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Episode Summaries > 2009 > Episode 5772
Written by David Hannam, Directed by Catherine Roden, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 15/09/09 Five: 10/11/09

Karl joins Zeke on his PirateNet show
Kate refuses to resume her dance studies
Dan tells Kate that Harry's been missing school
Harry catches Kate going through his things

Community Gardens: After spending the night sleeping outside, Harry is awoken by Declan who has come over to do some manual work on the school's chicken cage. Keen to know the real reason behind Harry's new nightly arrangements, Declan orders Harry to help him; who reveals he once resorted to rough sleeping himself. Coming over defensive, Harry shuns Declan's offer of interest, prompting Declan to recall his past mistakes with Bridget and his mum. Telling Harry that he often ran away from his troubles, Declan realises Harry is doing the same; he warns him that it is by far the best option. Declan notices some bruising on Harry's arm, as he is handed a pair of pliers, and asks how it came about. Avoiding the truth, Harry tells Declan to mind his own business, and leaves. Declan looks on, concerned.

No 24: Kate and Declan are searching through Harry's room when they find a substantial amount of money under the mattress - they wonder where and why it is there.

Harold's Store: Zeke is telling Sunny how the objects on a nearby table are all over the place, but he has so far resisted the urge to tidy them. Seeing it as a first step in his recovery with OCD, Sunny praises Zeke, who is still somewhat fixated on the table. Karl comes over and hears them, and calls for a mini coffee celebration after school, but Zeke's devotion to Pirate Net comes first. Currently unaware who he is soon to encounter in his studio, he tells Karl to reschedule the caffeine fix! Zeke asks if Karl wants to sit in on his radio show, suggesting he adds some of his recent agony uncle expertise to the mix.

PirateNet Radio Station: Zeke is in full swing on his show, but becomes heavily distracted when Karl spills some of his drink, and gets stuck in to a very smelly curry sandwich. Beginning to lose track of what he is saying, Zeke gets an unwelcome helping hand from Karl, who finishes Zeke's speech. Aware he is cramping Zeke's style with the smell of the sandwiches, Karl apologies, as Zeke tries to overcome his compulsion to keep things orderly.

No 24: Kate and Declan are at the kitchen table when Harry and Sophie, who is desperate for a slice of Guitar Hero, come in. Harry, angered by Declan's presence, is confronted by Kate about the money that was found. Worried he is in trouble again, it causes Kate to remind Harry of his recent downfalls with the rest of the neighbourhood. Avoiding the situation just like Declan did who is sitting nearby, Harry storms out.


Erinsborough High: Kate and Declan go to search Harry's locker, but Dan approaches them. Covering for herself, Kate tells Dan she has forgot her History book, but Dan sees straight through them and demands the truth be told! Harry comes by and is furious his privacy is being invaded, again. Dan advises Harry to open his locker, to settle the argument. What was originally meant to be a surprise for Kate, Harry has no choice but to spoil it, and reveals he has been working nights at a local supermarket. The bruising Declan noticed - Harry says he got from carrying heavy crates. Kate wants to know why, and Harry hands her a voucher for dance lessons. With his act of good fortune ruined by his sister's overpowering maternal role, Harry leaves a surprised but ashamed Kate.

No 28: Zeke comes in with an over-excited Karl, who can't wait to start his new radio gig as an agony uncle, after impressing Melissa in an earlier test slot. Sunny runs out from her room, beaming with joy about someone's upcoming appearance on Pirate Net - British pop sensation Lily Allen! Pleased by this, but frankly far more interested in the public's response to his on-air advice column, Karl asks Sunny how his first show went. Zeke starts to daze, surprised at the forthcoming event, but is more concerned with how the show is going, since Karl's invasion. Mentioning to Sunny about Karl's eating and drinking habits, Zeke is concerned he won't be able to control his compulsion to keep things in order, if things continue the way they are.

No 24: Harry is listening to music in his room, and Kate comes in to apologise for her recent outbursts. Harry understands Kate's desire to hold control over the household is because she cares about the family, and wants to respect their mother. Harry wishes she could ease up slightly - one of the reasons he bought the dance voucher. He passes Kate her dancing shoes, which he got from her room. Finding no way out of it, Kate agrees to go to the dance lessons the next day.


Minstry Of Dance: That next day, Harry and Sophie go along with Kate to the studios. They watch her as she walks off along the corridor, and glances at all the girls dancing. Kate arrives at her class and finds herself in the deep end, when the instructor tells her that preparations are underway for a showcase infront of dance legend Jason Coleman. Unnerved, but with a pinch of confidence, Kate steps right in and busts some moves. The instructor notices Kate's slight lack of skill and tells her that hard work isn't out of the question if she wants to succeed.

PirateNet Radio Station: Zeke arrives for his session at PirateNet followed by Karl, who, aware of Zeke's anxiety issues, has come with no lunchbox and flask! Karl takes out a folder full of his audience's letters and issues, but Zeke comes over frantic again. Karl pops out for a while, and Sunny comes in; she is surprised what it still is that is bothering Zeke. He tells her that it's not so much the matter of Karl's untidiness, but it is Karl in general - it is obvious that he is cramping Zeke's style!


PirateNet Radio Station: Shortly after, Lily Allen makes her appearance, and a hyper Sunny peeks through the studio window, watching. Zeke gets straight to work on the interview, and asks Lily where she gets her inspiration for her music from. Beside her, Karl quickly pens a question for Lily on some paper, and sticks it up against the glass. The question reads, "What is it like being the official face of the National Portrait Gallery?" Embarrassed by Karl's eagerness to meet Lily, Zeke is also annoyed Karl is beginning to take over, and asks Lily to play a song off of her album. Zeke and Karl sit back and watch.


PirateNet Radio Station: Afterwards, Karl leaves his listeners for a while with some thoughts on fungus! As Karl goes to get a drink, Zeke takes the contents of Karl's folder and throws them in the bin, desperate to take the attention away from him. When Karl comes back to find they have disappeared, he interrupts Zeke on-air, as he remembers one of the letters he received, and takes over again. A fed up Zeke removes his headphones and has no choice but to let Karl continue.

Ministry Of Dance: Lauren, the instructor asks Kate about her previous experience as a dancer, and tells her that although she is a bit out of touch, there's no reason to give up. As Kate leaves, she is met by Harry and Sophie who praise her on her efforts. They see Jason Coleman down the corridor, and he gives Kate a smile, which boosts her confidence.

PirateNet Radio Station: Lost Boy's session on PirateNet finishes, and Melissa comes in to congratulate Zeke and Karl on their success, and that she is also extending the show's airtime. Karl goes home to tell Susan the good news, leaving Zeke to ask Melissa why she made such a decision. She tells Zeke that reaching 'multiple demographics' with the audience is the station's desire.


Harold's Store: Telling Sunny later at Harold's, Zeke figures there is only one way to stop Karl from becoming the new 'Lost Boy'.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee, Karl Kennedy, Harry Ramsay, Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Declan Napier, Daniel Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Kaela Hilton as Melissa Evans, Kelly Aykers as Lauren Gateley

Trivia Notes
The song Lily Allen performed at PirateNet is 22 from her album It's Not Me, It's You
Choreographer Jason Coleman makes the first of several guest appearances as himself

Summary by Matt

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