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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5742
Written by Jane Allen, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 28/07/09 Five: 29/09/09

• Declan smashes Steph’s car windows
• A miserable Steph curled up on the couch, isolating herself from the outside world
• Declan denies graffiti-ing Steph’s driveway
• Donna admits she hasn’t been able to cry over Bridget’s death
• Zeke flips out over Sunny researching Embolisms
• Sunny can’t accept Zeke’s apology
• Elle & Lucas argue over Steph’s involvement in the crash

Harold's Store: Steph feels bad about burdening Lucas with her woes; he grabs hold of her hand and says that’s what mates are for. Elle walks in and is non too pleased to see how close they are. Steph leaves, and Elle accuses Lucas of setting up secret meetings. He explains that Steph just needed a friend. Josh enters (Elle’s editor) interrupting them - he’s angry that she covered up the Parker police report to save her boyfriend, and informs her that as of tomorrow, Lucas will be front page news.

Lassiter's Complex: Elle chases after Josh, apologising for going behind his back, but she wants to prove to him that she’s a damn good journalist. Josh decides that editing the letters page, will be suitable punishment.

As Josh leaves, comedian Tim Vine stops to ask Elle for directions to Lassiters Hotel (which is right in front of him!) But Elle’s too preoccupied to stop and chat, and Tim gets annoyed, moving on his merry way.

Lucas appears, and is stunned to learn that the West Waratah Star have a copy of the accident report. Elle can no longer protect him.

Harold's Store: Toadie and Dan are discussing Steph’s graffiti, but Dan is distracted by Ringo, Donna and Sunny, who are all looking lugubrious. Zeke joins the teens, and Ringo says they’re supposed to see the counsellor at school, but Zeke thinks he’s all counselled out after his sessions with Dr Levi. He tries to catch Sunny’s eye, but she’s still narked about his outburst. Donna tries explaining how she’s feeling, and is unsure if going back to school is such a good idea, but Zeke figures it’ll give them something else to think about. Ringo brings up the counselling again, figuring it will help. But Donna thinks the only thing that will help is having Didge back.

No 26: Rebecca finds Declan packing his bag for school. Declan says he doesn’t feel like a school kid anymore. Rebecca assures him that it will get easier, but he doesn’t want it to. She believes he needs to let go of his anger towards Steph, otherwise it will consume him.

Erinsborough High: The teens are touched to see the tribute the other students have put together for Didge. Declan arrives and is equally moved by the gesture.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Ringo finds Declan trying to compose himself at the lockers (he was just in a counselling session). Donna whizzes by and into a nearby classroom. Sunny and Ringo follow her in, where Donna explains that she thought talking about Bridget would‘ve made her cry, but it didn’t. Sunny asks if Donna really wants to cry, but Donna races out of the room, when Declan walks in.

Garage: Lucas looks over the books - every single booking has been cancelled. He closes the garage door, knowing there’s no point in staying open.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Zeke tells Sunny that he doesn’t blame her for avoiding him. He explains that he did the same research when his dad died - but it didn’t help him. He had the answer but he didn’t have the reason. He apologises, but can’t guarantee it won’t happen again.

Harold's Store: Ringo, Zeke and Sunny, find Donna sitting at a table reading the Bible. Being India’s Godmother has made her realize that she needs to learn about God, and plans on putting the “God” back into Godmother. She paraphrases one of the stories, determined to take her new found responsibilities seriously. The teens leave Donna to read, alone.

Erinsborough High - Corridor: Declan overhears Zeke on the phone to Steph. He becomes angry, demanding to know when Zeke will be moving out of Steph’s. He believes this makes it seems like Zeke is choosing Steph over Bridget, and grabs him, slamming him against the wall. Zeke goads Declan to hit him, telling him that sooner or later, he’s gonna have to let his friends back in. Declan lets him go, as a shocked Ringo and Sunny move to Zeke’s side.

No 26: Declan bursts in, making Rebecca concerned about his temper. He wishes he could just leave, disappear, but Rebecca reminds him that his life is no longer his own, not since Didge got pregnant. Rebecca pulls him into a motherly hug, as he explains about nearly decking Zeke. Rebecca’s proud of her son for stopping himself from hitting Zeke.

No 32: Zeke enters, pulling off his school sweater, revealing his messy shirt (missing button) from where Declan had grabbed him. A text from Sunny interrupts his thought - she needs to see him urgently.

No 28: Sunny leads Zeke into the lounge where Donna and Ringo are already sitting on the floor with candles in front of them. Sunny explains about certain rituals that are performed in Korea, to celebrate a persons life. Her favourite is to light candles and tell stories about the person that has passed away. Ringo wonders if Declan should be there, but Zeke says he’s not ready yet. Sunny blesses Bridget on her trip to heaven, then starts to sing a Korean song, while Zeke and Ringo wish Didge a safe travel. For the first time, Donna begins to cry, finally unleashing her emotions.

Carpenter's Mechanics: Elle quietly gets out of her car, opens up the bonnet and takes out a random part before throwing it under the vehicle. She knocks on the garage door, persuading Lucas to help her out. While he attends to her car, Elle rummages around his desk, finding the Parker invoice that has Steph’s signature on it. Elle hides the paper down her dress, just as Lucas returns, with the random part he found under her car. Lucas says he’s not dobbing Steph in, but Elle doesn’t think it’s fair that he or the business should suffer for Steph’s mistake.

Charlie's Bar: Elle meets up with her co-worker Martine, and hands over the invoice. Martine’s amazed that Elle’s given her such a big scoop. A wave of guilt washes over Elle, as Martine exits with tomorrows front page story.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

Guest Cast: Scott Brennan as Josh Burns, Lily Hall as Martine Crossley, Tim Vine as himself

Summary by Chris

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