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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5759
Written by Peter Dick, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 20/08/09 Five: 22/10/09

• Declan leaving Zeke with instructions on how to look after India
• Zeke panicking when he can't find any rash cream.
• Zeke panicking when India isn't fed on time
• Zeke panicking that India's buggy doesn't have the brakes on
• Zeke trying to convince Harry that he was only being over-protective of India
• Toadie introducing Callum to Rocky
• Dec discovering Didge's birthday present to him

No 26 - Living Room: Rebecca is in the living room holding India when Dec arrives back. Dec admits that he had fun when away. Dec tells Rebecca that he is going to go back to school and he is going to work extra shifts. He surprises Rebecca with a present. He takes India off to play.

Harold's Store: Callum is pretending to be blind to try and train Rocky. Toadie tells Callum that Rocky is not trained enough yet. Callum tells Toadie that he wants a 'proper' dog, like Bob. Toadie leaves Callum and wanders over to the next table where Sophie, Susan, Rebecca and India are, jokingly asking them if they want to babysit Callum too! Sophie tells him that Rebecca has asked her to be flowergirl and asks Susan to be Matron of Honour making it clear that she doesn't want any S-T-R-I-P-P-E-R-S as she banned these from the bucks night! Whilst this debate is going on India breaks her first smile.

No 30 - Living Room: Toadie is on the phone talking to someone about a legal matter when Callum walks in - complete with a new puppy! Toadie immediately hangs up and asks Callum to tell him what's happening. Callum says he has bought Bullwinkle from his friend Jerry as a mate for Rocky.

No 28 - Kitchen: Susan is sitting on one of the kitchen stools reading a magazine when Toadie walks in looking for her advice. He explains about the new puppy and Susan tells him that he needs to get Callum to hand back the puppy. Toadie says he can't do that as he told Callum he could do what he liked with his money. Susan tells him that kids need boundaries and that it's sometimes more important to be a parent than a friend. Toadie then thinks he's found the solution, let Callum make his own mistakes and learn from them. Susan tries to argue this with Toadie but he's not in the mood for listening and leaves.

No 32 - Living Room: Callum is in the living room playing with Bullwinkle and Rocky. Toadie tries to talk to Callum and tells Callum to make up his own mind whether or not he keeps Bullwinkle. Callum is immediately suspicious but decides to keep Bullwinkle, Toadie tells Callum that Bullwinkle is 100% his responsibility.

Erinsborough High School: Zeke is putting things in his locker when Declan approaches him, Declan tells him that he is returning to school. Declan thanks him for looking after India then leaves. Zeke locks his locker and leaves. After a few steps he stops and returns to his locker to check that he has locked it. This is witnessed by Harry who then approaches him and apologises for harassing him. Harry then asks for Zeke's help with school work.

No 26 - Living Room: Declan is lying asleep on the couch, Rebecca wakes him as she has to go out and he has to take care of India. Rebecca is worried that Declan is taking on too much. Rebecca tells him that Paul and her will help him out financially. Rebecca sees the unopened present lying on the table and Declan tells her it's from Bridget. Declan insists that Rebecca go to her makeup appointment for the wedding despite her protests that she will stay home and look after him. She hands India to Declan and India smiles at him, Declan thinks that she saved her first smile for him, Rebecca doesn't have the heart to tell him otherwise.

Harold’s Store: Declan is in Harold's Store trying to make India smile when Toadie walks in. Karl and Susan walk in, discussing sending Billy and Anne a picture of them. They notice India and Declan and wander over to join them. Just as they do so India smiles and Susan comments that she must love Harold's Store as that's where she smiled earlier. Declan is disappointed to learn that he missed her first smile.

Erinsborough High School - Classroom: Harry walks in and approaches Zeke. When Zeke takes out his pens Harry can't help but notice that Zeke is paranoid about the way his pens appear. He notices this even more when the pens are accidentally knocked out of place and Zeke immediately has to put them back in place.

Lassiters Complex: Harry is looking at something on the laptop when Karl and Sophie approach him. Karl offers help with whatrever Harry is looking up on the internet, Harry politely declines this. Karl leaves, as he does so he bumps into Toadie, Toadie tells Karl that he is giving Plan A time to work.

Sophie asks Harry if she can get a milkshake. Harry tells her she can, as soon as Sophie leaves to go into the store, Harry re-opens the laptop, he is surfing Doctor Karl's page and starts to type.

No 26 - Kitchen: Rebecca arrives home apologising for being late and wonders why Declan isn't ready for work. Declan tells her he's not going in because she lied to him although he understands why. He tells Rebecca that he quit his work and he's also not going back to school. Rebecca tells him he's overreacting and tells Declan he can't be with India 24 hours a day. She tells him that he has family and friends who will help when they can. She says she doesn't have a problem with him giving up his job at Lassiters but she does with his school as she thinks he will be mucking up his future.

No. 28 - Kitchen: Susan is discussing Rebecca's hen night with Karl who is using the laptop. Zeke walks in wondering if he can make some sandwiches as Steph has run out of bread. He is in the kitchen making his sandwiches when Susan and Karl start discussing a message that Karl has received through his column. Karl says that what is being described sounds like an anxiety disorder. Zeke overhears this and looks panicked.

No. 32 - Living Room: Callum is lying on the couch playing a video game when Toadie arrives in. Toadie tells Callum that if he wants dinner he'll have to help prepare it, Callum says he's not hungry, he's had pizza. Toadie walks back through, there is a chewed shoe in his hand. Toadie blames Bullwinkle for this as Rocky has been outside all day so couldn't have done this. Callum is not pleased at his dog getting the blame. Callum starts being cheeky and saying that Libby shouldn't have left her bedroom door open. Toadie tells Callum to check that Bullwinkle has not chewed anything else and then help with dinner. Toadie tells Callum that he has to do what he's told. Callum refuses saying Toadie cannot change the rules as and when he pleases. This angers Toadie.

No 26 - Living Room: Declan is being cuddled by Rebecca and says he will go back to school next week. Rebecca leaves the room to make some dinner. As she's going through to the kitchen Declan asks her how the trial went, Rebecca says it went ok. She leaves Declan smiling as she goes through to prepare dinner.

No. 32 - Living Room: Toadie is packing away Callum's playstation as punishment for the way he spoke to Toadie. Callum is upset and annoyed about his games machine going away. Toadie tells Callum that Bullwinkle is his responsibility, and that Callum has to pay for a new pair of shoes for Libby. Toadie tells Callum that this will be taken out of his pocket money, according to Callum he won't now see any pocket money until "2020"! Toadie tells Callum that he wouldn't be much of a dad if he let Callum get away with this. Callum points out to Toadie that he's not dad.

No. 32 - Living Room: Toadie is ironing a shirt just as Callum is heading off to bed. He points out to Callum that although he is not Callum's actual dad he does have a legal obligation to look after Callum. Callum is rather dismissive and is more interested in getting to bed than listening to Toadie. He tells Callum he has to apologise to Libby and to take Bullwinkle seriously.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, India Napier, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones

Guest Cast: -

Summary by Louise

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