas decides to have breakfast with Elle, leaving Steph alone.

Harold's Store: Lucas tucks into breakfast, while he flashbacks to his charged moment with Steph in the alley. Elle thinks she should lock Lucas out more often, as he’s so eager to please, when he believes he’s done wrong. Kate clears away their plates, and Elle compliments her on her hair. Alone, Elle hopes that school goes okay for Kate. They decide to leave, when Toadie enters; he thanks Lucas for his pep talk, and heads over to Dan & Libby, who are stilling at a far end table. Toadie starts babbling about needing to be their lawyer again, and Libby puts him out of his misery by taking him back on.

No 24: Steve and Miranda are holding India, while Declan and Didge pack a baby bag, and for school. They don’t want India’s routine to be disturbed. Donna arrives with first and final boarding calls for Dec and Didge, but her and Sunny get distracted by India. Bridget has problems leaving her baby behind, but the teens manage to pry them apart and head for school. Declan hopes that India doesn’t forget them while they’re gone.

Carpenter's Mechanics: Libby comes by, just as Steph gets vexed with a piece of machinery, throwing it in the bin. Steph tells her about fronting Lucas over their near kiss, because she’s so sick of him blowing hot and cold. Libby reminds her that he’s with Elle, and offers her a conciliation hug. Steph explains that Lucas is pretending it didn’t happen, so Libby suggests giving it a while, so Lucas can come to his senses.

Erinsborough High: The teens gather round the lockers, as Kate enters. Bridget gives her the low down on the teachers. She points out Justin Hunter, the local tool, and Amanda, the local Mean Girl. Amanda makes a bitchy comment about Didge and Kate, before moving on. Donna, Ringo and Zeke confiscate Declan’s phone, because he’s all ready checking up on India. Justin makes a snarky comment, and they all tell him to shut up. Kate wonders if they’ll get lots of homework, and looks a little down, when she doesn’t receive a direct answer.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Sunny’s at the front recalling her ravine ordeal - Dan tells her to wrap it up. Didge decides to go next, and begins with her birthing drama, but Dan interrupts when he spies Declan on his phone, checking up on India. When Didge continues, Amanda amusingly points out that Didge is leaking. She flees the classroom, with Declan going after her.

Charlie's: Steve (with India) asks Lucas if he’ll be able to service his car, as they’re taking a trip to Oakey. Lucas agrees. Toadie enters, wanting to celebrate getting his clients back, and proposes a poker night. Lucas says he’s gonna spend the night with Elle. Steph enters, and declines Toadie’s offer. As Elle goes to pay the bill, Steph calls Lucas out on being dishonest - she thought he was better than pretending nothing had happened. Elle notices the tense exchange, and gets suspicious.

Charlie's: Elle wants to know what Steph meant about him not being honest. He covers, saying she’s not happy with being lumbered with all the work, while he had breakfast with Elle. She believes the lie, as Lucas decides to check Steph’s okay. Before she leaves, Elle tells Steph not let Lucas take advantage of her. Lucas explains to Steph that he had to make things up to Elle, but she just wants to finish their earlier conversation. Lucas bluntly points out that they’re mates, and nothing’s going on between them. Frustrated, Steph decides to take the rest of the day off.

Erinsborough High - Office: Bridget has expressed some milk, and Libby tells her that she can keep it in the staff refrigerator if she wants to - she’ll keep it separate from the ordinary milk, so people won’t go adding it to their lattes. Libby advises Bridget to ask for extensions on assignments if she needs to, but Didge is determined that everything will be fine. Libby leaves to collect Ben, from footy training.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Steve’s at the punching bag, when Libby enters, looking for Ben. He says they’re still training, but won’t be long. Steph enters, and tells Libby that Lucas continues to deny everything. Libby says she’s got a fight on her hands, trying to get Lucas to own up to anything emotional.

Erinsborough High - Classroom: Dan’s conducting a lesson is on the Kite Runner, and he‘s discussing the topic of redemption. Bridget enters a trace like state, thinking about India crying. When Dan asks her a question, Bridget asks to be excused, and leaves. Declan looks concerned.

Erinsborough High: Declan tells Bridget that he’s sure everything is fine with India. She says she’s finding it hard to concentrate, and Declan welcomes her to his world. He wonders if they’ve come back too soon, but how soon is too soon? He thinks they could get Zeke and Sunny to take notes, but Didge doesn’t like that idea; she’s adamant that she can do it all - be a mother and a student, without taking time out.

No 24: Steve and Miranda are fussing over the baby, when Declan and Didge arrive home. She goes in for a hug, as Steve wonders if she’s returned to school too early.

Harold's Store: The teens are discussing the days events, as Kate brings them their drinks. Donna invites her to a games night at Zeke’s (even though he was going to spend it with Sunny), but she can’t make it due to chores. Zeke reminds Donna of his plans, but he’s been outvoted and the tribe have spoken.

No 22: Elle’s asleep on the couch, and Lucas, who’s trying to reach the remote. Donna leaves for Zeke’s, and fails to hear Lucas’ plea. He gets a brain way, and swaps his leg for a cushion, just as his mobile rings - it’s Toadie, wanting to know if Lucas has changed his mind about poker night… He has.

No 30: Lucas cleans Toadie, Dan and Steve out, as they muse their loss. Steph and Libby arrive, preparing to join in, but the guys aren’t in the mood. Everyone, bar Lucas and Steph, move into the kitchen for ice cream, Steph notes that this is another poker night for Lucas, and figures that he might be developing a habit. He tells her that it’s just a bit of fun, and everything’s in her head, so it’s her problem.

No 22: Lucas creeps back in, substituting himself for the cushion. Elle bolts awake, when Lucas accidentally hits the remote, maxing the volume. Elle heads to bed, with Lucas promising to join her soon. Alone, Lucas pulls out his winnings, then grabs the laptop, searching for online poker games.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski, Kate Ramsay, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Guest Cast: Chris Toohey as Justin Hunter, Bella Heathcote as Amanda Fowler

Trivia Notes
• Justin Hunter makes his first appearance for 2009, while new recurring character Amanda Fowler makes her debut

Summary by Chris

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