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Episode Summaries > 2010 > Episode 5996

Written by Stuart Page, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 23/08/10, Five: 11/10/10

There is no recap at the beginning of this episode, but simply a message saying that events begin 28 hours before Paul is pushed...

Ramsay Street - No 22 Front Garden: Paul, Rebecca and India are having a picnic, and chatting to Ringo about the wedding. Ringo thanks Paul for everything he's done to help. Meanwhile, Declan watches them from the street, struggling to compose himself, then walks over, acting like everything's fine and sharing some banter with Ringo. Declan goes inside, and Rebecca thinks that things are going badly between him and Kate. Paul offers to go inside and have a chat with him.

No 22: Declan is trying to get in touch with Diana, and Paul hears him and explains that Diana's been fired. Declan reminds Paul that he can't fire her, but Paul explains that it was Rosemary. He's furious that Declan has betrayed him like this, and tried to take away a business that he's spent 20 years building. Declan insists that it's not personal, and asks him what happens now - Paul says that he'll let him know.

No 24 - Lounge: Donna and Kate are rearranging the furniture for a pre-wedding dance rehearsal, trying to choose a song for the first dance. Ringo then arrives with his mum, and says that Declan isn't coming - Kate looks disappointed, but Donna quickly brushes it off. Donna's dad, Nick, then arrives, late, and Prue isn't impressed about that, or that he's come straight from football practice and hasn't changed. They continue to bicker as the rehearsal gets underway.

No 24 - Kitchen: Nick is complaining about Prue, with Donna trying to calm him down. Donna insists that Prue can be a lot of fun when she wants to be, but Nick thinks that Prue hates him and didn't try to hide that fact. They return to sit down on the couch, but Kate makes them get up and start dancing again.

Harold's Store: Ringo and Prue are getting some things for lunch, and Prue is still complaining about Nick. She then complains to Summer about the price of the food, before returning to complaining about Nick. Toadie overhears, and says that Nick was the best mid-fielding that Essendon ever had, and Callum then demonstrates the role of a mid-fielder, tackling a shocked Prue in the process.

No 24 - Lounge: Kate and Donna continue to try to convince Nick that Prue is actually a nice person, though he isn't convinced. Donna then says that Prue is Ringo's mum, so Nick is just going to have to make an effort.

Harold's Store: Ringo is telling his mum that Nick is a nice guy, and they're going back to the dance rehearsals, and Prue is going to be nice.

Harold's Store/No 24: The screen splits in two, with both Prue and Nick saying "If he/she has another go at me, there'll be trouble!"

No 22 - Declan and India's Room: Rebecca comes in to see Declan, asking him how things went with Kate today. She insists that she cares about him, and so does Paul, but Declan just laughs at that. Rebecca points out that Paul is trusting Declan with a lot at the hotel, but Declan continues to say that Paul can't be trusted. Rebecca is confused, as Declan asks her if she really believes all that stuff about her and Paul being in business together with PirateNet.

No 22 - Dining Table: Paul comes in, to find Rebecca sitting at the table, looking through the PirateNet paperwork. Paul starts to get nervous, as she says that she's just trying to keep on top of the accounts, and he grabs the files from her and says that he'll put the Lassiter's accountant on to it, suggesting that they go out for a drink instead. Rebecca asks why he's acting so strangely, and takes the papers back. She says that she'll go and put them away, and then they can go for a drink, telling him to go and get her coat. She then sits and thinks back over previous conversations she's had with Paul, and tells him that she's just going upstairs to tell Declan they're going out.

No 22 - Declan and India's Room: Rebecca quickly tells Declan that, when PirateNet was about to go under, Paul suddenly appeared with $100,000 from a mystery donor who didn't want to reveal their identity. She asks Declan if he knows who that donor was, and Declan then reluctantly tells her that there wasn't one - Paul embezzled the money from Lassiter's. He says that Rebecca mustn't let on that she knows this, as she doesn't know what Paul is capable of. Paul then knocks on the door, asking Rebecca if they're still going out - she smiles and says that they are, but Paul can see that something's not quite right. Once he's gone, Rebecca asks Declan what they're going to do now...

No 22 - Lounge: Rebecca comes downstairs to find Paul packing away the PirateNet paperwork. He tells her how beautiful she is, and she says that Declan's in a bad mood, as he's having problems with Kate. Paul then helps her with her coat and suggests that they go out.

No 24 - Lounge: The dance rehearsals continue, and Prue gets angry when Nick steps on her foot. He calls her a cardboard cutout, and she calls him a caveman. He then walks out, with Prue chasing after him, insisting that they only have a day to get this right.

Charlie's: Paul takes a bottle of wine and couple of glasses over to Rebecca, and they chat about Declan, with Rebecca struggling to keep her composure. Donna then bursts in, asking them if they've seen her dad or Ringo's mum. Neither of them has, and she explains the situation, asking them to give her a call if they see Nick or Prue. Donna leaves, and there's an awkward silence between Rebecca and Paul.

Lassiter's Hotel - Corridor/Room 128: Donna walks along the hotel corridor, talking to Ringo. She then knocks at Prue's hotel room, and calls out to her. Prue eventually answers, saying that she's taking a nap at the moment. Donna insists that they sort things out, then she hears a glass break and her dad's voice, and goes inside, shocked to find him standing there in a dressing gown.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 128: Prue and Nick have had time to get dressed, and Donna wants to know what's going on, as she thought that they hated each other, and that Prue was married. They explain that after they stormed off, they got into a further argument on the phone, then ended up back at her hotel room. Prue tells Donna that she and Ringo's father have been living separate lives for years, and they simply share the family home. She asks Donna if she can keep the secret, as she doesn't want any of her children to know yet. Donna refuses to lie, but Prue just asks her not to say anything until after the wedding, when Prue will explain things herself.

No 24 - Lounge: Ringo is telling Prue and Nick that there won't be any more arguments this time, and that they won't spoil the wedding, before rehearsals resume. Donna is very distracted, and quickly runs off to answer when there's a knock at the door. It's Toadie and Callum with a wedding gift - Callum blurts out that it's a toaster - and Donna tells them that she's sorry that things are so awkward and that they can't be at the wedding. They leave, and rehearsals continue.

No 22 - Lounge: Rebecca and Paul return from the bar, and she's surprised to see that India is still awake - Declan thinks that she's just a bit unsettled. Rebecca realises that she's left her phone in the car and goes outside, and Paul wants to know what Declan has said to Rebecca, as she's been very distant all evening. Declan says that none of it matters now, but Paul sits down and takes India, putting her on his lap. He tells Declan that Diana's going to be on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow, and that if anything should happen to Declan, he'd he very proud to raise India himself, as a Robinson.

No 22 - Declan and India's Room: Rebecca goes in to speak to Declan, telling him that she hasn't told Paul what she knows. Declan then asks her if she trusts him, and says that what he told her earlier, he thinks he was wrong, and Paul only did it because he didn't want her to lose Charlie's. Declan insists that Paul was just trying to protect her, and she's confused about his sudden change of stance, wondering why both Declan and Paul are lying to her now. Declan pleads with Rebecca not to punish Paul.

No 22 - Lounge: Rebecca comes downstairs and she tells Paul that she knows that he stole $100,000 from the hotel, and Declan has told her that he only did it to protect her, and because he loves her. She wants to know if there's anything else she should know, but Paul insists that there isn't. She then tells Paul to stay away from Declan, because if he doesn't... Paul asks her what exactly she's going to do if he doesn't?

Featured Regular Characters: Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Rebecca Robinson, Paul Robinson, Declan Napier, India Napier, Kate Ramsay, Summer Hoyland, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones

Guest Cast: Penny Cook as Prue Brown, Brian Vriends as Leigh 'Nick' Nixon

Trivia Notes
This episode begins with a message reading: For 25 years you've watched the families of Ramsay Street. They've loved, they've lied but they've always been there for each other. This is the countdown to the event that will tear one family apart. It then shows a preview of the week's events, culminating in Paul unconscious on the ground outside the hotel, followed by a countdown from 5 to 1, before returning to the number 5 - indicating that there are 5 episodes to go until Paul is pushed and until the 6000th episode
Past character Rosemary Daniels is mentioned

Summary by Steve

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