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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5757
Written by Stuart Gaunt, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 18/08/09 Five: 20/10/09

• Harry reminisces about his dad to Kate
• Harry tells Donna to keep her vlog going
• Elle tells Donna that she’s her family
• Lucas thanks Elle for inviting him to the bucks night
• Elle overhears Lucas and Toadie discuss his one-night stand
• Lucas and the bucks party are stunned to learn they’re at a casino, while Elle watches from afar. Will Lucas fall off the gambling wagon?

Casino: Dan and Toadie ask Lucas if he wants to leave, but Lucas decides to stay because he doesn’t want Elle to know she’s won. A man wins at the poker table and invites Lucas to play. A tempted Lucas decides to stay on the sidelines, and offers his chips to Dan and Toadie.

No. 22: Elle's greeted by an angry Lucas. Elle asserts that she was trying to make things interesting, and not be so boring. She reveals that she heard everything he said about her at his GA meeting, including blaming her for his addiction. Lucas is stunned, but decides he has to be hones if the program is going to work. He wants her to admit that she was using him to show how she can tame a bad boy, before he finishes by admitting that she was sucking the life out of him. Elle makes a cheap comment about him picking up tarts and taking them back to number 30; Lucas storms out, with Elle shouting for him never to come back.

No. 30: Dan and Toadie try asking Lucas about Elle, but he stays silent. Ben appears, complaining that he can’t sleep. Dan asks him to sleep in Callum’s room so that Uncle Lucas can have some privacy for the night. Ben reluctantly agrees. Dan finds a casino chip in his pocket.

Dan & Libby’s Bedroom: Dan enters to find Ben in with Libby. Ben explains he couldn’t sleep in Callum’s room because it smells. Dan & Libby think Ben should tell Callum his what’s bugging him, because the most important thing when sharing, is full disclosure. Ben looks confused, and Dan explains that it’s all about telling people the truth, so you can avoid any misunderstandings. Ben asks about Lucas, which Dan manages to dodge.

No. 30: Callum follows Ben to the laundry (who is carrying Callum’s shoes on the end of a cricket bat). Ben says they smell like dead rats, which Callum takes offence at. Ben says it’s all about full disco something - it’s a grown up thing. Ben tips the shoes into the washer, just as Lucas walks into the kitchen, pouring a glass of water. Callum wonders why Lucas doesn’t have his own place, and Ben reasons it’s because Lucas isn’t a real grown up.

Lucas heads back into the lounge, where he finds the stray casino chip. He picks it up, studying it intently.

No. 22: Unable to sleep, Donna finds Elle moping on the couch. Donna thinks that Elle and Lucas will work things out because they love each other, but Elle reveals that if she loves him, then she wouldn’t have tricked him into gambling again, especially when he has a problem. Disgusted, Donna says that Elle is exactly like her mother. She storms out, appalled.

No 24: Donna is filling Kate in on her family woes, and how Elle is like her mother, Cassandra. Kate reminds Donna that Elle can’t be that bad, seeing as she did put a roof over her head.

Harold’s Store: Kate’s words echo in Donna’s head. Donna opens a message on her vlog from someone called Blazegirl2: “Girl, UR so strong to put yourself out there like that. Hope you find UR dad.” Donna sighs in disappointment. Kate doesn’t think the vlog is a good idea because absent fathers who leave, don’t deserve to be found. Sophie questions Kate over her comment to Donna, and thinks that her dad could be nice like their dad was. Sophie gets annoyed when Kate makes excuses not to engage in discussion about their dad.

Ramsay Street: Sophie rides around in circles, with a face like thunder. Elle arrives to say sorry to Lucas, but Toadie advices her come back when things have cooled down. As Elle heads home, Sophie nearly mows her over. Toadie watches as Sophie continues to ride in circles. Suddenly, her bike hit’s the curb, and she falls off. Toadie asks what’s wrong and Sophie says it’s Kate, and how unfair she is with not wanting to talk about their dad. Toadie agrees.

Harold’s Store: Lucas spins the casino chip. Steph appears and comments how bad Elle’s stunt was, but he thinks it proves that she still loves him. Lucas reveals that id he were Elle, he’d feel the same way, given what she heard at his GA meeting. As Steph leaves, Lucas gives her the casino chip to throw away.

Harry walks in with Sophie, telling her about the time their dad took him to a footy match. Kate drags Harry aside, where he thinks if they only remember their dad as a flake and a loser then that’s all he’s going to be. He reminds Kate about the Christmas presents their dad sent them. Kate says there’s more to their parents than he knows. Sophie appears, saying that Toadie said that she should be able to ask about whatever she wants. Kate’s not happy.

Charlie’s Bar: Toadie apologises to Kate. Steph adds that Toadie only did it because he cares about them - they all do. Kate exits, bumping into Donna, where she reveals that all the stuff Harry remembers about their dad is a lie.

No. 24: Kate tells Donna that when she was 10, she caught her mum wrapping up presents from their “dad”. She figures he didn’t care about them at all, but her mum made her promise not to tell Harry and Sophie. Donna reckons people do weird stuff to protect the ones they love, and advices her that Sophie will only know what Kate tells her.

No. 22: Donna deletes her vlog. Elle enters, presenting Donna with a present - a pair of earrings. Elle explains that the casino scheme was just her acting out because she was angry, but Donna says she understands. She’s done some pretty stupid things in the heat of the moment too. Elle and Donna hug.

Charlie’s Bar: Lucas sends Ben to get a juice. He tells Libby that he’s been making a list of goals for the future. Libby thinks it’s a great idea, but is taken aback to see Elle is #1. He stills loves her.

No. 24: Kate sits Sophie down with a cake she baked. Sophie’s pleased when Kate says she wants to talk about their dad. Steph and Toadie drop in (Kate invited them), just as Kate tries to remember a story about their dad. She manages to recall the Christmas she got a Barbie, but struggles with the details. Harry appears suss.

Charlie’s Bar: Dan's not happy with Lucas, when talks nice about Elle. Spying a moment, Dan leaves to confront Elle over her casino scheme, but Lucas steps in and says it’s not Elle’s fault. He finally takes responsibility for his own gambling problem.

Elle says that what she did was wrong, which Lucas agrees, but admits he should never have blamed her. He says she’s the best thing that’s happened to him, and he wants her back more than anything. Elle agrees, and moves in for a kiss, but Lucas pulls away. He needs to focus on himself first; start from scratch and get better, by getting rid of all the complications. She offers to help, but he needs to do it alone. Elle’s left crushed, as Lucas heads out.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Donna Freedman, Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Ben Kirk, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay

Guest Cast: Tony Bove as Nigel Fisher, Neville Cosgrave as Croupier #1, Angela Edwards as Croupier #2

Summary by Chris

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