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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5747
Written by Sam Meikle, Directed by Catherine Roden, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 04/08/09 Five: 06/10/09

• Ringo tells Libby he wants to be a paramedic
• Libby says that Ringo may not have the right grades to be a paramedic
• Declan baulks at the cost of hiring Tim Collins
• Paul offers to cover Declan’s legal costs
• Tim tells Steph that Declan is suing her
• Rebecca’s stunned when Declan threatens to take India and leave town

Ramsay Street: Rebecca’s driving to work when she sees Declan return from a walk with India. She stops to talk to him, but he refuses to speak with her because she hasn’t changed her mind about supporting his law suit.

Donna, Ringo, Sunny and Zeke are outside, discussing Declan‘s law suit. They can’t believe Declan’s going through with it. Declan walks by, and gets into it with Zeke, before heading home.

Charlie's: Rebecca tearfully tells Paul about Declan shutting her out. She says she understands him suing the garage, but taking revenge on Steph is going too far. Paul, however, thinks that Declan needs this case to pull him through his grief and admits to Rebecca that he’s paying all of Declan’s legal fees. Rebecca’s stunned and tells Paul to renege, but Paul insists that Declan has the right to see it through.

No 28: Ringo’s struggling to concentrate with his homework, as Karl hammers in a framed copy of his first medical column. Donna stops by with a bunch of flowers, to ask the Ringo and Zeke if they want to visit Bridget’s grave with her and Sunny. Ringo says that he’s got too much study while Zeke makes the excuse that you don’t have to be at someone’s grave to talk to them.

Alone, Karl takes the opportunity to talk to Ringo about his studies. Ringo admits that Audrey has a better chance at getting good grades than him. Karl gets a sudden idea to help Ringo out.

Outside Erinsborough Hospital: Ringo and Karl are greeted by Christian, a paramedic mate of Karl’s. He’s there to give Ringo a guided tour of an ambulance. Karl plugs his advice column, and Christian remarks how versatile Karl is. Ringo climbs on board, ready to learn.

No 32: Steph’s stressed about the law suit, even though Toadie assures her that he will fight Tim all the way. Steph is sure that her and Charlie are going to end up broke and homeless. Toadie urges Steph not to give up. Zeke is concerned, as he scrubs away at a cup.

No 26: Declan and Tim are discussing the case. Declan’s pleased when Tim tells of how Steph will have to sell her house and move away to pay him out. Zeke suddenly barges in, confronting Declan about his behaviour. Tim takes his cue, and leaves. Zeke points out that suing Steph, won’t make him feel better. He laments that loosing Bridget was bad enough, but now they’ve lost him as well.

Harold's Store: Zeke admits to Donna and Sunny that he had a go at Declan over his treatment of Steph. Donna thinks now is the time to show Declan that they love him - not fight with him. She states that a DVD/junk food day is in order to remind him of the good old days.

Outside Erinsborough Hospital: Christian asks Ringo what made him decide to become a paramedic, and Ringo says he just wants to help people - and that he’s doing it for Didge. Christian lets Ringo know that Karl thinks he has what it takes. Answering a call-out, Ringo’s told he can go no further, as Christian and his partner head off to an accident.

Roadside: Ringo’s followed the ambulance to the accident scene. While he watches Christian and the other paramedics work on the victim, Ringo remembers all of the important moments surrounding Didge’s accident. An old man in the crowd, grabs his attention, as he has a fainting spell and Ringo lies him down, like a pro.

Charlie's: Tim enters making a coffee order, but Rebecca refuses to serve him. Toadie and Steph appear in front of Tim, wanting to discuss the case. Tim thinks it’s ironic that a little while ago he was helping Steph sue Toadie, and now Toadie’s back in her corner again. Tim’s cocky about winning, because Steph is easily riled up; he’s sure it won’t take much for her to erupt in court and spill her all her secrets. As he leaves, Toadie tells Steph that Tim has nothing on her. But Steph thinks otherwise.

Cemetary: Bridget’s headstone reads: Bridget Louise Parker. 31 August 1991 - 21 July 2009. Loving daughter, sister, wife & mother. Never short of an opinion and nearly always right.

Declan kneels down in front of her grave, weeping at how lost he feels. He wishes she was still alive, because she had all the answers. Zeke appears behind him, much to Declan’s chagrin. Declan tells Zeke to visit when he’s not there, as he’s already chosen which side he’s on. Zeke says that they all miss Didge, and are trying to keep her memory alive the best way they can. He says that Didge would be ashamed of the way he’s acting towards Steph, and tells him not get revenge in Didge’s memory.

No 26: Rebecca arrives home with India, surprised to find Paul greeting her with a bunch of apology flowers. But Rebecca doesn’t think that flowers are going to make up for going behind her back, but does admit that she loves that he wants to help Declan, just not like this. Donna, Sunny and Zeke, interrupt - they’re on a rescue mission for Dec, armed with DVDs and junk food. Declan arrives home and wonders what they’re doing. Donna explains, saying she rented all the Wallace & Gromit films, so they can start training India early. This raises a smile in Dec, and eventually he and Zeke swap apologies. Declan inquires about Ringo, and Donna informs him about his career change.

No 28: Donna and Sunny race back to collect Ringo, who has good news to share: Christian has recommended that Ringo join the St. John’s Ambulance as a volunteer cadet after his star turn helping the old man at the RTA. And, he even got a St. John’s t-shirt thrown into the mix. Donna gives Ringo a congratulatory kiss, while Sunny giggles, covering Karl’s eyes.

No 26: Declan sincerely tells Ringo that he should be proud of everything he’s doing. Tim crashes the positive atmosphere, by delivering some paperwork for Declan to sign. Ringo asks if Declan’s really going to go through with the case against Steph. Paul and Rebecca appear from the kitchen to listen. Declan is sure that If they were his friends, then they’d see that Steph killed Bridget. He puts them all on the spot, by demanding they choose which side they’re on, there and then. Ringo stays silent but Zeke gets up and leaves, with Sunny following after him. Declan orders the other two to get out. Donna tries to talk him around but he won’t listen. Rebecca and Paul give Declan questionable looks.

No 32: Steph confesses to Toadie that she may have been distracted when she was working on the Parkers’ car. She explains about her fight with Lucas, over their near kiss, and even though he’s hurt, Toadie points out that if Tim learns about this, then he’ll have field day, as it all points to her state of mind, which points to the quality of her work, which could point to her culpability in Bridget’s death.

No 30: Toadie walks in and tries to sit down and mull things over, but he’s too distracted. He takes a whole heap of law books off the shelves and flicks through them for guidance, but nothing jumps out, so he throws the books down in frustration.

No 32: Steph is wallowing at the bench but composes herself when Toadie returns. He reveals that when she’s on the stand, she won’t be able to say anything about Lucas. She’s taken aback by Toadie’s suggestion of lying, but he’s adamant that this is the only way, unless she wants to lose everything.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully

Guest Cast: Ben Anderson as Tim Collins, Adrian Woolcock as Christian Doran, Ray Hare as Peter Slezac

Summary by Chris

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