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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5744
Written by Graeme Farmer, Directed by Terry Shepherd, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 30/07/09 Five: 01/10/09

Susan offering to be a surrogate
Steph finding out she is front page news
Harry telling Kate she is not Mum
Dan telling Kate she should take some time out for herself
Kate showing Sophie and Harry who's boss
Harry graffiting Stephs driveway

Ramsay Street: Toadie is busy scrubbing the pavement outside number 32 as a result of Harry's latest graffiti attempt. Libby and Callum approach him, Toadie orders Callum to go and get another brush. Libby can't work out who would want to do this to Steph. As Toadie is scrubbing away, Libby notices a footprint in the street. Callum returns with another brush, Toadie then orders him to go and find his camera so they can take a picture of this footprint as evidence.

No 24 - Living Room: Kate is lying sleeping on the sofa, Harry and Sophie are worrying that their sister is not behaving normally, it's not like her to be so chilled out. There is a knock at the door which wakes Kate, it's Donna reminding her that there's a Deb Ball meeting. Kate goes to get ready, Harry reminds her that she's looking after Sophie as he's going out. Kate tells him to take her over to Callum's.

No 30 - Kitchen: Toadie is busy doing some washing up and mentions to Dan that they really need to get their Neighbourhood Watch sorted out. Dan tells him that he will help him with it later. Libby enters the room as there's a knock at the door, Toadie leaves the room to answer the door. Libby is still worried about Dan and checks that he has made an appointment with Dr Levi. Dan assures her he has. Toadie re-enters the room with Sophie and Harry in tow. Callum goes to take Toadie's camera but Toadie stops him as it still has the evidence of it. Toadie explains to Harry that it's evidence of who's damaged Steph's driveway. Harry is clearly worried and makes his excuses to leave. As he leaves he checks the bottom of his shoe and realises that it is coloured red.

No 24 - Kitchen: Harry takes off his shoes and puts them in the bin. Kate enters the room and wonders why Harry is throwing out his shoes. She goes to look at the shoes but Harry stops her from doing so.

No 28 - Kitchen: Karl is trying unsuccessfully to get Susan to eat before they are interrupted by Callum, Sophie and Toadie. Susan makes her excuses why she can't babysit but volunteers Karl.

No 28 - Living Room: Karl is singing Oodles o' Noodles to Sophie and Callum. Both are clearly bored and want to play cricket but change their minds and want to play a video game. Karl is against this, Callum pleads with him.

Harold's Store: Kate walks in late for the meeting and sits down at a table with Amanda, Libby, Donna and Jacinta. Kate makes her apologies for being late, Amanda starts off the meeting until Libby stops her and tells her that nominating a chair would be the best way to start. Amanda volunteers herself but then Kate interrupts and says that she would like to do it. This is put to vote, Amanda loses.

Harold's Store: Kate and Donna are laughing about what happened before. Kate is starting to wonder if Amanda was right as she doesn't know anything about organising balls. Donna assures her they'll be fine, Amanda approaches offering her services but this is declined by Donna and Kate. Harry enters and Toadie approaches him asking if he knows about shoes. Harry points out that he's wearing sandals and this immediately raises Toadie's suspicions.

No 24 - Kitchen: Harry has his shoe in the basin, scrubbing hard at it to get the red dye off. There is a knock at the door, Harry ignores it but the door opens anyway, it's Toadie. He wanders over immediately to the basin and drags out the shoe. Harry tells him that Steph deserved what she got at which point Toadie tells him to watch what he says next. Toadie tells him that he's going to go to the cops. First of all though he agrees to give Harry a few hours to tell Kate.

No 24 - Kitchen: Donna and Kate enter the house, Harry is in the kitchen and his shoes are drying off. Donna and Kate head off to do some study in the living room. Harry is trying to tell Kate that he's being reported to the Police but bottles it.

Charlie's: Susan is sitting at the tables on the phone when Harry approaches. He confides in her that he's done something stupid and admits that he's been vandalising Steph's driveway. He tells Susan that he thinks that Steph should need to pay because like him, India is going to grow up without a Mum. Harry tells Susan that Toadie found out and is now going to report him to the Police. Harry is worried that the cops will tell Social Services. Susan agrees to try and talk Toadie round. Harry leaves the table as Susans phone rings.

No 28 - Living Room: Karl, Callum and Sophie are in the living room playing video games. Callum is trying to show Karl how to play. Just then Karl's phone rings, it's Susan with some important news.

No 28 - Living Room: Karl, Dan and Libby are in the living room having been summoned there by Susan. Callum is trying to get Karl to play video games in Zeke's room, an offer that is politely refused by Karl. Susan enters the room and announces that she is pregnant.

No 28 - Living Room: The Kennedys are celebrating the big news when Sophie and Callum re-enter the room again. Karl nearly blurts out that Susan is pregnant but thinks better of it and tells Callum and Sophie that they are celebrating how far he got on the video game. Sophie and Callum go and get some cake whilst Libby decides that it would be best to keep everything quiet for the meantime. Susan goes to call Toadie.

Lassiter's Complex: Toadie is sitting at a table when Susan approaches him. She tries to talk him out of reporting Harry, Toadie wonders how many chances they are going to give Harry and is still of the mind that the best thing is for him to be reported to the Police. Toadie asks Susan if Harry put her up to this, she denies this but Toadie tells her she was "always a rubbish fibber." He stands to leave, Susan again tries to persuade him not to do anything rash, to "sleep on it" but Toadie refuses to do this.

Harold's Store: Amanda approaches asks for a macchiato and sarcastically asks Kate if she knows how to make that. Kate goes to make her drink, Amanda tells Kate that she thinks that the meeting was chaotic. Amanda tells Kate that she will not let her run the Deb Committee. Amanda tells Kate that Kate is going to withdraw from the Committee and that she's already discussed this with other members of the Committee and has agreed that this is the best thing. Kate flatly refuses to do this and says that she is making the Machiato a drink to go. She leaves Amanda in no doubt that if she refuses to go, she will be wearing the drink. Donna is impressed with Kate. Harry enters the Store, he tries to talk to Kate but he bottles it.

Erinsborough Police Station: Toadie is sitting at the front desk looking at the clock. It's 10 minutes after Harry said he would be there so Toadie gives up waiting, approaches the desk policeman and tells him that he'd like to make a report of malicious damage. The constable leaves the room to arrange this. At that point Harry runs in. He tells Toadie that he didn't get the chance to tell Kate. He tries to apologise to Toadie and begs him not to tell the cops.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Daniel Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Donna Freedman, Katie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay

Guest Cast: Bella Heathcote as Amanda Fowler, Michael Pastore as Police Constable

Summary by Louise

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