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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5752
Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 11/08/09 Five: 13/10/09

• Elle goes to print with the story on Lucas
• Declan shouts at Lucas, over his involvement in Bridget’s death
• Dan tells Lucas he has to tell the cops about Johnno
• Lucas challenges Johnno to a poker game
• The cops arresting Johnno, after a tip off from Lucas
• Johnno’s released from custody
• Declan follows Johnno

Lassiter's Hotel - Johnno's Room: Declan lets himself in, using a hotel key card. Johnno emerges from the bathroom, and is stunned to see Declan. He tells Johnno who he is and says that he wants to know why Johnno tampered with the Parkers’ car. But Johnno denies all knowledge of it, which gets Declan upset. Johnno’s bodyguard arrives, and shoves Declan outside, in one easy swoop.

Harold's Store: Dan & Libby watch Lucas buy some groceries. Libby’s unsure how to act around Lucas, now that she knows about his gambling problem. She asks Dan if he lent Lucas any money, and Dan lies and saying no. At the counter, Lucas doesn’t have enough cash and his card is rejected, so he decides to leave the groceries, exiting without noticing Dan & Libby.

No 26: Rebecca tries to call Declan but gets his voicemail for the third time. Ringo and Zeke stop by to catch up with Dec. When Rebecca explains her concerns, they offer to go look for him.

Charlie's: Down to his last $20, Lucas sees a guy called Matt, playing pool and challenges him to a game. As soon as money is laid out, Ringo and Zeke enter, interrupting his fun. They point out to Matt, who realizes Lucas has an air of familiarity, that Lucas is the gambling mechanic. Game over. Ringo and Zeke want to know if he’s seen Declan, and after putting two and two together, Lucas realises that Declan’s gone to see Johnno.

Lassiter's Hotel - Corridor: Lucas, Ringo and Zeke find Declan sitting in the hallway staring at Johnno’s room. The guys tell Lucas they can handle it alone. Declan refuses to leave, and calls them both kids, after Zeke threatens to call security.

No 26: Rebecca pounces on Declan, telling him how worried she was and that he has to think of India. But Declan says that Johnno kicked him out of his hotel room without confessing to anything. Paul tells Rebecca that Declan just feels like he has to do something. Rebecca insists that fighting won’t solve anything; Declan simply needs love and support. Paul retorts sarcastically, for Rebecca to go and give Declan a hug. Once alone, Paul makes a mysterious phone call asking if they’re busy in the afternoon…

Ramsay Street - Outside no 28: Declan finds Ringo and Zeke on the front porch of No. 28, and apologises for being rude. He knows they’ve only been trying to look out for him. They smile, accepting his apology, and ask whether he wants to kick the footy. But Declan says he’s going to take India for a walk.

Paul whisks Declan away and tells him that he’s got every faith in him - and that he left him a present on the couch…

No 26: Rebecca’s cooking scones (something she does when stressed). Declan walks in and hugs her, then says that he’s going to play footy with the boys, and asks Rebecca if she‘ll watch India. Rebecca agrees, happy that he’s taking some time out for himself. As he leaves, Declan searches for Paul’s gift and stumbles across a Dictaphone hiding underneath a cushion.

Charlie's: Dan finds Lucas moping and assures him he has his support. Grateful to have one person on his side, Lucas promises Dan he’ll pay him back the $1000. Libby arrives to also let Lucas know he’s got her support - even though she didn’t quite know how to show it. They all sit and have cake together, but Lucas decides to leave when Rebecca - with India, Paul, Ringo and Zeke arrive. Rebecca’s confused - she thought Declan was with them - but they thought he was out walking India. The group soon figure out that Declan’s gone to see Johnno again, and Paul offers to go bring him back.

Lassiter's Hotel - Johnno's Room: Declan hides out in a nearby corridor, while he waits for Johnno’s muscle to leave. Once alone, Declan again breaks in with a key card, and confronts Johnno. Johnno reveals that he had an idea he’d might return.

Lassiter's Hotel - Johnno's Room: Johnno relaxes on the bed, while Declan shows him a photo of Bridget and India. He explains how much she meant to him, and Johnno admits he didn’t know about the baby till he read it in the paper. Declan messes with his top, while he switches record on the Dictaphone. Declan says that he needs the truth, otherwise he won’t be able to move on. Johnno reveals that Lucas owed him money; it was all about the principle. He says he never meant for Bridget to get hurt, as he thought the car belonged to Lucas. Declan says he’s going to the cops, but Johnno reminds him it’s his word against Declan’s. Declan exits, with an air of confidence.

Outside, Declan switches off the Dictaphone, and heads out. One moment later, a mysterious figure approaches Johnno’s room, letting themselves in with another key card. Johnno turns to reveal Paul, who he was expecting. It transpires that Paul staged the whole confession, for Declan, and that he’s arranged for Johnno to have the best representatives, so he’ll never see the inside of a jail cell. With the added bonus of extra cash, Johnno’s sure that it’s all worked out better than he thought.

Police Station: Declan, Rebecca and Paul look on as Johnno is led into the station in handcuffs. Declan tells Rebecca that they are free to move on, but thought he’d be feeling better. Rebecca says that maybe he just needs to be sad, instead of angry, for a while.

As Rebecca and Declan head for the car, Paul makes a phone call to Tim Collins. He reminds Tim that he’s paying double his fees, as well as bonuses, and for him to do his best to loose the case, and make sure Johnno rots behind bars, otherwise he’ll drag out every single skeleton in Tim closet.

No 30: Lucas is trying to re-connect his mobile phone (after pretending he didn’t receive the last bill), but hangs up when Dan & Libby get home. Lucas is drawn to Dan’s wallet, which he places on the table. Libby asks if he’s gonna stay for dinner, and once alone, Lucas rips open the wallet, stealing a chunk of $50’s, making a sharp exit.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski, Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Damien Aylward as Johnno Brewer, Laura Hill as Constable Simone Page, Akanji Olalekan as Kotto, Alysia Abeyratne as Jumilla Chandra, Chris Lucas as Matt Ford

Summary by Chris

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