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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5739
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 23/07/09 Five: 24/09/09

Lucas and Steph nearly kissing
Karl telling Declan that a blood clot killed Didge
Steve blaming himself for the accident
Miranda worrying that Declan can't look after India
Steve announcing that they want to take India to live in Oakey
Declan agreeing that India should live in Oakey

No 26 - Nursery: Dec is holding India in his arms when Rebecca knocks on the door. She tries to get him to re-think the idea of India going but Dec warns her not to go any further with this.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Toadie walks into the gym as Libby and Dan are working out. Toadie tells him that he gave them one of the cakes and says it's probably best if they're left alone. Steve enters the gym at that moment and stares at the punch bag at first. Dan walks over to the punch bag and gently coaxes Steve into using it.

No 26 - Nursery: Dec is still holding India in his arms, Rebecca is still trying to get him to talk about India moving to Oakey. He's feeding India the last of Didge's milk.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Steve is taking his frustration out on the punch bag.

No 26 - Nursery: Dec is still holding India and is deep in thought. Rebecca is also deep in thought over the possibility of losing her granddaughter if India moves to Oakey.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Steve sits down after his use of the punch bag. Miranda enters having been called by Dan. She asks Steve if he's ok. He says he is but he evidently isn't. Miranda tries to tell Steve it's not his fault but Steve finds it hard to believe this. They hug.

Harold's Store: Elle is working on her computer when Dan walks in. He walks over to Steve and starts to explain why he called Miranda. They start to talk about Didge, Dan tells Steve he's there for him. Steve tells him he regrets organising the holiday and says he has a whole load of 'why' questions. He goes to pay for his meal but Kate refuses to take payment. As Steve goes to leave Elle tells him that they all loved Didge. She sits back down at her computer and makes a phone call about the road accident report for Didge's death.

Lassiter's Complex: Elle walks out of the Store, still trying to find out about the Parkers accident report, but she's not having much luck. Whilst on the phone she bumps into Lucas and says she'll call back. Lucas notices that Elle has a file about the Parkers accident and says he can't believe that Elle is reporting on this. Lucas is suspicious about this and he thinks that Elle is making a mistake doing this especially if it comes back driver error. Elle points out that it could be a mechanical error - something that doesn't please Lucas as he had just serviced the car.

Harold's Store: Lucas walks in just as Steph, Libby and Toadie are purchasing items. Lucas asks for a word with Steph about the service on the Parkers car. Steph assures him it was ok. They hug each other just as Elle walks in. She is not happy.

Lassiter's Complex: Kate is tidying up tables when Harry approaches with some stuff that she asked him to fetch. He leaves it on a table before wandering into the Store. Kate picks up the bag and takes it over to Dec, it's full of stuff that she thinks India will appreciate. Dec tells her that India is leaving for Oakey in a few days with the Parkers. This is something that surprises Kate, she thinks that Dec will regret letting the Parkers take India away and she lets him know this. Dec thanks her for the clothes and leaves.

No 26 - Kitchen: Libby and Rebecca arrive in with some food. Rebecca tells her of the Parkers plans to take India to Oakey and they are discussing that it is a bad idea when Dec arrives back. He puts down the bag Kate gave him and simply wanders out the room again. Rebecca admits to Libby she is worried about him.

No 26 - Nursery: Dec is looking thoughtful at India's things when Libby walks in. She reassures Dec that it does get better it just doesn't seem like it now. She tells him it won't always hurt this much. Dec asks her how she coped when Drew died. Libby says that she didn't cope for a long time and she says that Ben helped her get through everything. Dec breaks down crying telling Libby that India has Didge's eyes. Libby goes over to comfort him, she says she's not going to lie to him and tells him that it will be really hard. She tells him that India will pick up on everything, she will know her mum has gone and her dad is scared. She reminds Dec that India needs her dad. Dec then remembers the promise he made to Didge about looking after India.

No 26 - Nursery: Dec is trying to get India off to sleep, he starts by telling her a story. He starts to cry as he tells India a story about Didge. As he is telling the story, Steve and Miranda arrive at the door and they briefly look on as Dec talks to India about Didge.

No 26 - Kitchen: Miranda is telling Steve that Didge's friends have offered to decorate the funeral parlour. Steve thinks this is a good idea but he is insistent - no flowers. Dec comes into the room and tells everyone that he's changed his mind, he wants India to stay. Dec promises that he and India will "come and visit heaps" to Oakey. Rebecca is evidently proud of her son as tears spring to her eyes.

No 26 - Living Room: Miranda is looking sad and thoughtful in the living room when Steve enters. They both agree that Dec will look after India. Rebecca apologises for what she previously said about India moving to Oakey. Miranda asks Rebecca to help organise the funeral. Both of them hug. Dec asks everyone if they want cake. They wander through to the kitchen to test the cake with "pepper icing". As he's cutting the cake Dec mistakenly cuts a slice for Didge, Steve tells him to leave it and they all tuck into the cake agreeing that it is quite nice. Dec is trying hard to hold back tears.

Dingoes' Den Gym: Elle walks in as Steph is working out. Elle has been trying to phone Steph. Steph says that she wasn't trying to steal Lucas from Elle, she wanted to clear the air between the two of them. Elle is confused, she was talking about the Parkers car. Steph walks away, Elle follows her through to the locker room wanting to know what happened. Eventually Steph admits to her that the pair of them nearly kissed. Elle wants to know why Lucas didn't say anything.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Katie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Stephanie Scully, Daniel Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, India Napier, Elle Robinson

Guest Cast: None

Summary by Louise